1840 Meigs County Census

Sorted by surname

This is an index to the 1840 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County, Ohio, sorted by surname. Entries marked by "?" are difficult to interpret on the census microfilm. The index was created by Sharon Bickle Rickerson using microfilm of the original census forms, and appears here by her gracious permission. Additions and corrections welcomed.

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Surname       Given name       Pg     Location
....ard       James B.         66     Lebanon Twp.
Ackley        George           31     Letart Twp.
Ackley        Jeremiah B.      31     Letart Twp.
Adams         An.....          13     Orange Twp.
Adams         Charles          12     Orange Twp.
Adams         E.E.             39     Sutton Twp.
Adams         Jacob            17     Chester Twp.
Adams         James            13     Orange Twp.
Adams         John             17     Chester Twp.
Adams         Martin           67     Lebanon Twp.
Adams         Spencer          39     Sutton Twp.
Adkins        Horance          56     Salisbury Twp.
Adkins        Isaac            56     Salisbury Twp.
Aldeman       Hezekiah         33     Scipio Twp.
Alexander     Moses            30     Letart Twp.
Alexander     Thomas           30     Letart Twp.
Alexander     William          30     Letart Twp.
Alkire        John             33     Scipio Twp.
Alkire        John             33     Scipio Twp.
Alkire        Peter            37     Scipio Twp.
Allen         John A.          6      Bedford Twp.
Allensworth   John             8      Bedford Twp.
Allexander    Elias            17     Chester Twp.
Alshire       Abraham          47     Salem Twp.
Alshire       Abraham          50     Rutland Twp.
Alshire       Charles          50     Rutland Twp.
Alshire       Conrad           49     Rutland Twp.
Alshire       John             47     Salem Twp.
Alshire       Margarett        50     Rutland Twp.
Alshire       Michael          47     Salem Twp.
Alshire       Michael, Jr.     53     Rutland Twp.
Alshire       Peter            73     Salem Twp.
Alshire       William          61     Salisbury Twp.
Alshire       William          72     Salem Twp.
Altman        David            44     Sutton Twp.
Anderson      Chloe            68     Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      Franklin         64     Salisbury Twp.
Anderson      James            67     Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      James            69     Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      John             51     Rutland Twp.
Anderson      John             67     Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      Richard          68     Lebanon Twp.
Anderson      William          68     Lebanon Twp.
Andrews       Robert           47     Salem Twp.
Anthony       Jonathan         35     Scipio Twp.
Antil         John             67     Lebanon Twp.
Arbaugh       George           74     Salem Twp.
Archer        Benjamin         53     Rutland Twp.
Archer        Earl P.          53     Rutland Twp.
Archer        Elam             53     Rutland Twp.
Arnold        William          16     Town of Chester
Arnold        William C.       28     Olive Twp.
Ashley        John C.          61     Salisbury Twp.
Ashworth      David            20     Chester Twp.
Ashworth      Thomas           21     Chester Twp.
Athy          Thomas           76     Rutland Twp.
Atkinson      Benjamin         56     Salisbury Twp.
Ault          Frederick        29     Letart Twp.
Aumiller      David            41     Sutton Twp.
Aumiller      George           41     Sutton Twp.
Aumiller      Jacob            41     Sutton Twp.
Austin        Abel             53     Rutland Twp.
Austin        Alfred           64     Salisbury Twp.
Austin        Caleb            53     Rutland Twp.
Austin        Joseph           28     Olive Twp.
Ayres         Isaac            76     Rutland Twp.
Bahan         Isaac            64     Salisbury Twp.
Bahen         Isaac            56     Salisbury Twp.
Bailey        George           41     Sutton Twp.
Bailey        John             20     Chester Twp.
Bailey        Joseph           27     Olive Twp.
Bailey        Robert           63     Salisbury Twp.
Bailey        Samuel           20     Chester Twp.
Bailey        Uriah            26     Olive Twp.
Baily         Baria            66     Salisbury Twp.
Baily         Jacob            8      Bedford Twp.
Baker         James            12     Orange Twp.
Baker         Jedediah         6      Bedford Twp.
Baker         Mishask?         12     Orange Twp.
Baker         Samuel           13     Orange Twp.
Baker         Wesley G.        39     Sutton Twp.
Baker         William          19     Chester Twp.
Ball          James R.         37     Scipio Twp.
Ball          William          8      Bedford Twp.
Baly          Benjamin         54     Rutland Twp.
Baly          William          59     Salisbury Twp.
Banks         William          5      Columbia Twp.
Barber        John             69     Lebanon Twp.
Barker        Edward           13     Orange Twp.
Barker        Gideon           49     Rutland Twp.
Barnett       Isaac            68     Lebanon Twp.
Barney        Asa              19     Chester Twp.
Barnhouse     Philip D.        3      Columbia Twp.
Barnhouse     Phillip          3      Columbia Twp.
Barrenger     Elisha           57     Salisbury Twp.
Barrett       Selah            53     Rutland Twp.
Barrett       Thomas           27     Olive Twp.
Barringer     David            57     Salisbury Twp.
Barringer     George           27     Olive Twp.
Barringer     George, Jr.      27     Olive Twp.
Barringer     William          66     Lebanon Twp.
Barrows       Lemuel           26     Olive Twp.
Barstow       Horace           26     Olive Twp.
Bartley       John             10     Orange Twp.
Barton        John             6      Bedford Twp.
Barton        Thomas           34     Scipio Twp.
Basher        David            15     Town of Chester
Bashus        Aaron            48     Rutland Twp.
Bassy         Lyman            56     Salisbury Twp.
Bateman       Orin             15     Town of Chester
Bateman       Samuel           16     Town of Chester
Batey         Henry            41     Sutton Twp.
Batey         Thomas           41     Sutton Twp.
Batterson     Lewis            22     Chester Twp.
Baxter        Eliza            23     Chester Twp.
Beans         Samuel           73     Salem Twp.
Beard         Robert           44     Sutton Twp.
Beaty         John             8      Bedford Twp.
Bell          George W.        39     Sutton Twp.
Bell          James            28     Olive Twp.
Bell          William          28     Olive Twp.
Bellows       Benjamin         52     Rutland Twp.
Bellows       William          52     Rutland Twp.
Benedict      Elisha H.        52     Rutland Twp.
Benedict      Jabez            52     Rutland Twp.
Benjamin      Vincent          55     Rutland Twp.
Bennell       Jacob            73     Salem Twp.
Bennett       Jacob            2      Columbia Twp.
Bennett       Silas            2      Columbia Twp.
Bennett       Silas, Jr.       2      Columbia Twp.
Bestow        John C.          15     Town of Chester
Beverman      Henry            11     Orange Twp.
Bickford      Samuel           38     Scipio Twp.
Bickford      Samuel A.        33     Scipio Twp.
Bickle        Jacob            51     Rutland Twp.
Bickle        Leonard          51     Rutland Twp.
Bicknell      Nehemiah         69     Lebanon Twp.
Biggs         Benjamin         7      Bedford Twp.
Bing          John             55     Rutland Twp.
Bingham       Alvin            76     Rutland Twp.
Biram         William          67     Lebanon Twp.
Birdwell      Joshua           12     Orange Twp.
Birthissel    Christopher      44     Sutton Twp.
Bissell       Hiram            6      Bedford Twp.
Black         Francis          31     Letart Twp.
Black         Hamilton         52     Rutland Twp.
Black         Michael          76     Rutland Twp.
Blackman      John             39     Sutton Twp.
