1830 Meigs County Census

Sorted by surname

This is an index to the 1830 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County, Ohio, sorted by surname. Entries marked by "?" are difficult to interpret on the census microfilm. The index was created by Sharon Bickle Rickerson, and appears here by her gracious permission. Additions and corrections welcomed.

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Surname       Given name       Pg     Location
Ables         Anthony          260    Rutland Twp.
Adams         Charles          246    Orange Twp.
Adams         Samuel           246    Orange Twp.
Aleshire      Abram            260    Rutland Twp.
Aleshire      Austin           258    Salem Twp.
Aleshire      Conrad           260    Rutland Twp.
Aleshire      Ephraim          257    Salem Twp.
Aleshire      Jacob            257    Salem Twp.
Aleshire      John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Aleshire      Margaret         260    Rutland Twp.
Aleshire      Micael           260    Rutland Twp.
Aleshire      Peter            257    Salem Twp.
Aleshire      William          256    Salem Twp.
Alexander     William          241    Letart Twp.
Alkire        Alexander        244    Olive Twp.
Alkire        John             266    Scipio Twp.
Alkire        John Jr.         266    Scipio Twp.
Alvan         Joseph           253    Salisbury Twp.
Anderson      Andrew           242    Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      James            242    Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      John             243    Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      John             267    Scipio Twp.
Anderson      Sarah            235    Chester Twp.
Appler        Jonathan         233    Chester Twp.
Arbaugh       George           255    Salem Twp.
Arbaugh       Joseph           255    Salem Twp.
Archer        Abram            269    Columbia Twp.
Archer        Benjamin         265    Rutland Twp.
Archer        Earl P.          265    Rutland Twp.
Ashworth      David            232    Chester Twp.
Ashworth      James            236    Chester Twp.
Ashworth      Thomas           234    Chester Twp.
Atkins        Lemuel           253    Bedford Twp.
Aumiller      George           238    Sutton Twp.
Aumiller      Jacob            236    Sutton Twp.
Austin        Caleb            264    Rutland Twp.
Austin        George           265    Rutland Twp.
Ayres         Elisha           259    Rutland Twp.
Bailey        David            251    Salisbury Twp.
Baird         Robert           234    Chester Twp.
Baley         John             238    Sutton Twp.
Baley         John             250    Salisbury Twp.
Baley         Robert           252    Salisbury Twp.
Baley         William          244    Olive Twp.
Baley         William          250    Salisbury Twp.
Baley         William Jr.      252    Salisbury Twp.
Ballinger     Henery           247    Orange Twp.
Barber        David            231    Chester Twp.
Barker        Amos             256    Salem Twp.
Barker        Isaac            233    Chester Twp.
Barnet        Thomas           244    Olive Twp.
Barnett       Eli              269    Columbia Twp.
Barrett       Seley            263    Rutland Twp.
Barringer     George           244    Olive Twp.
Barton        John             254    Bedford Twp.
Barton        Thomas           267    Scipio Twp.
Bastow        John C.          231    Chester Twp.
Batterson     Lewis            255    Bedford Twp.
Beaty         Thomas           237    Sutton Twp.
Bell          George W.        237    Sutton Twp.
Bellows       Benjamin         259    Rutland Twp.
Bellows       James            263    Rutland Twp.
Bellows       Samuel C.        240    Letart Twp.
Benedict      Elisha H.        264    Rutland Twp.
Benedict      John             264    Rutland Twp.
Benjamin      Vincent          260    Rutland Twp.
Bibbee        Elijah           241    Letart Twp.
Bibbee        Joseph           241    Letart Twp.
Bickell       Jacob            263    Rutland Twp.
Bickell       Lenard           263    Rutland Twp.
Bickner       Nehemiah         242    Lebanon Twp.
Bing          John             261    Rutland Twp.
Bingham       Alvin            260    Rutland Twp.
Bissell       Alden S.         254    Bedford Twp.
Bissell       Hiram            254    Bedford Twp.
Bissell       Warren           253    Bedford Twp.
Black         Hamilton         262    Rutland Twp.
Black         Joseph           262    Rutland Twp.
Blain         James            238    Sutton Twp.
Blakely       James            257    Salem Twp.
Blizard       Silas            245    Olive Twp.
Bolton        Andrew           263    Rutland Twp.
Bolton        James H.         263    Rutland Twp.
Bonaly        Andrew           251    Salisbury Twp.
Bosworth      Alva             254    Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Hezekiah         254    Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Marcus           231    Chester Twp.
Bowers        John             267    Scipio Twp.
Bowers        Samuel           266    Scipio Twp.
Bowles        Robert           241    Letart Twp.
Bowman        Peter            242    Lebanon Twp.
Boyd          George           240    Letart Twp.
Bradbury      Joseph           258    Salem Twp.
Bradfield     Zachariah        265    Scipio Twp.
Bradford      David            253    Salisbury Twp.
Bradford      Robert           262    Rutland Twp.
Bradford      William          253    Salisbury Twp.
Bradshaw      David            252    Salisbury Twp.
Bradshaw      William          244    Olive Twp.
Brailey       Amos             261    Rutland Twp.
Brailey       Ebenezer         260    Rutland Twp.
Branch        Hairy            235    Chester Twp.
Branch        Harry            248    Orange Twp.
Branch        Jasper           231    Chester Twp.
Branch        Josiah           235    Chester Twp.
Branch        Josiah           237    Sutton Twp.
Branch        Samuel           232    Chester Twp.
Branch        Samuel T.        232    Chester Twp.
Branch        William          232    Chester Twp.
Bridgeman     Quartus          237    Sutton Twp.
Bridges       Rebecca          235    Chester Twp.
Brooks        Andrew           266    Scipio Twp.
Brooks        James            268    Columbia Twp.
Brooks        John             268    Columbia Twp.
Brooks        Jonathan         270    Columbia Twp.
Brooks        Lewis            268    Columbia Twp.
Brooks        Thomas           268    Columbia Twp.
Brown         Benjamin         262    Rutland Twp.
Brown         Hugh             243    Lebanon Twp.
Brown         John             243    Lebanon Twp.
Brown         Mary             262    Rutland Twp.
Browning      Chas. W.         243    Lebanon Twp.
Buffington    Hezekiah         243    Lebanon Twp.
