People researching in Meigs County, Ohio

The following are summaries of the interests of various folks who are researching in Meigs County, in order by submission date. You can contact them at the email or other addresses listed. If you would like to be included in this list, send me email with a list of your family names or other research interests, and let me know whether you prefer to be contacted by email or another method. These are queries posted in 2002.

December 12, 2002  
ALESHIRE:  Looking for someone to take me a photo of tombstone of Michael Aleshire, 
which is in the in Point Pleasant cemetery in Salem township, Meigs county. 
His monument was transcribed in a published booklet of inscriptions as d. 1818 
age 93 years.There is solid documentation from deeds and estate records that 
Michael really died in 1848.  I want an independent look at this memorial to 
see what it really says.  I can furnish further details if you're willing to help.
Joe McKee    (

December 8, 2002  
KIM:  I am interested in contacts with any descendants of Ambrose, Joseph or Robert Kim.
Robert Reed Kim    (

November 19, 2002  
WOODRUFF, HAYDEN:  I would like to find some information on the family of George Wilson WOODRUFF.  
He married Lucy Ann HAYDEN on 28 Feb 1878 in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio.  From 
what I can tell they had 4 children named George, Edward and 2 sisters, names unknown.
The only firm date I have of the children is a birth date for Edward and it was 
26 Oct. 1881, however I have no real documentation besides an obituary.
Appreciate any leads on this family. 
Rudy    (

November 19, 2002  
HOOD, ARNOLD, CAMPBELL, FORD, BORHAM:  I am looking for anyone that has the following family lines: Hood, 
Arnold, Campbell, Ford, Borham. I would love to share information. They all 
made Pomeroy their home. Thanks.
Tanya    (

November 15, 2002  
VANDYNE, CARNEY:  I am interested in any information on these family names in and 
around Meigs county Ohio.
Sherry    (

October 26, 2002  
TAYLOR, LYKINS:  I am in search of Daniel Arrias Taylor, b. 1871 in Meigs County, Ohio. 
He married Millie (Nellie) Lykins in Ross County, Ohio, on 7-9-1898.  Any information 
pertaining to his birth parents, siblings, etc. would be appreciated.
Darcy Taylor    (

, 2002  
NEUTZLING, GRABER:  I am looking for information on the Neutzling and Graber families. 
My grandmother, Elizabeth Helen Graber, died from an accident in the Catholic Church 
in Pomeroy in 1917 and her 5 sons were put in an orphanage in Columbus, OH, by their 
father, Victor Nicholas Neutzling, and so many of their relatives were lost to them. 
Some of them are still alive and would like to know who their families were. Any 
information would be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Hinson    (

October 10, 2002  
WILLCOX:  Seeking to exchange information on the following individuals in MEIGS/GALLIA 
Counties, 1800's. (Note: WILLCOX frequently spelled WILCOX)

Wellington R WILLCOX /Elizabeth Irene GLENN
William H WILLCOX /Adaline BUTLER
William H WILLCOX /Rebecca DENNEY
Henry Alonzo WILLCOX /Demma E. BAKER
Rebecca WILLCOX/
Louisa A WILLCOX /
Clarissa C WILLCOX /Daniel G BLACK
Cyrenius A WILLCOX /Jennetta R. COY
Cyrenius A WILLCOX /Lydia Louise DYKE
Ralph W. WILLCOX /Nellie E. HAWK

October 9, 2002  
MCGLAUGHLIN:  I am searching for information on the following:

McGlaughlin   Hugh
McGlaughlin   James
McGlaughlin   John
McGlaughlin   John
McGlaughlin   William

Particulary, age when they show up in the respective census record, possible
cemetary where they might be buried, the date of death, any biographies and
any recorded probated wills.

I believe this Hugh was married to Jane Wiley and that they were from Bath
Co. VA (Now Highland Co. VA).  I believe most of the children of Hugh ended
up in Jay Co. Indiana.

October 8, 2002  
BRADSHAW:  My great grandfather was Gilbert Bradshaw.  He was born about 1808 in 
New York?  There is one Gilbert Bradshaw born in 1802.  I can find a family
for him.  The one about 1808 had a son, named James Madison.  He was my
grandfather.  I can find no father or grandfather for Gilbert (1808).  Is it 
possible that the date could be wrong and the Gilbert born in 1802 be my grandfather.
Both of these Gilberts lived in Meigs County, Ohio.