Blackmore     Mary             11     Orange Twp.
Blain         Mathew           43     Sutton Twp.
Blain         Sarah            39     Sutton Twp.
Blake         James            68     Lebanon Twp.
Blake         Silas            76     Rutland Twp.
Blizzard      Isaac            25     Olive Twp.
Blizzard      Silas            25     Olive Twp.
Blunden       James            34     Scipio Twp.
Board         David            30     Letart Twp.
Bobo          Nehemiah         5      Columbia Twp.
Boggs         Nimrod           39     Sutton Twp.
Boice         Rebecca          16     Town of Chester
Boles         Robert           68     Lebanon Twp.
Bolton        Andrew           51     Rutland Twp.
Bolton        Ashael           52     Rutland Twp.
Bolton        James            53     Rutland Twp.
Bolus         Elijah           31     Letart Twp.
Booth         Sarah            2      Columbia Twp.
Borick        Jacob            57     Salisbury Twp.
Borks/barks   Andrew           35     Scipio Twp.
Bosworth      Alva             22     Chester Twp.
Bosworth      Hezekiah         7      Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Hezekiah, Jr.    10     Orange Twp.
Bosworth      Jaben            6      Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Jaben            7      Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Josephes B.      6      Bedford Twp.
Bosworth      Marcus           16     Town of Chester
Boultd        ? Samuel         57     Salisbury Twp.
Bowen         Anthony          28     Olive Twp.
Bowers        Abraham          34     Scipio Twp.
Bowers        Samuel           35     Scipio Twp.
Boyce         Sardine          44     Sutton Twp.
Boyd          James            14     Orange Twp.
Boyd          James            56     Salisbury Twp.
Boyd          Margaret         29     Letart Twp.
Bradbury      Samuel           64     Salisbury Twp.
Bradey        John W.          50     Rutland Twp.
Bradfield     Jesse            33     Scipio Twp.
Bradfield     John             33     Scipio Twp.
Bradfield     Zacherich        33     Scipio Twp.
Bradford      John             64     Salisbury Twp.
Bradford      Robert           62     Salisbury Twp.
Bradshaw      David            65     Salisbury Twp.
Bradshaw      Horace           62     Salisbury Twp.
Bradshaw      William          16     Town of Chester
Braley        Ansel            76     Rutland Twp.
Braley        Hartsell S.      50     Rutland Twp.
Braley        Ruel             50     Rutland Twp.
Braly         Ebenezer         55     Rutland Twp.
Branch        Ardmore H.       12     Orange Twp.
Branch        Henry            52     Rutland Twp.
Branch        Josiah           17     Chester Twp.
Branch        Josiah, 2nd      15     Town of Chester
Branch        Orin             15     Town of Chester
Branch        Samuel S.        17     Chester Twp.
Branch        William          17     Town of Chester
Branch        William          19     Chester Twp.
Bray          James            58     Salisbury Twp.
Bray          William H.       40     Sutton Twp.
Brickles      Daniel           36     Scipio Twp.
Brickles      Joseph           36     Scipio Twp.
Bridgeman     Ethan            43     Sutton Twp.
Bridgeman     Quartes          43     Sutton Twp.
Bridget       Thomas           41     Sutton Twp.
Brine         Luman            53     Rutland Twp.
Brinker       Jane             31     Letart Twp.
Broadbent     James            23     Chester Twp.
Brooks        James            35     Scipio Twp.
Brooks        Lewis            3      Columbia Twp.
Brower        John             34     Scipio Twp.
Brown         ? Jeremiah F.    10     Orange Twp.
Brown         Allexander       39     Sutton Twp.
Brown         Barzilla M.      50     Rutland Twp.
Brown         Gideon           42     Sutton Twp.
Brown         Hanah            45     Sutton Twp.
Brown         Hugh             66     Lebanon Twp.
Brown         James E.         51     Rutland Twp.
Brown         John             33     Scipio Twp.
Brown         John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Brown         John             61     Salisbury Twp.
Brown         John             73     Salem Twp.
Brown         John             75     Salem Twp.
Brown         Jonathon O.      5      Columbia Twp.
Brown         Joseph           47     Salem Twp.
Brown         Mary             51     Rutland Twp.
Brown         Newell           9      Orange Twp.
Brown         Peter            64     Salisbury Twp.
Brown         William          58     Salisbury Twp.
Brownell      John             61     Salisbury Twp.
Browning      ? Elias W.       66     Lebanon Twp.
Bruce         David            64     Salisbury Twp.
Buck          James            20     Chester Twp.
Buck          John             23     Chester Twp.
Buckner       David C.         39     Sutton Twp.
Buffington    Joseph           43     Sutton Twp.
Buffington    William          26     Olive Twp.
Bullock       Stephen          76     Rutland Twp.
Burch         Aretas           25     Olive Twp.
Burch?        Jane             28     Olive Twp.
Burger        Samuel S.        16     Town of Chester
Burk          Joseph           53     Rutland Twp.
Burn          Patrick          62     Salisbury Twp.
Burnap        Selam A.         11     Orange Twp.
Burns         Catherine        30     Letart Twp.
Burns         James            17     Town of Chester
Burns         Joseph           21     Chester Twp.
Burris        Benjamin         34     Scipio Twp.
Burroughs     Edward           19     Chester Twp.
Burrows       Mary             59     Salisbury Twp.
Burthiselle   George           60     Salisbury Twp.
Burthissell   Thomas           6      Bedford Twp.
Bush          Jacob            66     Lebanon Twp.
Bush          Robert           17     Chester Twp.
Bush          William, Jr.     62     Salisbury Twp.
Cable         George           20     Chester Twp.
Cahoon        James            57     Salisbury Twp.
Cahoon        James D.         72     Salem Twp.
Cain          Daniel           34     Scipio Twp.
Calder        James M.         28     Olive Twp.
Caldwell      John W.          28     Olive Twp.
Calvert       Theopolis        26     Olive Twp.
Calvert       William S.       34     Scipio Twp.
Camard        Allexander       69     Lebanon Twp.
Campbell      John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Campbell      Robert           13     Orange Twp.
Canan         John             50     Rutland Twp.
Canan         William          50     Rutland Twp.
Canby         William M.       12     Orange Twp.
Capehart      Philip           56     Salisbury Twp.
Capon         William          42     Sutton Twp.
Carbaugh      Jacob            25     Olive Twp.
Carey         David            9      Bedford Twp.
Carlton                        43     Sutton Twp.
Carlton       John             21     Chester Twp.
Carlton       Leonard          64     Salisbury Twp.
Carlton       Thomas           21     Chester Twp.
Carlton       William          6      Bedford Twp.
Carpenter     Joseph           31     Letart Twp.
Carpenter     Miranda W.       25     Olive Twp.
Carpenter     Nathan           14     Orange Twp.
Carpenter     Wm.              14     Orange Twp.
Carr          Chase            9      Orange Twp.
Carr          John             10     Orange Twp.
Carter        Sarah            29     Letart Twp.
Cartwright    Horace           11     Orange Twp.
Castle        Isaac            16     Town of Chester
Castle        Junia            7      Bedford Twp.
Casy          John             38     Scipio Twp.
Caywood       James            72     Salem Twp.
Caywood       John H.          72     Salem Twp.
Caywood       Thomas           72     Salem Twp.
Chafen        Benjamin         11     Orange Twp.
Chaffen       Samuel           34     Scipio Twp.
Chalfin       Joseph           7      Bedford Twp.
Chancy        William          25     Olive Twp.