Buffington    Jacob            242    Lebanon Twp.
Buffington    Joseph W.        236    Sutton Twp.
Buffington    Philip S.        243    Lebanon Twp.
Buffington    William          245    Olive Twp.
Bullock       Sarah            260    Rutland Twp.
Burnap        Silas A.         248    Orange Twp.
Burns         George           239    Letart Twp.
Burris        Joseph           251    Salisbury Twp.
Burrows       Josiah           235    Chester Twp.
Buxton        Daniel           233    Chester Twp.
Cabell        John             245    Olive Twp.
Cahoon        James D.         258    Salem Twp.
Calder        John             244    Olive Twp.
Caldwell      John             247    Orange Twp.
Caldwell      Robert           249    Orange Twp.
Caldwell      William          246    Orange Twp.
Campbell      John             261    Rutland Twp.
Campbell      Robert           246    Orange Twp.
Carlton       Isaac            236    Sutton Twp.
Carlton       Nancy            235    Chester Twp.
Carlton       Thomas           235    Chester Twp.
Carlton       William          236    Sutton Twp.
Carpenter     Amos             255    Salem Twp.
Carpenter     Amos             268    Columbia Twp.
Carpenter     Jeremiah         268    Columbia Twp.
Carpenter     Miranda          245    Olive Twp.
Carpenter     William          246    Orange Twp.
Carr          Alexander        250    Salisbury Twp.
Carr          Chase            247    Orange Twp.
Carr          William          251    Salisbury Twp.
Cartright     Mary             235    Chester Twp.
Cartwright    John             255    Bedford Twp.
Case          Cloe             250    Salisbury Twp.
Castle        Junia            254    Bedford Twp.
Castle        Philander        253    Bedford Twp.
Chapin        Benjamin         247    Orange Twp.
Chapman       David            246    Orange Twp.
Chapman       Ezra             239    Letart Twp.
Chapman       John             264    Rutland Twp.
Chapman       Joshua           240    Letart Twp.
Chase         Abel             263    Rutland Twp.
Chase         Abel Jr.         263    Rutland Twp.
Chase         Charles          264    Rutland Twp.
Chase         Elizabeth        243    Lebanon Twp.
Chase         John             241    Letart Twp.
Chase         John             263    Rutland Twp.
Chase         Lewis            233    Chester Twp.
Chase         Thomas           254    Bedford Twp.
Cherry        Alexander        249    Orange Twp.
Chevalier     David            245    Olive Twp.
Church        Clement          262    Rutland Twp.
Church        William          263    Rutland Twp.
Circle        John             237    Sutton Twp.
Circle        Michael          237    Sutton Twp.
Clack         Henry            261    Rutland Twp.
Clark         Amos             252    Salisbury Twp.
Clark         Joseph           267    Scipio Twp.
Clough        John B.          251    Salisbury Twp.
Coleman       Jane             244    Olive Twp.
Coleman       John             244    Olive Twp.
Coleman       Samuel           245    Olive Twp.
Collins       William          244    Olive Twp.
Collums       Henery           247    Orange Twp.
Collums       John             247    Orange Twp.
Colmer        Abraham          248    Orange Twp.
Conant        Charles          249    Orange Twp.
Conant        Jacob            248    Orange Twp.
Conant        Peter            248    Orange Twp.
Connor        David            268    Columbia Twp.
Connor        James            268    Columbia Twp.
Connor        John             268    Columbia Twp.
Connor?       James Jr.        268    Columbia Twp.
Cook          Richard          262    Rutland Twp.
Cook          Russell G.       262    Rutland Twp.
Cooper        Abram            232    Chester Twp.
Cooper        David            232    Chester Twp.
Cooper        Samuel           233    Chester Twp.
Corn          William          257    Salem Twp.
Cornish       Abraham          246    Orange Twp.
Cornwell      Phebe G.         260    Rutland Twp.
Cornwill      Sarah            244    Olive Twp.
Cotterell     Henry            268    Columbia Twp.
Cowdery       Cyrus            232    Chester Twp.
Cowdery       Ethan            234    Chester Twp.
Cowdery       Jacob            232    Chester Twp.
Cowdery       Jacob            234    Chester Twp.
Cowdery       Jacob Jr.        246    Olive Twp.
Cowdery       Roswell          232    Chester Twp.
Cowdery       Sardo            260    Rutland Twp.
Cox           John             266    Scipio Twp.
Coy           Christopher      256    Salem Twp.
Croll         John             239    Letart Twp.
Crooks        William          237    Sutton Twp.
Crop          Lucius           237    Sutton Twp.
Crowell       Arnold           260    Rutland Twp.
Crowell       Benjamin         256    Salem Twp.
Crowell       Henry M.         256    Salem Twp.
Crowsoe       Jacob            241    Letart Twp.
Crowsoe       John             241    Letart Twp.
Curtis        David            232    Chester Twp.
Curtis        Josiah           232    Chester Twp.
Dailey        David            248    Orange Twp.
Dailey        Nimrod           268    Columbia Twp.
Dailey        Thomas           268    Columbia Twp.
Daily         Robert           269    Columbia Twp.
Dain          Asa              247    Orange Twp.
Dain          Bial             247    Orange Twp.
Dain          Jeptha           247    Orange Twp.
Dains         Calvin P.        249    Orange Twp.
Danforth      Samuel           264    Rutland Twp.
Danielson     Luther           238    Sutton Twp.
Darby         Jediah           241    Letart Twp.
Darst         John             255    Salem Twp.
Davis         Addison          268    Columbia Twp.
Davis         Barnhim          249    Orange Twp.
Davis         Eli              248    Orange Twp.
Davis         Eliakuim?        254    Bedford Twp.
Davis         Jacob            256    Salem Twp.
Davis         James            231    Chester Twp.
Davis         James            270    Columbia Twp.
Davis         John             245    Olive Twp.
Davis         John             261    Rutland Twp.
Davis         John Jr.         245    Olive Twp.
Davis         Mary             269    Columbia Twp.
Day           James            241    Letart Twp.
De            wolfe Nancy      247    Orange Twp.
Dean          Kasson           253    Bedford Twp.
Depew         Henry            268    Columbia Twp.
Derry         Peter            231    Chester Twp.
Devore        Jessee           247    Orange Twp.