Appreciate any help.  Thank you. 
Gloria    (

October 4, 2002  
MORRIS, EBLIN, MICHAEL, THOMAS, RUPE, WISE:  I am looking for anyone that may have any ties with any of these names.  
I am from Meigs County would appreciate any help that I can get.  My father also 
passed when I was young and I would like to hear from anyone who knew a Bill Morris 
who attended Meigs High between 1964 and 1967.

September 26, 2002  
WOODRUFF:  I am interested in members of the Woodruff Family from Meigs County, Ohio.
Rudy Flores    (

September 23, 2002  
HILL:  I am looking for Aaron Hill, who was born 1827.  He married Lydia, who was born 
1828.  Any information I would appreciate.
Trudy Hill    (

July 20, 2002  
HUGHES, PILCHARD:  Do you have any information on Josephus Hughes and Mary Ann Pilchard?  Son, George 
Washington Hughes, was born in Meigs Co., Ohio, and was my grandfather.

Also, do you have any information on Elijah Hughes b. 1820  who married an Augusta 
Ann Hughes......Ohio, Illinois marriage license.  Thanks.

July 20, 2002  
BROWN, CAMP:  I am searching for the exact birth and death dates of Valentine H. Brown b. 1857, 
d. 1955 and his wife Lydia M. Camp b. 1861, d. 1896.  They are apparently both buried at 
the MIDWAY CEMETERY between Langsville and Dexter, Ohio (Meigs County.)  Can anyone help 
me with providing exact dates of birth and/or death of these folks...also, I have NO 
information about their parents.
Mark Brown    (

July 20, 2002  
VAUGHN, TOWNSEND:  I am looking for information on my g-g-g-grandparents George VAUGHN and Angelina TOWNSEND.  
I don't have any information on George except that he married Angelina 19 March 1857 in 
Vinton Co.  I believe that Angelina is the daughter of Allen TOWNSEND and Sarah 
MCCASKY/MCCLOSKEY who resided in Meigs Co.  There is an Allen and Sarah TOWNSEND in the 
1850 census living in Columbia Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio with a daughter named Angelina who is 
15 years old.  She would have been born about 1835/36 and she died 1913 in Vinton Co., and 
is buried in Bowen Cemetery.

Angelina married three times, 1st to George VAUGHN, and they had two children, William VAUGHN 
b. abt. 1858; and Daniel Francis VAUGHN b. Nov. 1860. I believe William may have married 
Sessilia Perry and lived in Vinton Twp., Vinton Co., Ohio in the 1860 census.  They had a 
young daughter named Angeline, which I believe could be named after his mother.  Daniel 
Francis VAUGHN is my g-g-grandfather.  He married Amanda Margaret BOWEN 5 April 1884 in 
Vinton Co.  

Angelina married 2nd to Hiram D. Black 31 Dec 1862 in Vinton Co.  He died in 1864, I believe 
in the Civil War as he died in Murfreesboro, TN.  They had one child, Margaret Catherine Black, 
b. abt 1863.  She married Stephen Arnold BOWEN.

Angelina married 3rd to George Samuel LIGHTFOOT 29 Sept. 1870 in Meigs Co., Ohio.  They had 
at least 2 children, George Wilson LIGHTFOOT and James Howard LIGHTFOOT.

I would be most grateful for any information on the above individuals, especially 
George VAUGHN, if any one knows his fate or who his parents were.  I can't locate George and 
Angelina in the 1860 census, and don't know when or if George died.  

Thank you!
Polly L. Rizer    (

July 20, 2002  
FISCHER:  Fischer Family - any information concerning the Fischer family that lived on 
Monkey Run in Pomeroy, Ohio and owned an ice cream and soda factory in 
Middleport, Ohio.  The Factory used to flood in the 1920's.   My Great Grandfather 
John Fischer lived in either Pomeroy or Middleport, Ohio. Any information on the 
family or the factory would be greatly appreciated as I am at a complete dead end 
on family history.   Thank you.
Gary Fischer    (

July 20, 2002  
CUMMINS, NORRIS, LLOYD:  I'm trying to find information on my great grandmother.  Victoria Cummins was
born 1855 in Meigs County, Ohio.  She married Alonzo Norris and my grandmother 
Sarah Norris Lloyd was their daughter. She was born Letart Falls, Ohio, 10/2/1879. 
Thank you for any help.
Sandra Ault    (