Chany         Alexander        8      Bedford Twp.
Chapens       Joseph           9      Bedford Twp.
Chapman       Ezra             29     Letart Twp.
Chapman       Gilbert          73     Salem Twp.
Chapman       John             51     Rutland Twp.
Chapman       Joshua           30     Letart Twp.
Chapman       Joshua S.        30     Letart Twp.
Chapman       Orten            75     Salem Twp.
Chapman       Stephen          31     Letart Twp.
Chapman       Truman S.        46     Salem Twp.
Chare         Lewis, Jr.       6      Bedford Twp.
Chase         Abel             52     Rutland Twp.
Chase         Abel, Jr.        52     Rutland Twp.
Chase         Benjamin         74     Salem Twp.
Chase         Charles          52     Rutland Twp.
Chase         Frances          52     Rutland Twp.
Chase         Hiram            33     Scipio Twp.
Chase         Lewis            20     Chester Twp.
Chase         Martin           63     Salisbury Twp.
Chase         Thomas J.        33     Scipio Twp.
Cheng         John             2      Columbia Twp.
Chevelear     Peter            26     Olive Twp.
Chevelier     John             27     Olive Twp.
Child         ? Seth C.        28     Olive Twp.
Childs        Nathaniel        53     Rutland Twp.
Chittenden    Ephraim          42     Sutton Twp.
Church        Alfred           59     Salisbury Twp.
Church        Charles          59     Salisbury Twp.
Church        Clement          52     Rutland Twp.
Church        John             59     Salisbury Twp.
Church        Oliver           61     Salisbury Twp.
Church        Samuel           59     Salisbury Twp.
Church        Stephen          64     Salisbury Twp.
Church        William          59     Salisbury Twp.
Circle        George           41     Sutton Twp.
Circle        Jacob            41     Sutton Twp.
Circle        Michael          41     Sutton Twp.
Clanathan     John M.          67     Lebanon Twp.
Clare         Hugh A.          68     Lebanon Twp.
Clark         Caleb            62     Salisbury Twp.
Clark         Carlton          62     Salisbury Twp.
Clark         John S.          8      Bedford Twp.
Clark         Samuel           60     Salisbury Twp.
Clark         William          41     Sutton Twp.
Clay          Henry            35     Scipio Twp.
Cline         John             3      Columbia Twp.
Cline         John             76     Rutland Twp.
Cline         Lawrence         76     Rutland Twp.
Cline         Madison          3      Columbia Twp.
Cloun         William          59     Salisbury Twp.
Clous         John             46     Salem Twp.
Colder        John             27     Olive Twp.
Coleman       Jane             28     Olive Twp.
Coleman       John             28     Olive Twp.
Coleman       John B.          26     Olive Twp.
Coleman       Samuel           26     Olive Twp.
Coleman       Samuel           28     Olive Twp.
Coleman       Thomas           28     Olive Twp.
Coleman       William          28     Olive Twp.
Coleman       William          28     Olive Twp.
Collins       Maj...d W.       15     Town of Chester
Collins       Paul             2      Columbia Twp.
Collins       William          27     Olive Twp.
Colvel        John G.          30     Letart Twp.
Colwell       James            9      Orange Twp.
Colwell       John             9      Orange Twp.
Colwell       Sophrona         13     Orange Twp.
Colwell       William          13     Orange Twp.
Colwell       William, Jr.     13     Orange Twp.
Comstock      Nathan           26     Olive Twp.
Conant        Jacob            12     Orange Twp.
Conant        Peter            9      Orange Twp.
Conant        William          8      Bedford Twp.
Condi         Joseph           56     Salisbury Twp.
Congrove      Elijah           42     Sutton Twp.
Congrove      John             25     Olive Twp.
Congrove      Nicholas         28     Olive Twp.
Congrove      Thomas           25     Olive Twp.
Congrove      Thomas           28     Olive Twp.
Conner        David            3      Columbia Twp.
Conner        Isaac            3      Columbia Twp.
Cons          Ether            69     Lebanon Twp.
Consol        Reuben           52     Rutland Twp.
Conway        ? Jacob          13     Orange Twp.
Conway        Charles W.       40     Sutton Twp.
Cook          Jacob            74     Salem Twp.
Cook          Joseph           40     Sutton Twp.
Cook          William          7      Bedford Twp.
Cook          Worrick          74     Salem Twp.
Cook          Zubell G.        53     Rutland Twp.
Coon          George           16     Town of Chester
Cooper        George W.        15     Town of Chester
Cooper        James M.         16     Town of Chester
Cooper        R......          34     Scipio Twp.
Cooper        Reuben           42     Sutton Twp.
Cooper        Samuel           23     Chester Twp.
Cooper        Sophia           16     Town of Chester
Corkin        James            57     Salisbury Twp.
Cornell       John             18     Chester Twp.
Cornich       John             76     Rutland Twp.
Corns         William          73     Salem Twp.
Cornwell      Joshua           38     Scipio Twp.
Cort          John             73     Salem Twp.
Cottle        Jefferson        28     Olive Twp.
Cover?        Susan            20     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        Charles B.       17     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        Ethan            17     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        George W.        17     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        Isaac A.         17     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        Jacob            18     Chester Twp.
Cowdry        Nelson E.        18     Chester Twp.
Coy           Christopher      47     Salem Twp.
Coy           Henry            16     Town of Chester
Cozart        Levi             66     Lebanon Twp.
Craig         John             72     Salem Twp.
Crawford      Charles          76     Rutland Twp.
Crawford      Joshua           3      Columbia Twp.
Crawford      Sarah            42     Sutton Twp.
Croll         John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Crooke        William          43     Sutton Twp.
Cross         Lucius           43     Sutton Twp.
Crowell       Arnold           59     Salisbury Twp.
Crowell       Benjamin         72     Salem Twp.
Crowser       John             31     Letart Twp.
Cullan        John             9      Orange Twp.
Cumins        John H.          36     Scipio Twp.
Cummings      George           69     Lebanon Twp.
Curtis        David            23     Chester Twp.
Curtis        Hiram            15     Town of Chester
Curtis        Josiah           23     Chester Twp.
Curtis        Samuel           44     Sutton Twp.
Cushman       Jesse            13     Orange Twp.
Cutler        Spaulding        6      Bedford Twp.
Daily         David            12     Orange Twp.
Daily         Philip           12     Orange Twp.
Daily         William          24     Chester Twp.
Dain          Capon            6      Bedford Twp.
Dains         Abial            11     Orange Twp.
Dains         Jepsthan         10     Orange Twp.
Dains         Leonard          10     Orange Twp.
Danforth      Samuel           48     Rutland Twp.
Danielson     Luther, Jr.      42     Sutton Twp.
Dansmore      William          21     Chester Twp.
Darst         Henry            23     Chester Twp.
Darst         Jacob            21     Chester Twp.
Darst         John             75     Salem Twp.
Davis         Ammon            44     Sutton Twp.
Davis         Anderson         73     Salem Twp.
Davis         Barnem           9      Bedford Twp.
Davis         Eli B.           22     Chester Twp.
Davis         Eliakum          64     Salisbury Twp.
Davis         Erastus R.       73     Salem Twp.
Davis         Jacob            37     Scipio Twp.
Davis         James            29     Letart Twp.
Davis         John             25     Olive Twp.
Davis         John             45     Sutton Twp.
Davis         John J.          73     Salem Twp.
Davis         John, Jr.        25     Olive Twp.
Davis         Moses            23     Chester Twp.