Dewitt        Catharine        256    Salem Twp.
Dickey        Thomas           245    Olive Twp.
Dill          Martha           233    Chester Twp.
Diviney       Samuel A.        241    Letart Twp.
Dixon         James 1st        236    Sutton Twp.
Dixon         James 2nd        236    Sutton Twp.
Dixon         John             264    Rutland Twp.
Dixon         Sarah            237    Sutton Twp.
Dixon         William          237    Sutton Twp.
Dobbins       John             240    Letart Twp.
Dodd          William          252    Salisbury Twp.
Douglas       John             266    Scipio Twp.
Downing       Columbia         267    Scipio Twp.
Downing       Franklin         265    Rutland Twp.
Downing       George           267    Scipio Twp.
Downing       Rodney           267    Scipio Twp.
Downing       Samuel           267    Scipio Twp.
Driver        William          243    Lebanon Twp.
Dudder        Andrew           246    Orange Twp.
Dudder        Philip           245    Olive Twp.
Duffy         Daniel           246    Olive Twp.
Durst         Abram            256    Salem Twp.
Durst         Isaac            260    Rutland Twp.
Durst         John             255    Salem Twp.
Dusky         George           238    Sutton Twp.
Dye           Martin           265    Scipio Twp.
Dye           Thomas           265    Scipio Twp.
Eblin         Abijah           250    Salisbury Twp.
Edward        William          252    Salisbury Twp.
Elliott       Fuller           236    Sutton Twp.
Elliott       Simeon           237    Sutton Twp.
Ellis         John             240    Letart Twp.
Ellis         Levi             240    Letart Twp.
Entsminger    David            261    Rutland Twp.
Entsminger    John             261    Rutland Twp.
Everett       Amalie           258    Salem Twp.
Everett       Wheelock         259    Rutland Twp.
Everton       Benjamin         262    Rutland Twp.
Everton       Thomas           262    Rutland Twp.
Faris         Sarah            231    Chester Twp.
Farmer        Jonathan         250    Salisbury Twp.
Farrington    Asa              248    Orange Twp.
Fellows       John W.          245    Olive Twp.
Fish          Abaslom          248    Orange Twp.
Fish          Diadama          247    Orange Twp.
Fleims        Thomas           242    Lebanon Twp.
Flesher       John             242    Lebanon Twp.
Flesher       John Jr.         241    Letart Twp.
Flesher       Stephen          242    Lebanon Twp.
Fogg          Thomas P.        257    Salem Twp.
Fordice       John             256    Salem Twp.
Forrest       Meage?           263    Rutland Twp.
Forrest       Rosana           267    Scipio Twp.
Forrest       Thomas           267    Scipio Twp.
Foster        Edward           250    Salisbury Twp.
Foster        Isaac            235    Chester Twp.
Fox           James            254    Bedford Twp.
Fox           Philip           244    Olive Twp.
Frank         John             234    Chester Twp.
Frazier       Simeon           251    Salisbury Twp.
French        Russell          265    Scipio Twp.
Frost         Benjamin         249    Orange Twp.
Frost         Cooley           254    Bedford Twp.
Fugate        Jeremiah         232    Chester Twp.
Gallespie     William          266    Scipio Twp.
Gandy         Eli              243    Lebanon Twp.
Gardner       Joshua           259    Rutland Twp.
Gardner       Thomas           263    Rutland Twp.
Gaskin        Susannah         261    Rutland Twp.
Gaston        JOhn             263    Rutland Twp.
Gates         Russell          235    Chester Twp.
German        William          232    Chester Twp.
Gibbs         Ashley           231    Chester Twp.
Gibbs         Miles H.         231    Chester Twp.
Gibson        Harman           266    Scipio Twp.
Gibson        James            266    Scipio Twp.
Gilbert       John W.          231    Chester Twp.
Giles         Charles          259    Rutland Twp.
Giles         Charles          263    Rutland Twp.
Giles         John S.          262    Rutland Twp.
Giles         Joseph           263    Rutland Twp.
Gilespi       Joseph           262    Rutland Twp.
Gilleland     Abraham P.       248    Orange Twp.
Gilleland     David            248    Orange Twp.
Gilleland     John             247    Orange Twp.
Gilleland     Jones            248    Orange Twp.
Gilleland     Reuben           248    Orange Twp.
Gilman        Henry            258    Salem Twp.
Gilmore       Joseph           252    Salisbury Twp.
Gilmore       Samuel           252    Salisbury Twp.
Gilmore       Samuel Jr.       252    Salisbury Twp.
Goff          John             269    Columbia Twp.
Goff          Robert           269    Columbia Twp.
Golden        Michael          246    Orange Twp.
Goodfellow    Peter            239    Letart Twp.
Graham        Charles          240    Letart Twp.
Graham        Daniel           261    Rutland Twp.
Graham        David            269    Columbia Twp.
Graham        Gabriel          264    Rutland Twp.
Graham        James            256    Salem Twp.
Graham        James            262    Rutland Twp.
Graham        Samuel           269    Columbia Twp.
Grant         John             261    Rutland Twp.
Grant         Oliver           233    Chester Twp.
Grant         Samuel           233    Chester Twp.
Grant         Sanders          264    Rutland Twp.
Green         Ebenezer         246    Olive Twp.
Green         Jesse            253    Bedford Twp.
Green         William          268    Columbia Twp.
Gregory       James            269    Columbia Twp.
Gregory       John             269    Columbia Twp.
Griffin       Joseph           232    Chester Twp.
Grigsby       Elias            250    Salisbury Twp.
Grim          Jacob            240    Letart Twp.
Grimes        Henry            270    Columbia Twp.
Grover        Ephraim          257    Salem Twp.
Grover        Nehemiah         260    Rutland Twp.
Groves        Ezra             243    Lebanon Twp.
Grow          Hiram H.         235    Chester Twp.
Grow          Peter            235    Chester Twp.
Guthrie       Charles          249    Orange Twp.
Guthrie       Josep            247    Orange Twp.
Guthrie       Stephen          254    Bedford Twp.
Hale          Eli              242    Lebanon Twp.
Hale          Sarah            242    Lebanon Twp.
Hale          Sewel            248    Orange Twp.
Haley         John             258    Salem Twp.
Hall          James            242    Lebanon Twp.