July 20, 2002  
JAMES, BROWN, SELBY:  I am looking for relatives of the brother of my grandmother.  His name was 
Heber James.  He lived in Salisbury Township.  My grandmother's name was 
Effie May James Brown Selby.  The other siblings in the family were Mary, 
Robert, Annie and Blanch.  I am interested in finding information about the 
James family.
I have an article dated 9/24/92 about a family reunion of the James family, 
it was held in Point Pleasant, WV.  The paper is the Point Pleasant Register.
My father was Joseph Henry Brown.  He was born December 15, 1917.  His father 
Ray Brown was killed in a automobile accident in November of 1918.  At that 
time my grandmother had 4 children; Ernestine, Ruth, Katherine, and Joseph.  
She then married John Selbe or Selby. 

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.  Thank you.
Gloria Brown Volle    (

July 20, 2002  
HILL:  I am looking for Aaron Hill who was born 1827, his wife's name was Lydia
They had 10 children, one being my ggfather.  This Aaron is also from PA
Any connection please email me.  Thanks for your time.

July 20, 2002  
WOODS, SMITH:  In 1823-24 Adams Smith acted as a guide for eight colored men on their way to 
Canada. In 1824 men from Virginia arrested Smith without warrant and placed 
him in jail at Point Pleasant.  In November 1824 some men met to break Smith 
out of jail. Among these men was John Woods. While Mr. Smith got away, the 
governor of Virginia asked for the surrender of the the men who assisted in 
the jail break. Two of the party were found not guilty but Woods was found 
guilty and fined thirty dollars, which he refused to pay.  He refused to allow 
his friends to pay the fine and stayed in jail until they finally kicked him 
out. Does anyone know who this John Woods was? Who was his family?

June 1, 2002  
DARST:  I am researching all Darst/Derst/Durst families that lived in this area.  Am building a large 
database of the Johann Derscht decendants that migrated to America.  Will share info upon request.
Thank you.
Raymond Leslie    (

June 1, 2002  
BRADFIELD:  I am researching my GGGG-Grandparents Zachariah and Mary (Wells) Bradfield of 
Harrisonville, Scipio Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio and related lines - Chase, Sills, Turner, 
Dye, Howell, Brooks ,Sattas, Musser.  Have data on all of their known children,
9 in all, am also interested in old family pictures and old pictures of the Harrisonville 
area. Glad to share any information I have on Bradfields.

May 31, 2002  
WEST, BAILEY:  I am trying to locate any information on Reese Thomas West, who was a coal mine 
superintendent in the 1910's-1930's in the Pomeroy area.  He had 6 children from 
his first marriage (Helen, Bernice, Ralph, Ada or Ava and two others).
Also trying to find information on the Bailey family.  Known names are James A., 
Harvey Donald, Permelia, Susan, Josephine, William.  They came from Mason City, 
W.Va to Pomeroy.
Thank you
R. M. McKechnie IV    (

May 20, 2002  
BENNET, WINE:  I am searching for Silas Bennet that is in the 1830 census  of Meigs Co.
Ohio with his son Silas Jr. Silas was married to Lucinda Wine in WV. Also
in the 1830 census is an  Alexander Wine who I think is Lucinda's
brother as he signed her marriage bond. Does any one have any information
on either of these families?
Edith Williams    (

May 19, 2002  
WATERMAN, SKEELS,  CHURCH:  Interested in any information concerning Lutherman who married Sophronia Skeels 
as her first husband, he died out west and she came back and married Fred Church.  
Sophronia and Fred had one son.  Are there any descendents of this son Fred?
Barb    (

May 13, 2002  
ALLEN, YOUNG, RUCKER:  I am looking for information on a William A. Allen married to Elizabeth
Young in Kanawha Co WV 3-21-1849.  Son John Henry Allen b 1860.  Married to 
Savanna Rucker 4-10-1882  Any help would be appreciated.
Barbara Allen    (

May 13, 2002  
DAVIS, COULTER:  Looking for marriage info/records for William G. Davis and Mary Coulter, or 
birth records for Mary Alice Davis (their daughter) who wed there around 1864?  
Mary Alice Davis was born in Meigs Co on Oct. 6, 1864.  What I am most looking 
for is where William Davis was born or who his parents were.  Thank you for any information.
Don Grundy    (