Davis         Sarah            26     Olive Twp.
Davis         Stephen          72     Salem Twp.
Davis         Stephen, Jr.     72     Salem Twp.
Davis         William          45     Sutton Twp.
Day           James E.         30     Letart Twp.
De            wolf John        66     Lebanon Twp.
Decamp        Zenas            36     Scipio Twp.
Diamond       John             41     Sutton Twp.
Dirkson       D.W.C.           15     Town of Chester
Doak          Jonas            39     Sutton Twp.
Doderer       Andrew           25     Olive Twp.
Doderer       Mathew           25     Olive Twp.
Doderer       Philip           14     Orange Twp.
Dodson        William          61     Salisbury Twp.
Doherty       Ferris           68     Lebanon Twp.
Doherty       James            61     Salisbury Twp.
Donelly       Bernard H.Y.     17     Town of Chester
Donnally      Andrew           59     Salisbury Twp.
Douglas       Elijah           34     Scipio Twp.
Douglas       John, Jr.        34     Scipio Twp.
Douglass      David            35     Scipio Twp.
Douglass      John             35     Scipio Twp.
Downing       Columbia         35     Scipio Twp.
Downing       Franklin         48     Rutland Twp.
Downing       George           35     Scipio Twp.
Downing       Harrison         55     Rutland Twp.
Downing       Hollis           35     Scipio Twp.
Downing       Rodney           48     Rutland Twp.
Downing       Samuel A.        30     Letart Twp.
Doyle         Andrew           44     Sutton Twp.
Drake         Daniel           36     Scipio Twp.
Dreman        David            67     Lebanon Twp.
Dringdelle    Jacob            56     Salisbury Twp.
Dudre         Abraham V.       21     Chester Twp.
Dudre         Isaac B.         21     Chester Twp.
Dunham        Amos             57     Salisbury Twp.
Dunlap        Alfred           38     Scipio Twp.
Dunlap        David            33     Scipio Twp.
Durst         Isaac            50     Rutland Twp.
Durst         Peter            20     Chester Twp.
Dusky         George           43     Sutton Twp.
Dusky         Thomas           2      Columbia Twp.
Dustin        Helen            16     Town of Chester
Dutton        Daniel           37     Scipio Twp.
Dye           Martin           33     Scipio Twp.
Dye           Thomas           33     Scipio Twp.
Dye           Thomas, Jr.      33     Scipio Twp.
Eads          William          44     Sutton Twp.
Eady          Solomon          42     Sutton Twp.
Eakins        Joseph           76     Rutland Twp.
Easterday     Martin           19     Chester Twp.
Eastman       Samuel E.        7      Bedford Twp.
Ebbert        John             60     Salisbury Twp.
Eben          Abijah           57     Salisbury Twp.
Eben          Samuel           57     Salisbury Twp.
Edmunson      Amos             73     Salem Twp.
Edmunson      Franklin         73     Salem Twp.
Edmunson      Hiram            73     Salem Twp.
Edmunson      John             47     Salem Twp.
Edmunson      Nathan           47     Salem Twp.
Edmunson      William          47     Salem Twp.
Edwards       Evan             58     Salisbury Twp.
Edwards       William          6      Bedford Twp.
Ekman         William E.       64     Salisbury Twp.
Elias         B. Davis         3      Columbia Twp.
Eliot         Dacater S.       41     Sutton Twp.
Eliot         Philip           39     Sutton Twp.
Elliot        Lucy             16     Town of Chester
Ellis         Henry S.         30     Letart Twp.
Ellis         John             30     Letart Twp.
Ellis         John B.          30     Letart Twp.
Engle         William          66     Lebanon Twp.
Entsminger    David            50     Rutland Twp.
Erdale        Robert           27     Olive Twp.
Erwin         Benjamin F.      34     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         Elias            44     Sutton Twp.
Erwin         Hugh             36     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         Hugh, Jr.        36     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         James            36     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         John             36     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         John             6      Bedford Twp.
Erwin         Samuel           36     Scipio Twp.
Erwin         Thomas           57     Salisbury Twp.
Evans         Arnold           57     Salisbury Twp.
Evans         Richard          15     Town of Chester
Evans         Thomas           58     Salisbury Twp.
Everton       Lucinda          63     Salisbury Twp.
Everton       Thomas, Jr.      56     Salisbury Twp.
Everton       Timothy          52     Rutland Twp.
Fair          Samuel           15     Town of Chester
Farmer        Ephraim          13     Orange Twp.
Farmer        Orvil            54     Rutland Twp.
Fellows       Elihu            40     Sutton Twp.
Fellows       John W.          13     Orange Twp.
Fellows       Justin           13     Orange Twp.
Fellows       Samuel           40     Sutton Twp.
Fenemore      Samuel           29     Letart Twp.
Ferrington    Bennet           43     Sutton Twp.
Ferris        William J.       3      Columbia Twp.
Fester        Isaac            21     Chester Twp.
Figley        Robert           34     Scipio Twp.
Finley        Henry            56     Salisbury Twp.
Firby         Nathaniel        16     Town of Chester
Fish          Absalem          9      Orange Twp.
Fish          Deadima          7      Bedford Twp.
Fish          Samuel           2      Columbia Twp.
Fisher        John             23     Chester Twp.
Fisk          Lawrence         57     Salisbury Twp.
Fitch         Cyrenus C.       17     Town of Chester
Fitch         Joseph           10     Orange Twp.
Fitzpatrick   Peter            58     Salisbury Twp.
Fletcher      Charles          41     Sutton Twp.
Fogg          Thomas P.        47     Salem Twp.
Folden        John             74     Salem Twp.
Folden        Joshua           46     Salem Twp.
Folden        Robert           75     Salem Twp.
Foore         Samuel           46     Salem Twp.
Force         Albert           8      Bedford Twp.
Ford          Thomas           32     Letart Twp.
Fordice       John             72     Salem Twp.
Forest        Gordon           51     Rutland Twp.
Forest        Mary             52     Rutland Twp.
Fork          Israel           66     Lebanon Twp.
Forrest       David            34     Scipio Twp.
Foster        ? Edward         64     Salisbury Twp.
Fowler        Isaac            55     Rutland Twp.
Fowler        John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Fowler        John             76     Rutland Twp.
Fox           Aaron W.         11     Orange Twp.
Fox           James            27     Olive Twp.
Fox           John O.          27     Olive Twp.
Fox           Martin           60     Salisbury Twp.
Frame         Meflin F.        34     Scipio Twp.
France        William          60     Salisbury Twp.
Frank         Elizabeth        20     Chester Twp.
Frank         William          20     Chester Twp.
Frazer        John             60     Salisbury Twp.
Frazer        Lewis            61     Salisbury Twp.
Freman        William M.       69     Lebanon Twp.
French        John             64     Salisbury Twp.
French        Russell          33     Scipio Twp.
Frerler       William          10     Orange Twp.
Frost         Abener           20     Chester Twp.
Fry           John             40     Sutton Twp.
Fry           William H.       57     Salisbury Twp.
Fryer         Nelson           44     Sutton Twp.
Fugate        Jane             20     Chester Twp.
Fugate        Jeremiah         57     Salisbury Twp.
Gacy          Daniel           67     Lebanon Twp.
Gacy          Jeremiah         28     Olive Twp.
Gaden         Thomas           22     Chester Twp.
Gale          Lawrence M.      66     Lebanon Twp.
Gardner       Joshua           48     Rutland Twp.
Gardner       Thomas           52     Rutland Twp.