Halliday      Samuel           262    Rutland Twp.
Halsey        Charles          248    Orange Twp.
Halsey        Jacob            235    Chester Twp.
Halsey        Jarvis           236    Chester Twp.
Halsey        Jesse            247    Orange Twp.
Halsey        Mark             250    Salisbury Twp.
Haly          Anthony          256    Salem Twp.
Haney         Aaron            256    Salem Twp.
Haning        Eli              267    Scipio Twp.
Hanson        William          250    Salisbury Twp.
Hardin        Alvin            263    Rutland Twp.
Hardy         Sarah            235    Chester Twp.
Harper        Andrew           234    Chester Twp.
Harper        Daniel           233    Chester Twp.
Harper        Daniel A.        233    Chester Twp.
Harpole       Adam             239    Letart Twp.
Harrel        George           239    Letart Twp.
Harris        Nancy            243    Lebanon Twp.
Hart          Jacob            233    Chester Twp.
Harvey        Hezekiah         243    Lebanon Twp.
Haskin        Joel             249    Orange Twp.
Haskins       Harris           249    Orange Twp.
Haught        Peter            239    Letart Twp.
Havens        Richason         247    Orange Twp.
Haverty       John             269    Columbia Twp.
Hayden        John             236    Sutton Twp.
Hayden        Richard          236    Sutton Twp.
Hayman        James            241    Letart Twp.
Hayman        Jeptha           240    Letart Twp.
Hayman        John H.          240    Letart Twp.
Hayman        Josiah           241    Letart Twp.
Hayman        Nancy            241    Letart Twp.
Hayman        Spencer H.       241    Letart Twp.
Hayward       Ebenezer         233    Chester Twp.
Haze          Jesse            265    Scipio Twp.
Heaton        William          233    Chester Twp.
Hecox         Jeptha           234    Chester Twp.
Hecox         Luther           248    Orange Twp.
Hecox         Sylvester        247    Orange Twp.
Hecox         Truman           247    Orange Twp.
Henshaw       George           242    Lebanon Twp.
Henson        Samuel B.        264    Rutland Twp.
Hetzer        George           245    Olive Twp.
Hetzer        Philip           245    Olive Twp.
Hicks         Benjamin         267    Scipio Twp.
Highland      William          232    Chester Twp.
Higley        Brewster         265    Rutland Twp.
Higley        Cinthia          259    Rutland Twp.
Higley        Cyrus            265    Rutland Twp.
Higley        Elam             252    Salisbury Twp.
Higley        Elihu            262    Rutland Twp.
Higley        Joel P.          259    Rutland Twp.
Higley        Lucius           265    Rutland Twp.
Hobart        William          235    Chester Twp.
Hogg          James            259    Rutland Twp.
Holland       Alfred           263    Rutland Twp.
Holliday      Jane             256    Salem Twp.
Holt          Charles          259    Rutland Twp.
Holt          Horace           259    Rutland Twp.
Holt          Samuel R.        270    Columbia Twp.
Hopes         Samuel           234    Chester Twp.
Hopkins       Thomas D.        239    Letart Twp.
Hoppas        George           252    Salisbury Twp.
Hoppas        Henry            260    Rutland Twp.
Hopson        Benjamin         254    Bedford Twp.
Hopson        Thomas           253    Bedford Twp.
Hostottle     Daniel           246    Olive Twp.
Hovey         James            263    Rutland Twp.
Howard        Lewis            248    Orange Twp.
Howdeshell    Adam             236    Sutton Twp.
Howell        John             266    Scipio Twp.
Howell        Joseph           266    Scipio Twp.
Howell        Nathan           266    Scipio Twp.
Howell        William          265    Scipio Twp.
Hoyt          Ezra             245    Olive Twp.
Hoyt          Henry D.         253    Bedford Twp.
Hoyt          James F.         249    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          Jeremiah         248    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          John             255    Bedford Twp.
Hoyt          John 2nd         246    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          Jonathan         247    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          Joseph Jr.       249    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          Joseph Sr.       249    Orange Twp.
Hoyt          Lorenzo          255    Bedford Twp.
Hoyt          Robert           235    Chester Twp.
Hubbell       Abijah           261    Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Abijah           261    Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Abijah           265    Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Barsby           261    Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Jesse            262    Rutland Twp.
Hudson        David            232    Chester Twp.
Huff          John             258    Salem Twp.
Huffman       Joel             236    Sutton Twp.
Hugg          Lucy             233    Chester Twp.
Huggins       Thomas           233    Chester Twp.
Hughs         Francis          235    Chester Twp.
Hull          James            231    Chester Twp.
Hull          Job              242    Lebanon Twp.
Hull          Leicester        231    Chester Twp.
Hull          Mary             234    Chester Twp.
Humphrey      William          264    Rutland Twp.
Hutchins      Alexander        232    Chester Twp.
Hysell        Anthony          252    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Boswell          259    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Edward           252    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Francis          258    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Frederic         252    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Halliday         259    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Henery           251    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Henwood          259    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        John C.          252    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Lenard           258    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Owen             265    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Phebe            253    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Robert           253    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Smith            252    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Strother         250    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Uriah            262    Rutland Twp.
Hysell        William          253    Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        William          259    Rutland Twp.
Ingals        Anson            237    Sutton Twp.
Ingals        George           238    Sutton Twp.
Ingals        James            237    Sutton Twp.
Irvin         Benjamin         258    Salem Twp.
Irvin         Benjamin         267    Scipio Twp.
Irvin         John             267    Scipio Twp.
Irvin         Nancy            269    Columbia Twp.
Irvin         Newell           267    Scipio Twp.
Irvin         Samuel           266    Scipio Twp.
Irwin         Hugh             266    Scipio Twp.
Irwin         John             233    Chester Twp.
Irwin         John             270    Columbia Twp.
Jackson       Daniel           243    Lebanon Twp.
James         Francis 1st      233    Chester Twp.
Jay           Martin G.        233    Chester Twp.
Johnson       Abram            255    Bedford Twp.
Johnson       Artemas          242    Letart Twp.
Johnson       Daniel           266    Scipio Twp.
Johnson       Isaac            231    Chester Twp.
Johnson       John F.          238    Sutton Twp.
Johnson       Thomas           234    Chester Twp.
