Meigs County Biographies

This page contains transcriptions of biographies of people connected in one way or another with Meigs County. Most were taken from various county histories published in the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries.

Further contributions would be most welcome.

Baker, Rev. Purley A.
Clouse, Dr. George Madison
Fox, Dr. Joseph Andrew
Gunlock, Casper D.
Haning, E. C.
Hurley, W. W.
Lindsey, Hugh Kennedy
Murphy, Dr. Joseph A.
Pfarr, John F.
Probst, Dr. C. O.
Rowley, W. H. R.
Rotroff, John M.
Russell, Daniel A.
Sater, Lowry F.
Sibley, Hiram L.
Wolfe, Adam H.

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