Garen         Charles          13     Orange Twp.
Garen         Ebenezer         13     Orange Twp.
Garen         William          13     Orange Twp.
Garner        John A.          61     Salisbury Twp.
Gaskill       Samuel           26     Olive Twp.
Gastel        George           10     Orange Twp.
Gasten        James E.         16     Town of Chester
Gastin        James            64     Salisbury Twp.
Gastin        John             53     Rutland Twp.
Gates         Willson L.       36     Scipio Twp.
Gayer         John             23     Chester Twp.
George        John             2      Columbia Twp.
Georls        ? Barbary        50     Rutland Twp.
German        William          27     Olive Twp.
Gibbons       Henry            44     Sutton Twp.
Gibbs         Burris           6      Bedford Twp.
Gibbs         John S.          39     Sutton Twp.
Gibson        Harman           35     Scipio Twp.
Gibson        James            34     Scipio Twp.
Gibson        John             34     Scipio Twp.
Gigline       Daniel           63     Salisbury Twp.
Gigline       John             63     Salisbury Twp.
Gilby         Sheldon          58     Salisbury Twp.
Giles         Charles          51     Rutland Twp.
Giles         John S.          51     Rutland Twp.
Giles         Joseph           48     Rutland Twp.
Giles         Polly            51     Rutland Twp.
Gill          James            6      Bedford Twp.
Gilleland     Abraham          11     Orange Twp.
Gilleland     John             10     Orange Twp.
Gilleland     Jones            7      Bedford Twp.
Gillespie     Baker            35     Scipio Twp.
Gillespie     Silas            35     Scipio Twp.
Gilliland     Reuben           10     Orange Twp.
Gillingham    Charlotte        60     Salisbury Twp.
Gilman        Henry            43     Sutton Twp.
Gilman        Henry            47     Salem Twp.
Gilmore       John             62     Salisbury Twp.
Gilmore       Joseph           62     Salisbury Twp.
Gilmore       Samuel           62     Salisbury Twp.
Gilmore       William          63     Salisbury Twp.
Gish          John             60     Salisbury Twp.
Gist          Anthony          42     Sutton Twp.
Glem          William          29     Letart Twp.
Godard        Joel             74     Salem Twp.
Godard        John             74     Salem Twp.
Godlove       Emanuel          19     Chester Twp.
Goff          John B.          3      Columbia Twp.
Goff          Robert A.        3      Columbia Twp.
Gomer         Ezekial          75     Salem Twp.
Goodrich      Horace           23     Chester Twp.
Gorby         Jacob            47     Salem Twp.
Gorby         William          23     Chester Twp.
Gorsuch       David            62     Salisbury Twp.
Gorsuch       John             62     Salisbury Twp.
Gosburn       Adam             60     Salisbury Twp.
Graham        David            5      Columbia Twp.
Graham        James            72     Salem Twp.
Graham        Joseph           61     Salisbury Twp.
Grant         Ebenezer Z.      60     Salisbury Twp.
Grant         John             22     Chester Twp.
Grant         John             55     Rutland Twp.
Grant         Oliver           59     Salisbury Twp.
Grant         Royal H.         21     Chester Twp.
Grant         Samuel           60     Salisbury Twp.
Grant         Theresa          55     Rutland Twp.
Grant         Thompson         22     Chester Twp.
Grate         Peter            73     Salem Twp.
Graves        Isiah?           33     Scipio Twp.
Greathouse    Henry            3      Columbia Twp.
Green         Hans             25     Olive Twp.
Green         James            58     Salisbury Twp.
Green         Jesse            6      Bedford Twp.
Greenler      William, Jr.     2      Columbia Twp.
Grey          Francis          40     Sutton Twp.
Griffin       Sullivan         37     Scipio Twp.
Griffin       William          10     Orange Twp.
Grim          Jacob            68     Lebanon Twp.
Grimes        Edward H.        52     Rutland Twp.
Grimes        Elizabeth        52     Rutland Twp.
Griser        Peter            44     Sutton Twp.
Grove         John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Grow          Hiram H.         19     Chester Twp.
Guthree       Charles H.       9      Orange Twp.
Guthree       Joseph           9      Orange Twp.
Guthree       Milo             9      Orange Twp.
Haden         Archibald        21     Chester Twp.
Haden         Catharine        44     Sutton Twp.
Haden         John             44     Sutton Twp.
Haight        Seneca           48     Rutland Twp.
Hains         David            15     Town of Chester
Hajney        Michial          16     Town of Chester
Hale          Jewel            11     Orange Twp.
Halfhill      Mathias          49     Rutland Twp.
Halfhill      Nicholas         49     Rutland Twp.
Halfhill      Samuel           49     Rutland Twp.
Haliday       Alexander        37     Scipio Twp.
Haliday       Samuel           16     Town of Chester
Haliday       William          72     Salem Twp.
Hall          Aaron            69     Lebanon Twp.
Hall          Eli              69     Lebanon Twp.
Hall          James            69     Lebanon Twp.
Hall          Sarah            69     Lebanon Twp.
Halliday      Daniel           2      Columbia Twp.
Halliday      Daniel, Jr.      2      Columbia Twp.
Halliday      John             72     Salem Twp.
Halls         David            69     Lebanon Twp.
Halny         Salmen           11     Orange Twp.
Halsey        Adna             6      Bedford Twp.
Halsey        Jacob            11     Orange Twp.
Halsey        Jesse            11     Orange Twp.
Halsey        Luther           11     Orange Twp.
Halsey        Sidney           10     Orange Twp.
Halsey        Willard          10     Orange Twp.
Halsy         Hanah            14     Orange Twp.
Haly          John D.          46     Salem Twp.
Ham           Christopher      57     Salisbury Twp.
Ham           Margaret         57     Salisbury Twp.
Hamblin       Nathaniel        15     Town of Chester
Hamilton      Hugh             43     Sutton Twp.
Hamilton      John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Hamilton      Sarah            44     Sutton Twp.
Hamman        Conrad           33     Scipio Twp.
Haning        Aaron            76     Rutland Twp.
Haning        Eli              35     Scipio Twp.
Hanlen        James            34     Scipio Twp.
Hansen        William          62     Salisbury Twp.
Harden        Thomas           35     Scipio Twp.
Harding       Alvin            51     Rutland Twp.
Harding       James            45     Sutton Twp.
Harding       Joseph           31     Letart Twp.
Hardy         William          30     Letart Twp.
Harman        John             43     Sutton Twp.
Harper        Ezekial          62     Salisbury Twp.
Harper        Greely D.        7      Bedford Twp.
Harper        Mary             10     Orange Twp.
Harper        Temple           7      Bedford Twp.
Harpold       Adam             29     Letart Twp.
Harpold       Henry            29     Letart Twp.
Harpold       Spencer          29     Letart Twp.
Harrell       George           30     Letart Twp.
Harris        David            27     Olive Twp.
Harris        Hiram P.         27     Olive Twp.
Hart          Jacob            44     Sutton Twp.
Hartinger     William          54     Rutland Twp.
Hartley       Henry            7      Bedford Twp.
Haselton      James            10     Orange Twp.
Haselton      James, Jr.       10     Orange Twp.
Haskins       Joel             11     Orange Twp.
Hawley        James            18     Chester Twp.
Hawley        Russel           44     Sutton Twp.
Hawley        Samuel R.        18     Chester Twp.
Hawley        William          18     Chester Twp.
Hay           Adam             25     Olive Twp.
Hayman        Ezra C.          31     Letart Twp.