Johnson       William          233    Chester Twp.
Jones         Benson           251    Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Elias            264    Rutland Twp.
Jones         Elizabeth        252    Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Increase         237    Sutton Twp.
Jones         John             244    Olive Twp.
Jones         Leroy            254    Bedford Twp.
Jones         Orvall           254    Bedford Twp.
Jones         Philip           250    Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Seth             240    Letart Twp.
Kelley        Samuel           243    Lebanon Twp.
Kelly         Benjamin         254    Bedford Twp.
Kelly         John             256    Salem Twp.
Kent          Elisha           257    Salem Twp.
Kent          Samuel           257    Salem Twp.
Kerr          William          237    Sutton Twp.
Kibbins       James C.         231    Chester Twp.
Kies          Stephen          243    Lebanon Twp.
Kimball       Milton           231    Chester Twp.
Kimes         Abraham          244    Olive Twp.
Kimes         Elias            232    Chester Twp.
Kimes         Jacob            232    Chester Twp.
Kimes         John             234    Chester Twp.
Kimes         Thomas           249    Orange Twp.
Kimes         William          231    Chester Twp.
Kims          Edward           243    Lebanon Twp.
Kindall       John             253    Salisbury Twp.
King          Iredell          260    Rutland Twp.
King          Jacob            247    Orange Twp.
King          Micager          260    Rutland Twp.
Kingree       Abram            241    Letart Twp.
Kingsberry    Harley           231    Chester Twp.
Kirk          Jonathan         261    Rutland Twp.
Knight        Benjamin         233    Chester Twp.
Knight        John             250    Salisbury Twp.
Knight        Silas            252    Salisbury Twp.
Knight        Silas W.         259    Rutland Twp.
Knowles       James            245    Olive Twp.
Kuntz         Esther           241    Letart Twp.
Lallance      Adam             237    Sutton Twp.
Lallance      Francis          238    Sutton Twp.
Lallance      Jacob            238    Sutton Twp.
Landon        Christy          245    Olive Twp.
Landon        Jesse            264    Rutland Twp.
Landon        Sarah            245    Olive Twp.
Lash          John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Lasley        Aaron            243    Lebanon Twp.
Laslie        Arthur           260    Rutland Twp.
Lastly        JOnathan         260    Rutland Twp.
Lawrence      Henry L.         243    Lebanon Twp.
Ledore        Jacob            234    Chester Twp.
Lee           Robert           256    Salem Twp.
Lewis         Esther           238    Sutton Twp.
Lezer         Daniel           241    Letart Twp.
Lindsey       David            252    Salisbury Twp.
Linn          Adam             232    Chester Twp.
Linskit       David            243    Lebanon Twp.
Linskit       John             243    Lebanon Twp.
Littleton     James            264    Rutland Twp.
Logan         James            261    Rutland Twp.
Lothrop       Hazel            265    Rutland Twp.
Love          Albert           241    Letart Twp.
Love          Thomas           240    Letart Twp.
Lovett        Daniel           242    Letart Twp.
Lovett        William          241    Letart Twp.
Luellen       William          255    Salem Twp.
Macomber      Arthur           239    Letart Twp.
Macumber      Aaron            257    Salem Twp.
Macumber      Ira              267    Scipio Twp.
Magrath       Thomas           231    Chester Twp.
Mark          Jacob            269    Columbia Twp.
Marten        James            246    Orange Twp.
Martin        Benjamin         235    Chester Twp.
Martin        Isaac            266    Scipio Twp.
Martindale    Andrew           256    Salem Twp.
Martindale    David            256    Salem Twp.
Martindel     Joseph           255    Salem Twp.
Marvin        Calvin           241    Letart Twp.
Mase?         Henry            268    Columbia Twp.
Masses?       William S.       257    Salem Twp.
Mastin        James            232    Chester Twp.
Mastin        Peter            232    Chester Twp.
Matson        Josiah           256    Salem Twp.
Maynard       Henery           231    Chester Twp.
McBride       Jacob            236    Sutton Twp.
McCain        Katharine        236    Sutton Twp.
McCarta       George           255    Salem Twp.
McClain       Archibald        246    Orange Twp.
McClain       Charles          242    Lebanon Twp.
McClanathan   John             232    Chester Twp.
McClure       Eunis            258    Salem Twp.
McClure       James            258    Salem Twp.
McCollough    Robert           240    Letart Twp.
McCormac      James            236    Chester Twp.
McCully       Charles          268    Columbia Twp.
McCully       Jacob            268    Columbia Twp.
McDade        Edward           240    Letart Twp.
McDaniel      Jeremiah         239    Letart Twp.
McDaniel      John             253    Salisbury Twp.
McElroy       John             237    Sutton Twp.
McFarland     Andrew           257    Salem Twp.
McGeorge      Samuel P.        255    Salem Twp.
McGill        Joseph           242    Lebanon Twp.
McGlaughlin   Hugh             270    Columbia Twp.
McGlaughlin   James            264    Rutland Twp.
McGlaughlin   John             264    Rutland Twp.
McGlaughlin   John             269    Columbia Twp.
McGlaughlin   William          255    Salem Twp.
McGuire       James            262    Rutland Twp.
McHlenery     Henery           232    Chester Twp.
McIntire      Joseph           245    Olive Twp.
McKie?        William          264    Rutland Twp.
McKinley      William          231    Chester Twp.
McKinstry     William          269    Columbia Twp.
McMahan       William          266    Scipio Twp.
McNaughton    Daniel C.        253    Salisbury Twp.
McQuigg       John             261    Rutland Twp.
Meckum        John             237    Sutton Twp.
Meckum        William          237    Sutton Twp.
Merrell       Cornelius        264    Rutland Twp.
Merrett       Caleb            269    Columbia Twp.
Midkirk       William          251    Salisbury Twp.
Miles         Barzilla         261    Rutland Twp.
Miles         John             261    Rutland Twp.
Miles         John B.          262    Rutland Twp.
Miller        Lewis M.         243    Lebanon Twp.
Mock          John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Molnar        Margaret         237    Sutton Twp.
Monroe        Daniel           267    Scipio Twp.
Mooas?        George           267    Scipio Twp.
Morgan        John             257    Salem Twp.
Morris        George           247    Orange Twp.
Moss          Thomas           254    Bedford Twp.