May 13, 2002  
HEDRICK, CAMP, BROWN:  I am looking for info on Margaret Hedrick, daughter of Leonard. She married ? Camp.
They are the parents of James Ezra Camp 1836-1909.  Ezra married Eliza Jane Brown, 
daughter of Barzilla and M Price Brown. Ezra went to Mason Co WV about 1875. There 
was also an Achalleous killed in the war, was he a brother? Any help on any of these 
lines would be appreciated.
Teresa Jenkins    (

May 13, 2002  
VAN METER, VAN MATRE, CART, KARTE:  I am looking for Liddie A. Cart born abt 1857 in Meigs Co, Ohio. She married 
John VanMeter born abt 1856 or 1858 in Mason County, WV. They married in 1874 
in Clifton , WV. They had thirteen children, my grandfather being number eleven. 
All are deceased now. John and Liddie are buried in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. She 
passed in 1937 and he passed in 1940. Do you know of their families?
Linda VanMeter Page    (

May 13, 2002  
DURST, RAHN, OHLINGER:  Looking for information on Rev. Frederick Rahn pastored the Peace Evangelical 
Church in Pomeroy, OH from 1880-1883 and again from 1885-1888. He married Anna Marie 
Durst who was the daughter of Johannes Durst and Anna Maria Ohlinger in 1881. Their 
children were - Ernst, Frederick, Amanda, Mamie, Albert and Claudine. In 1888 they 
moved to St. John's Church in Niles, Mich. but continued to visit Pomeroy. Between 
1883 and 1885 Rev. Rahn pastered the First Evangelical Church of Portsmouth, OH. I have 
some family History and pictures taken in the 1800's which I can share.
Rick    (

May 13, 2002  
FOGG:  Researching the life of Thomas P. Fogg, who lived in Meigs County and who is 
listed in Pioneer History of Meigs County.  Thomas had an interesting life and 
was even wanted "dead or alive" for harboring slaves as part of the underground
railroad that went through Salem.  I know that Peter was a general, but haven't 
been able to find out anything about him.  Thank you.
Bob Minnocci    (

May 13, 2002  
HOWELL:  Any info on John Wesley Howell, b. 1/13/1847 Harrisonville(?) would be appreciated. 
His predecessors might be Mathew Howell, who may have married 3 times - Higley and 
Justice are other family names.
John Dey    (

May 13, 2002  
LEWIS, HAYDEN, EVANS:  MORGAN LEWIS was born in Wales , Counties of Glamorgan & Brecon--Merthyr Tydfil - ABERDARE
Born to THOMAS LEWIS & MARGARET ( EVANS ) LEWIS  1--18--1848

I don't know if Thomas & Margaret were at the wedding of MORGAN - OCT. 15--1870 to
Mary Adeline HAYDEN --who was born MAY 4 1852 POMEROY, Meigs,OHIO
Died APRIL 26  1934 Buried Athens , OHIO
I have a pc. of paper that my Cousin thinks may be right 1870--MINERSVILLE , SUTTON TWP. Meigs Co.
     MARTHA  5-- THOMAS 4---DANIEL  2----
I have never heard of Morgan having any brothers or sisters, so if I can get any answers from 
any one I really would appreciate it as this Is the biggest gap I have in my family tree.  When 
you're young you don't ask, when you get older there's no one to ask.   
Thomas Richard Lewis    (

May 13, 2002  
HAYDEN:  Looking for the Hayden family.  I know they came from Meigs County, Ohio.
My grandmother was born there.  Her father's name was Henry Hayden and his
father was Andrew.  Thank you.
Stella    (

February 5, 2002  
DODSON, HYSELL:  I am searching for William DODSON in Meigs Co., Ohio. He was married to 
Lucinda HYSELL abt. 1880. He was born about 1855 (possibly not in Meigs Co., 
but somewhere in Ohio).  They appear in the 1900 census together. By 1910, 
William is gone, and she is living still in Meigs Co., her children are 
living with her. By 1920 she is remarried, her children still with her. 
I assume that William died between 1900 and 1910.  Lucinda appears in the 
1860 and 1870 census with her father, Thornton HYSELL.  William DODSON is 
not to be found in the Meigs census in 1860 or 1870. I am hoping to find 
his parents names and maybe a county of birth.
Lisa Dodson    (

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