Hayman        James            30     Letart Twp.
Hayman        John             31     Letart Twp.
Hayman        Josiah           31     Letart Twp.
Hayman        Spencer H.       31     Letart Twp.
Hayman        Stephen          30     Letart Twp.
Hayros        ? John           57     Salisbury Twp.
Hays          John             8      Bedford Twp.
Hayward       Lewis            12     Orange Twp.
Heacox        Jephtha          19     Chester Twp.
Heacox        Luther           12     Orange Twp.
Heaton        James            6      Bedford Twp.
Heaton        William          19     Chester Twp.
Heckard       Martin           16     Town of Chester
Hedrick       Leonard          37     Scipio Twp.
Helper        Andrew           15     Town of Chester
Henderson     Nathaniel        50     Rutland Twp.
Hendre        Ann              54     Rutland Twp.
Henry         James            46     Salem Twp.
Henry         Morris           17     Chester Twp.
Heppner       Peter            44     Sutton Twp.
Hesler        William          41     Sutton Twp.
Hester        George           25     Olive Twp.
Hetzer        Philip           26     Olive Twp.
Hibbard       John B.          48     Rutland Twp.
Hicks         Benjamin         34     Scipio Twp.
Hicks         Joseph           34     Scipio Twp.
Highland      ? William        65     Salisbury Twp.
Higley        Catharine        76     Rutland Twp.
Higley        Cyrus            48     Rutland Twp.
Higley        Elihu            52     Rutland Twp.
Higley        Emily            48     Rutland Twp.
Higley        Lucius           48     Rutland Twp.
Higley        Susan            63     Salisbury Twp.
Hill          James H.         26     Olive Twp.
Hill          Johnathon        11     Orange Twp.
Hilton        Hiram            14     Orange Twp.
Hinkley       Archibald        31     Letart Twp.
Hinkley       Isaac            31     Letart Twp.
Hinkly        Enos             31     Letart Twp.
Hobbs         Samuel           20     Chester Twp.
Hobert        William          18     Chester Twp.
Hockstetter   Peter            57     Salisbury Twp.
Hogg          James            55     Rutland Twp.
Hoit          Asel             17     Town of Chester
Hoit          Beniah           21     Chester Twp.
Hoit          Cyrill           19     Chester Twp.
Hoit          Elias            14     Orange Twp.
Hoit          Hale             14     Orange Twp.
Hoit          Henry D.         12     Orange Twp.
Hoit          James            9      Orange Twp.
Hoit          Jeremiah         12     Orange Twp.
Hoit          John             13     Orange Twp.
Hoit          John             19     Chester Twp.
Hoit          Jonathan         12     Orange Twp.
Hoit          Joseph           14     Orange Twp.
Hoit          Joseph, Jr.      13     Orange Twp.
Hoit          Lorenzo D.       6      Bedford Twp.
Hoit          Robert           19     Chester Twp.
Hoitz         Peter            8      Bedford Twp.
Holdren       George           3      Columbia Twp.
Holland       Alfred H.        64     Salisbury Twp.
Holmon        Jacob            42     Sutton Twp.
Holsinger     William          25     Olive Twp.
Holt          Aaron            53     Rutland Twp.
Holt          Charles          53     Rutland Twp.
Holt          Hiram            59     Salisbury Twp.
Holt          Horace           53     Rutland Twp.
Hood          William          24     Chester Twp.
Hoopes        Vincent          18     Chester Twp.
Hopkens       Thomas D.        30     Letart Twp.
Hopkins       Thomas           56     Salisbury Twp.
Hoppes        Eli              61     Salisbury Twp.
Hoppes        George           62     Salisbury Twp.
Horley        Samuel           57     Salisbury Twp.
Horner        Frederick H.     39     Sutton Twp.
Horton        Horace S.        56     Salisbury Twp.
Horton        V.B.             57     Salisbury Twp.
Horville      Richard          33     Scipio Twp.
Hotter        George           43     Sutton Twp.
Hough         Enoch            25     Olive Twp.
Houl          John H.          3      Columbia Twp.
Hovey         James            53     Rutland Twp.
Howe          Estis            57     Salisbury Twp.
Howe          U.T.             56     Salisbury Twp.
Howel         Joseph           7      Bedford Twp.
Howell        David            62     Salisbury Twp.
Howell        David W.         37     Scipio Twp.
Howell        Edmund           36     Scipio Twp.
Howell        Jane             36     Scipio Twp.
Howell        John             33     Scipio Twp.
Howell        John             36     Scipio Twp.
Howell        Joseph           33     Scipio Twp.
Howell        Mathew           36     Scipio Twp.
Howell        William          37     Scipio Twp.
Howshaldt     Adam             44     Sutton Twp.
Hoyt          Ezra             26     Olive Twp.
Hubbell       Abijah           49     Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Abijah           50     Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Barzley          49     Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Jabez            50     Rutland Twp.
Hubbell       Jesse            48     Rutland Twp.
Huffman       Isaac            20     Chester Twp.
Huggins       Thomas           10     Orange Twp.
Hughs         Hiram M.         62     Salisbury Twp.
Hughs         James            67     Lebanon Twp.
Hulgamore     ? John           35     Scipio Twp.
Hull          Hiram            16     Town of Chester
Hull          Leicaster        23     Chester Twp.
Hull          Samuel           76     Rutland Twp.
Hulman        Conrad           43     Sutton Twp.
Humphrey      Henry            14     Orange Twp.
Humphy        John             62     Salisbury Twp.
Humphy        Sidney           62     Salisbury Twp.
Humphy        William          51     Rutland Twp.
Hunt          Malida           41     Sutton Twp.
Hunter        Ebenezer         57     Salisbury Twp.
Huntley       John             3      Columbia Twp.
Huntley       Samuel           16     Town of Chester
Hutchins      James            44     Sutton Twp.
Hutton        John             47     Salem Twp.
Hysell        Abel             61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Anthony          61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Burkett H.       54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Charles          54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Christina        54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Edward           62     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Eli              62     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Frances          54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Henry            61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Henry            61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Henwood          54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        James            54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        James M.         61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        John C.          54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        John C., 2nd     64     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Leonard          62     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Owen             54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        P.H.             61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Peter            54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Robert           61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Robert           65     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Smith            62     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Stodard          59     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Thornton         60     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Uriah            63     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        Westin           61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        William          54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        William          61     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        William          65     Salisbury Twp.
Hysell        William, 2nd     54     Rutland Twp.
Hysell        Woodson          55     Rutland Twp.
Ihle          William          43     Sutton Twp.
Ingles        Anson            23     Chester Twp.
Irvan         Marvin           27     Olive Twp.
Jackson       Isaac            68     Lebanon Twp.
Jacobs        Theophalis       61     Salisbury Twp.
Jay           Martin W.        42     Sutton Twp.
Jay           Whitt.....       13     Orange Twp.
Jenkens       Uriah            66     Lebanon Twp.
Jenkins       Anthony          18     Chester Twp.
Jenkins       Grifith          45     Sutton Twp.
Jenkinson     James            21     Chester Twp.
Jenks         Lawrence         68     Lebanon Twp.
Jenks         Rufus M.         28     Olive Twp.
Jennings      Jonathan         14     Orange Twp.
Jewett        Barzilla         24     Chester Twp.
Jewett        Lewis            67     Lebanon Twp.
Jewett        Shorah           22     Chester Twp.
Johns         Silas            40     Sutton Twp.
Johnson       Abner            15     Town of Chester
Johnson       Abraham          6      Bedford Twp.