Muray         Alexander N.     250    Salisbury Twp.
Murry         Archibald        252    Salisbury Twp.
Murry         William          251    Salisbury Twp.
Neal          Cain O.          262    Rutland Twp.
Nease         Henry            238    Sutton Twp.
Nease         Michael          238    Sutton Twp.
Nease         William          238    Sutton Twp.
Nelson        Benjamin         256    Salem Twp.
Nelson        John             255    Salem Twp.
Nelson        Sampson          254    Bedford Twp.
Newell        John             254    Bedford Twp.
Nichols       James            268    Columbia Twp.
Nobles        Charles F.       262    Rutland Twp.
Nobles        Shubert          264    Rutland Twp.
Norris        Aaron            231    Chester Twp.
Norris        David            245    Olive Twp.
Norwood       Micah            251    Salisbury Twp.
Noyes         Benjamin         237    Sutton Twp.
Nute          Jonathan         258    Salem Twp.
Nye           Melzer           251    Salisbury Twp.
Nye           Nathan           250    Salisbury Twp.
Nye           Nial             233    Chester Twp.
Nye           Theodore         231    Chester Twp.
Oakley        Bennett          246    Olive Twp.
Oakley        Miles            246    Olive Twp.
Oakley        Miles Jr.        244    Olive Twp.
Odgen         Alvin            270    Columbia Twp.
Odgen         Saturt?          270    Columbia Twp.
Oliver        Daneil           252    Salisbury Twp.
Oliver        John M.          246    Orange Twp.
Oliver        Samuel           236    Chester Twp.
Osborn        David            244    Olive Twp.
Osborn        Henery L.        244    Olive Twp.
Osborn        Jeremiah         244    Olive Twp.
Page          Elizabeth        267    Scipio Twp.
Page          Jesse            267    Scipio Twp.
Page          Reuben           267    Scipio Twp.
Page          Sargent          267    Scipio Twp.
Paine         Samuel S.        263    Rutland Twp.
Paine         Seth             263    Rutland Twp.
Parker        Ebenezer         256    Salem Twp.
Parker        Edwin            261    Rutland Twp.
Parker        Joshua           253    Salisbury Twp.
Parker        William          262    Rutland Twp.
Partlow       Amos             233    Chester Twp.
Partlow       Stephen          235    Chester Twp.
Paul          James            236    Chester Twp.
Paulk         Cyrus            237    Sutton Twp.
Paurse        John             260    Rutland Twp.
Pearson       Horace           236    Chester Twp.
Peck          Ruel             262    Rutland Twp.
Peck          Samuel           269    Columbia Twp.
Pension       Francis          233    Chester Twp.
Persons       Daniel           255    Bedford Twp.
Persons       William          249    Orange Twp.
Pettit?       Samuel           265    Scipio Twp.
Pettrel       P.M.             239    Letart Twp.
Petty         Hugh             254    Bedford Twp.
Phelps        Harlow           259    Rutland Twp.
Phelps        Jefferson        259    Rutland Twp.
Phelps        Philander        259    Rutland Twp.
Pickens       Charles          242    Lebanon Twp.
Pickens       James            238    Sutton Twp.
Pickens       James Jr.        238    Sutton Twp.
Pickens       John Jr.         237    Sutton Twp.
Pickens       Robert           243    Lebanon Twp.
Pickens       Thomas           237    Sutton Twp.
Pickens       Tompson          235    Chester Twp.
Pickins       John             236    Sutton Twp.
Pickins       John             242    Lebanon Twp.
Pierce        Fanny            249    Orange Twp.
Pierce        Jonas            266    Scipio Twp.
Pierce?       Loftus?          266    Scipio Twp.
Pilcher       Abraham          253    Bedford Twp.
Pilcher       Peter            240    Letart Twp.
Pilcher       Thomas           240    Letart Twp.
Pilcher       William          246    Orange Twp.
Pirce         Nathaniel        247    Orange Twp.
Plumer        Joseph B.        259    Rutland Twp.
Pond          Asa              257    Salem Twp.
Pond          Norman           257    Salem Twp.
Post          John J.          250    Salisbury Twp.
Powell        Abigail          257    Salem Twp.
Prentis       Hamilton         245    Olive Twp.
Price         Charles          243    Lebanon Twp.
Price         David            243    Lebanon Twp.
Price         George W.        263    Rutland Twp.
Pugsley       James            262    Rutland Twp.
Pullins       JOhn             234    Chester Twp.
Pullins       Loftus           234    Chester Twp.
Purington     Jonathan         257    Salem Twp.
Purrington    Jonathan B.      258    Salem Twp.
Queen         Samuel           268    Columbia Twp.
Queen         William          270    Columbia Twp.
Quimby        Enos             249    Orange Twp.
Quimby        Jonathan         253    Bedford Twp.
Quinsey       Nathan           254    Bedford Twp.
Ralph         Erastus          252    Salisbury Twp.
Ralph         John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Ralph         Obadiah          251    Salisbury Twp.
Ralph         Stephen          233    Chester Twp.
Rardon        Thomas           244    Olive Twp.
Rathburn      Alvin            264    Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Daniel           259    Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Elisha           262    Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Sereno           261    Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Timothy          259    Rutland Twp.
Ray           John             244    Olive Twp.
Ray           Martin           260    Rutland Twp.
Reed          Major            245    Olive Twp.
Reed          Samuel           245    Olive Twp.
Reed          Whitamore        248    Orange Twp.
Reed          Willard          245    Olive Twp.
Reeves        Richard          266    Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Rueben           266    Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Solomon          266    Scipio Twp.
Reeves        William          266    Scipio Twp.
Rice          Charles          234    Chester Twp.
Rice          Jacob            251    Salisbury Twp.
Rice          Josiah           234    Chester Twp.
Rice          Shadric          241    Letart Twp.
Rice          William          233    Chester Twp.
Richardson    George           243    Lebanon Twp.
Rickard       John             239    Letart Twp.
Ricker....    Reeves           266    Scipio Twp.
Rickerson     Benjamin         264    Rutland Twp.
Rickerson     Charles          261    Rutland Twp.
Ries          David            244    Olive Twp.
Ries          Zenis            244    Olive Twp.
Rife          Henry            256    Salem Twp.
Riggs         James            265    Scipio Twp.