Johnson       Adam             66     Lebanon Twp.
Johnson       John F.          41     Sutton Twp.
Johnson       Joshua           37     Scipio Twp.
Johnson       Thomas           6      Bedford Twp.
Johnson       Thomas W.        28     Olive Twp.
Johnson       William          49     Rutland Twp.
Johnston      Abraham          18     Chester Twp.
Johnston      Andrew M.        42     Sutton Twp.
Johnston      James            19     Chester Twp.
Johnston      James            46     Salem Twp.
Johnston      James D.         18     Chester Twp.
Johnston      William          19     Chester Twp.
Jones         Elijah           62     Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Erril            8      Bedford Twp.
Jones         John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Jones         John J.          58     Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Leroy            7      Bedford Twp.
Jones         Lewis            42     Sutton Twp.
Jones         Morgan           59     Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Philip           59     Salisbury Twp.
Jones         Thomas           22     Chester Twp.
Jones         Thomas           64     Salisbury Twp.
Jordeman?     Peter            22     Chester Twp.
Jorden        Jacob            50     Rutland Twp.
Jourden       Garett           33     Scipio Twp.
Jourdin       Abraham          34     Scipio Twp.
Kallum        James            57     Salisbury Twp.
Kalp          Abraham          22     Chester Twp.
Karn          William          44     Sutton Twp.
Karr          Martha           60     Salisbury Twp.
Karr          William          60     Salisbury Twp.
Kaute         Abraham          21     Chester Twp.
Kautz         George           23     Chester Twp.
Kautz         Wendle           23     Chester Twp.
Kaysin        ? Jonas          2      Columbia Twp.
Kebaugh       Isaac            11     Orange Twp.
Kebaugh       Samuel           11     Orange Twp.
Kebaugh       Solomon          11     Orange Twp.
Keebaugh      Isaac, Jr.       27     Olive Twp.
Keller        Daniel           10     Orange Twp.
Kelly         Hiram            73     Salem Twp.
Kelly         Thomas B.        74     Salem Twp.
Kenedy        Henry            72     Salem Twp.
Kenedy        Hugh             46     Salem Twp.
Kenedy        Stephen          17     Chester Twp.
Kent          Samuel           75     Salem Twp.
Kimes         Abraham          27     Olive Twp.
Kimes         Abraham          28     Olive Twp.
Kimes         John             24     Chester Twp.
Kimes         Thomas           10     Orange Twp.
Kindly        Abraham          17     Chester Twp.
Kines         Elias            45     Sutton Twp.
Kines         William          26     Olive Twp.
King          Selah W.         73     Salem Twp.
Kingsbury     Harley           15     Town of Chester
Kingsley      Abraham          32     Letart Twp.
Kinnell       John             63     Salisbury Twp.
Kinneman      John             23     Chester Twp.
Kinnerman     Mary             18     Chester Twp.
Kirk          William G.       7      Bedford Twp.
Knight        Benjamin         15     Town of Chester
Knight        Calvin           50     Rutland Twp.
Knight        George           22     Chester Twp.
Knight        John             15     Town of Chester
Knight        Samuel           50     Rutland Twp.
Knowles       James            26     Olive Twp.
Kuth          Solomon          67     Lebanon Twp.
Lake          Loamie           16     Town of Chester
Lallance      Adam             40     Sutton Twp.
Lallance      Francis          42     Sutton Twp.
Lallance      Jacob            39     Sutton Twp.
Lallance      John             39     Sutton Twp.
Lallance      Peter            40     Sutton Twp.
Lamberson     John             47     Salem Twp.
Landon        Mathias          25     Olive Twp.
Landon        Robert           25     Olive Twp.
Lane          Benjamin R.      25     Olive Twp.
Lang          Benjamin         49     Rutland Twp.
Lang          Margaret         50     Rutland Twp.
Lantz         John             56     Salisbury Twp.
Larabee       John             64     Salisbury Twp.
Lark          Isaac            66     Lebanon Twp.
Larkin        John V.          55     Rutland Twp.
Larkin        Stillman C.      53     Rutland Twp.
Lasley        Aaron            66     Lebanon Twp.
Laslie        Mary             76     Rutland Twp.
Lasly         John             69     Lebanon Twp.
Lasly         Thomas           2      Columbia Twp.
Lauch         Simon M.         67     Lebanon Twp.
Laughlin      Robert B.        39     Sutton Twp.
Lawrence      Damen            67     Lebanon Twp.
Lawrence      Henry S.         67     Lebanon Twp.
Ledie         John C.          75     Salem Twp.
Ledie         William          75     Salem Twp.
Ledlie        Jane             72     Salem Twp.
Lee           John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Levy          Abraham          16     Town of Chester
Lewellen      Thomas J.        58     Salisbury Twp.
Lewellen      Vincent          47     Salem Twp.
Lewellen      William          47     Salem Twp.
Lewis         David            59     Salisbury Twp.
Lewis         Griffin          9      Orange Twp.
Lewis         James            64     Salisbury Twp.
Lindley       Samuel P.        22     Chester Twp.
Lindley       Ulyses           60     Salisbury Twp.
Linscott      Balser           67     Lebanon Twp.
Linscott      John             67     Lebanon Twp.
Linsday       David            63     Salisbury Twp.
Lipherd       John             44     Sutton Twp.
Livingston    Jacob            16     Town of Chester
Lloyd         Peter            62     Salisbury Twp.
Logan         James            49     Rutland Twp.
Longstrenth   William          72     Salem Twp.
Love          David            30     Letart Twp.
Love          Holbert          32     Letart Twp.
Love          James            32     Letart Twp.
Love          Robert           46     Salem Twp.
Loveridge     Sarah R.         64     Salisbury Twp.
Lovett        Daniel           32     Letart Twp.
Lovett        Jacob            73     Salem Twp.
Lovett        William          66     Lebanon Twp.
Lowden        John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Lowder        Elias            8      Bedford Twp.
Lowder        Phebe            35     Scipio Twp.
Lowry         Margaret         65     Salisbury Twp.
Loyd          Mahlon           76     Rutland Twp.
Lyman         Coral C.         7      Bedford Twp.
Lynch         James            46     Salem Twp.
Lynch         Robert K.        46     Salem Twp.
M.....m       John             44     Sutton Twp.
Macumber      Ira              52     Rutland Twp.
Mahugh        John             36     Scipio Twp.
Mallery       Edward           40     Sutton Twp.
Maloon        Josiah           46     Salem Twp.
Maloy         Barlary          47     Salem Twp.
Manley        Reuben           11     Orange Twp.
Mapes         William S.       75     Salem Twp.
Maples        William          49     Rutland Twp.
Mark          Jacob            5      Columbia Twp.
Marple        Joseph           18     Chester Twp.
Marshall      James            76     Rutland Twp.
Marshall      Mary             73     Salem Twp.
Marshall      Robert           73     Salem Twp.
Martin        ? William        2      Columbia Twp.
Martin        Cabel            11     Orange Twp.
Marton        John             21     Chester Twp.
Mason         William          25     Olive Twp.
Mathius       Lemuel           8      Bedford Twp.
Mauk          John             59     Salisbury Twp.
Mauk          Peyton E.        59     Salisbury Twp.
McAboy        Allexander       53     Rutland Twp.
McAboy        Thomas           37     Scipio Twp.
McAtie        Patrick          10     Orange Twp.
McBride       Jacob            44     Sutton Twp.
McCallester   James            58     Salisbury Twp.
McCan         Richard          3      Columbia Twp.