Riggs         Roebel?          267    Scipio Twp.
Right         Charles          251    Salisbury Twp.
Right         Eli              252    Salisbury Twp.
Right         Jesse            265    Rutland Twp.
Right         Josiah           261    Rutland Twp.
Right         William          265    Rutland Twp.
Riser         Jonas            269    Columbia Twp.
Ritchie       Martha           240    Letart Twp.
Roberts       Brin?            250    Salisbury Twp.
Roberts       Solomon          235    Chester Twp.
Robinson      Claybourn        251    Salisbury Twp.
Robinson      Isaac            246    Orange Twp.
Robinson      John             234    Chester Twp.
Robinson      Phineas          234    Chester Twp.
Roler         Jacob            238    Sutton Twp.
Romine        Daniel           257    Salem Twp.
Romine        James            257    Salem Twp.
Root          Stephen          231    Chester Twp.
Rose          John             236    Sutton Twp.
Rougecorn     Simon            238    Sutton Twp.
Roup          Jacob            250    Salisbury Twp.
Roush         Anthony          239    Letart Twp.
Roush         Balser           239    Letart Twp.
Roush         Cornelius        234    Chester Twp.
Roush         George           238    Sutton Twp.
Roush         Henery           239    Letart Twp.
Roush         Jacob            238    Sutton Twp.
Roush         Jonas            238    Sutton Twp.
Roush         Michael          239    Letart Twp.
Rowain?       John             269    Columbia Twp.
Runnells      Isaac            242    Lebanon Twp.
Russell       Elizabeth        253    Salisbury Twp.
Russell       George           252    Salisbury Twp.
Russell       John             253    Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Robert           253    Salisbury Twp.
Russell       William          250    Salisbury Twp.
Ryther        James            249    Orange Twp.
Sales         Allen            259    Rutland Twp.
Salser        George           233    Chester Twp.
Salser        Jacob            234    Chester Twp.
Sands         Elisha W.        236    Sutton Twp.
Sargent       William          263    Rutland Twp.
Sarmdaz?      Abram            255    Salem Twp.
Saunders      David            235    Chester Twp.
Saunders      George           232    Chester Twp.
Saunders      Isaac            245    Olive Twp.
Saunders      Stephen R.       254    Bedford Twp.
Savage        Adam             260    Rutland Twp.
Savage        Benjamin         261    Rutland Twp.
Savage        Joel             256    Salem Twp.
Savage        John             255    Salem Twp.
Savage        Joseph           261    Rutland Twp.
Saxton        John             250    Salisbury Twp.
Saxton        William          264    Rutland Twp.
Sayan?        John             263    Rutland Twp.
Sayre         David B.         240    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Ephraim          239    Letart Twp.
Sayre         John             239    Letart Twp.
Sayre         John             240    Letart Twp.
Sayre         John  Jr.        240    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Jonathan         241    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Martha           241    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Moses            240    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Robert           240    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Thomas           241    Letart Twp.
Sayre         Uriah            242    Lebanon Twp.
Scott         Henery S.        242    Lebanon Twp.
Scott         Neima P.         241    Letart Twp.
Scott         Richard          270    Columbia Twp.
Scott         William          241    Letart Twp.
Searle        Sweatland        270    Columbia Twp.
Sedlie        William          256    Salem Twp.
Seeley        Jonathan         242    Lebanon Twp.
Shaine        William          239    Letart Twp.
Sharp         Thomas           269    Columbia Twp.
Shaw          Cushing          256    Salem Twp.
Shaw          John             261    Rutland Twp.
Sheets        Jacob            245    Olive Twp.
Sherman       John             252    Salisbury Twp.
Shibler       Eli              235    Chester Twp.
Shibler       John George      236    Chester Twp.
Shields       James            245    Olive Twp.
Shields       John             246    Orange Twp.
Shippy        David            252    Salisbury Twp.
Shirky        John             256    Salem Twp.
Shirky        John S.          255    Salem Twp.
Shultz        Hiram            263    Rutland Twp.
Shumway       Farley           249    Orange Twp.
Shumway       Jeremiah         249    Orange Twp.
Shumway       Philo            247    Orange Twp.
Sigler        Eli              259    Rutland Twp.
Sigley?       Jacob            269    Columbia Twp.
Simpson       Joshua           259    Rutland Twp.
Simpson       Josiah           260    Rutland Twp.
Simpson       Robert           265    Scipio Twp.
Sims          Barnet           244    Olive Twp.
Sims          Morris           244    Olive Twp.
Sims          Resse            234    Chester Twp.
Skinner       Ashel            264    Rutland Twp.
Skinner       Daniel           263    Rutland Twp.
Slaughter     William          257    Salem Twp.
Sloan         David            254    Bedford Twp.
Sloan         John             254    Bedford Twp.
Sloan         Thomas           254    Bedford Twp.
Sluth         David            243    Lebanon Twp.
Smart         Caleb            248    Orange Twp.
Smart         Charles Jr.      248    Orange Twp.
Smart         Charles Senr.    248    Orange Twp.
Smart         Joseph           249    Orange Twp.
Smith         Benjamin         250    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Erastus          247    Orange Twp.
Smith         Ezra             257    Salem Twp.
Smith         Isaac            251    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         James            250    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         James            252    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Joel             250    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         John             242    Letart Twp.
Smith         John             250    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         John             251    Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Picamon          258    Rutland Twp.
Smith         Reuben           241    Letart Twp.
Smith         Solomon          234    Chester Twp.
Smith         Solomon S.       254    Bedford Twp.
Smith         Stephen          231    Chester Twp.
Smith         Thomas           233    Chester Twp.
Smith         Thomas           240    Letart Twp.
Smith         Timothy          251    Salisbury Twp.
Solomon       John             234    Chester Twp.
Soule         Almond           257    Salem Twp.
Soule         Almond Jr.       257    Salem Twp.
Southard      David            247    Orange Twp.
Spicer        Moses            234    Chester Twp.
Spillman      John             268    Columbia Twp.
Sproat        Lebadee          249    Orange Twp.
Squire        Nathan           234    Chester Twp.
Stanley       John             266    Scipio Twp.
Stedman       Alexander        259    Rutland Twp.
Stedman       Eli              258    Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Amos             267    Scipio Twp.
Stephens      Isa W.           263    Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Thomas           260    Rutland Twp.
Stephenson    Joseph P.        248    Orange Twp.
Stevens       Jemima           252    Salisbury Twp.
Stevens       Samuel           252    Salisbury Twp.
Stevens       William          261    Rutland Twp.
Stewart       James            234    Chester Twp.
Stickleman    George           260    Rutland Twp.
Stickney      Nathaniel        248    Orange Twp.
Stiles        Asahel           266    Scipio Twp.
Stivers       Randal           233    Chester Twp.
Stone         Ethel            246    Olive Twp.
Story         John             255    Bedford Twp.
Stout         Abner            235    Chester Twp.
Stout         Abner            249    Orange Twp.
Stout         Elizabeth        269    Columbia Twp.
Stout         Joseph           247    Orange Twp.
Stout         Pollyann         261    Rutland Twp.
Strong        Daniel           258    Salem Twp.
Strong        Elijah           257    Salem Twp.
Strong        Horatio          258    Salem Twp.
Strong        John             258    Salem Twp.
Strong        John S.          258    Salem Twp.
Strong        Oziah            258    Salem Twp.
Strong        Rasson           258    Salem Twp.
Strong        Silas            258    Salem Twp.
Strong        Stephen          258    Salem Twp.
Stroud        John             258    Rutland Twp.
Sullivan      Thomas           240    Letart Twp.
Sweat         Benjamin         256    Salem Twp.
Sweet         Jacob            256    Salem Twp.
Sylvester     Amelia           262    Rutland Twp.
Sylvester     John             262    Rutland Twp.
Tailor        Luther           259    Rutland Twp.
Thomas        Jason            260    Rutland Twp.
Thompson      Aaron            238    Sutton Twp.
Thompson      Reuben           257    Salem Twp.
Thorn         Lemuel           235    Chester Twp.
Tinkham       Seth Jr.         248    Orange Twp.
Tinkham       Seth Sr.         249    Orange Twp.
Toms          Samuel           248    Orange Twp.
Torrence      Aaron            232    Chester Twp.
Torrence      Albert           231    Chester Twp.
Torrence      William          231    Chester Twp.
Townsend      Allen            268    Columbia Twp.
Townsend      Asa              267    Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Daniel           268    Columbia Twp.
Townsend      James            268    Columbia Twp.
Townsend      John             265    Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Robert           267    Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Robinson         267    Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Solomon          269    Columbia Twp.
Truman        Robert           240    Letart Twp.
Tubbs         Daniel           248    Orange Twp.
Tubbs         Ezra             247    Orange Twp.
Tubbs         Ezra Jr.         248    Orange Twp.
Tubbs         Rensellar        253    Bedford Twp.
Tubbs         Reuben           245    Olive Twp.
Twitchell     Joshua           252    Salisbury Twp.
Twitchell     William          255    Bedford Twp.
Vail          Thomas           239    Letart Twp.
Vandine       William B.       251    Salisbury Twp.
Vankirk       John             234    Chester Twp.
Vining        Joseph           253    Salisbury Twp.
Vining        Timothy          253    Salisbury Twp.
Vonschriltz   Alexander        255    Salem Twp.
Wagoner       John             240    Letart Twp.
Walburn       Edward           268    Columbia Twp.
Walburn       William          268    Columbia Twp.
Walburn?      John             269    Columbia Twp.
Walker        Obadiah          232    Chester Twp.
Ware          John             231    Chester Twp.
Warner        John             238    Sutton Twp.
Warner        Philemon         236    Sutton Twp.
Warren        Charles          246    Orange Twp.
Warth         George           242    Lebanon Twp.
Waters        Henery B.        246    Orange Twp.
Weaver        George           238    Sutton Twp.
Weaver        John             238    Sutton Twp.
Webster       Augustine        235    Chester Twp.
Webster       Isaac            235    Chester Twp.
Weldon        John             238    Sutton Twp.
Weldon        William          231    Chester Twp.
Wells         Henery R.        244    Olive Twp.
Westfield?    Alexander        266    Scipio Twp.
Wheelbarger   David            232    Chester Twp.
Wheelbarger   Henery           239    Letart Twp.
White         John L.          250    Salisbury Twp.
White         Rebecca          244    Olive Twp.
Whiteside     William          244    Olive Twp.
Whitlock      Hiram H.         250    Salisbury Twp.
Whitlock      Levi             250    Salisbury Twp.
Whitney       Jabez            255    Bedford Twp.
Wildor        Lemuel           248    Orange Twp.
Will          John             235    Chester Twp.
Will          Michael          234    Chester Twp.
Will          Philip           234    Chester Twp.
Willard       Jacob            240    Letart Twp.
Williams      Benjamin         260    Rutland Twp.
Williams      Erastus          244    Olive Twp.
Williams      Jesse            257    Salem Twp.
Williams      John             244    Olive Twp.
Williams      John             257    Salem Twp.
Williams      Nathaniel        244    Olive Twp.
Wilson        Benjamin E.      240    Letart Twp.
Wilson        Caton            236    Chester Twp.
Wilson        Solomon          251    Salisbury Twp.
Winn          Abram            264    Rutland Twp.
Winn          Jacob A.         264    Rutland Twp.
Winn          Orpha            263    Rutland Twp.
Winn          William          264    Rutland Twp.
Wise          Daniel           254    Bedford Twp.
Wolf          Elizabeth        239    Letart Twp.
Wolf          Peter            236    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         George           237    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         George           239    Letart Twp.
Wolfe         Henry            238    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         Jacob            237    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         John             238    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         Joseph           237    Sutton Twp.
Wolfe         Peter            239    Letart Twp.
Wolfe         Solomon          238    Sutton Twp.
Wood          Isaac            255    Salem Twp.
Wood          John             269    Columbia Twp.
Wood          Joshua           269    Columbia Twp.
Wood          William          269    Columbia Twp.
Woodruff      John             242    Lebanon Twp.
Woodward      John             250    Salisbury Twp.
Worthing      Ezekiel          249    Orange Twp.
Writemire     John             259    Rutland Twp.
Wylie         Thomas           245    Olive Twp.
Yeager        Solomon          237    Sutton Twp.
Young         David            238    Sutton Twp.
Young         Hugh             254    Bedford Twp.