McCane        Partiot          3      Columbia Twp.
McCarty       George           74     Salem Twp.
McCarty       Hamilton         74     Salem Twp.
McCasky       Jonas            74     Salem Twp.
McClure       Debourn          61     Salisbury Twp.
McClure       James            73     Salem Twp.
McComas       Nathan H.        54     Rutland Twp.
McCormick     James            50     Rutland Twp.
McCormike     James            56     Salisbury Twp.
McCoy         Reuben           68     Lebanon Twp.
McCully       John             3      Columbia Twp.
McCulouh      Charles          3      Columbia Twp.
McCumber      Hiram            47     Salem Twp.
McDade        Edward           30     Letart Twp.
McDaniels     John             62     Salisbury Twp.
McDowal       George           47     Salem Twp.
McElroy       John             42     Sutton Twp.
McElroy       Samuel           42     Sutton Twp.
McFarland     Allexander       46     Salem Twp.
McGisy        John             48     Rutland Twp.
McGlothlin    Nathaniel M.     15     Town of Chester
McGrath       Benare           32     Letart Twp.
McGuire       James            53     Rutland Twp.
McHenry       Aaron            35     Scipio Twp.
McHenry       Christina        35     Scipio Twp.
McIntyre      Joseph           25     Olive Twp.
McKee         William          51     Rutland Twp.
McKim         Andrew           25     Olive Twp.
McKim         James            14     Orange Twp.
McKinster     John             2      Columbia Twp.
McKinster     William          2      Columbia Twp.
McKinster     William          46     Salem Twp.
McKnight      Levi             61     Salisbury Twp.
McKnight      Samuel           46     Salem Twp.
McKnight      Thomas           49     Rutland Twp.
McLain        Charles          29     Letart Twp.
McLane        ? Catharine      44     Sutton Twp.
McLaughlin    Hugh             2      Columbia Twp.
McLaughlin    John             33     Scipio Twp.
McMahan       John             19     Chester Twp.
McMahan       William          38     Scipio Twp.
McMaster      John             57     Salisbury Twp.
McMaster      William          49     Rutland Twp.
McMillen      Edward           74     Salem Twp.
McMillen      Joseph           73     Salem Twp.
McMullen      James            75     Salem Twp.
McMurry       Alexander H.     60     Salisbury Twp.
McNeal        Archibald        9      Orange Twp.
McNeal        Asa              9      Orange Twp.
McNeal        Thomas           5      Columbia Twp.
McNutt        Henry            53     Rutland Twp.
McRiney       John             42     Sutton Twp.
McVay         John             46     Salem Twp.
Meak          Jacob            8      Bedford Twp.
Meak          James            56     Salisbury Twp.
Meanod        Benjamin         47     Salem Twp.
Merrell       Cornelius        49     Rutland Twp.
Merrell       Frederick        48     Rutland Twp.
Merrett       Caleb            3      Columbia Twp.
Merrick       Mary             7      Bedford Twp.
Merrik        James            7      Bedford Twp.
Messenger     Jacob            63     Salisbury Twp.
Micheal       Joseph           35     Scipio Twp.
Middleswart   Moses            67     Lebanon Twp.
Middleswart   Tunis            67     Lebanon Twp.
Miles         John             48     Rutland Twp.
Miles         John B.          49     Rutland Twp.
Miller        Andrew           24     Chester Twp.
Miller        George L.        25     Olive Twp.
Miller        Levi             32     Letart Twp.
Millman       Robert           39     Sutton Twp.
Misner        Nicholas         34     Scipio Twp.
Mitchell      Robert D.        61     Salisbury Twp.
Mitchell      William          50     Rutland Twp.
Mogley        William G.       3      Columbia Twp.
Monroe        Daniel           34     Scipio Twp.
Monroe        Daniel           35     Scipio Twp.
Monroe        Francis          34     Scipio Twp.
Montigue      Theodore         15     Town of Chester
Moon          Peter            31     Letart Twp.
Mooney        Samuel           27     Olive Twp.
Moor          James            42     Sutton Twp.
Moorchead     James            17     Town of Chester
Moore         Reuben           40     Sutton Twp.
More          David H.         62     Salisbury Twp.
More          George W.        62     Salisbury Twp.
More          James            60     Salisbury Twp.
More          Samuel H.        3      Columbia Twp.
Morgan        David            58     Salisbury Twp.
Morgan        Moses            59     Salisbury Twp.
Morrell       Margery          48     Rutland Twp.
Morres        John O.          72     Salem Twp.
Morton        John             72     Salem Twp.
Mullins       Thomas           12     Orange Twp.
Mum           William          40     Sutton Twp.
Murdock       ? James          13     Orange Twp.
Murdock       Aaron            21     Chester Twp.
Murphy        James            38     Scipio Twp.
Murry         Archibald        64     Salisbury Twp.
Murry         Enoch N.         62     Salisbury Twp.
Murry         Jefferson        66     Lebanon Twp.
Murry         Louisa           16     Town of Chester
Murry         Thomas J.        52     Rutland Twp.
Mury          Jane             46     Salem Twp.
Myres         Benjamin         40     Sutton Twp.
Myres         Thorton          40     Sutton Twp.
Naborgall     George           46     Salem Twp.
Nare          ? Lewis          24     Chester Twp.
Nase          Michael          43     Sutton Twp.
Nase          William          40     Sutton Twp.
Neff          Addison          18     Chester Twp.
Neff          Harvey           18     Chester Twp.
Nelson        Benjamin         72     Salem Twp.
Nelson        George           74     Salem Twp.
Nelson        John             74     Salem Twp.
Nesbet        John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Nesbett       James            58     Salisbury Twp.
Newberry      David            43     Sutton Twp.
Newell        Sally            6      Bedford Twp.
Newlan        James            72     Salem Twp.
Ney           Jacob K.         15     Town of Chester
Nichol        William          75     Salem Twp.
Nichols       James            2      Columbia Twp.
Nisby         Peter            47     Salem Twp.
Nobles        Charles F.       51     Rutland Twp.
Nobles        Shubel           51     Rutland Twp.
Norris        Aron             19     Chester Twp.
Norrup        David            13     Orange Twp.
Northrup      Medad            60     Salisbury Twp.
Norton        Daniel C.M.      76     Rutland Twp.
Norton        Isaac            47     Salem Twp.
Norvell       Lewis            60     Salisbury Twp.
Norwood       Miciah           60     Salisbury Twp.
Nye           Horace S.        22     Chester Twp.
Nye           Lewis S.         22     Chester Twp.
Nye           Metzer           60     Salisbury Twp.
Nye           Nial             22     Chester Twp.
Nye           Nial R.          22     Chester Twp.
O'neal        Cane             50     Rutland Twp.
Ogden         Alvin            2      Columbia Twp.
Ogden         Tabert ?         73     Salem Twp.
Ogle          Henry            47     Salem Twp.
Ohlinger      John             23     Chester Twp.
Okley         Bennet           25     Olive Twp.
Oliver        George           63     Salisbury Twp.
Oliver        Leonard          44     Sutton Twp.
Oliver        Samuel           65     Salisbury Twp.
Oliver        Thomas           64     Salisbury Twp.
Osborn        David            18     Chester Twp.
Osborn        Henry L.         26     Olive Twp.
Osborn        Hiram B.         28     Olive Twp.
Osborn        Jeremiah         27     Olive Twp.
Osborn        Josiah           18     Chester Twp.
Osborn        Lyman            18     Chester Twp.
Otty          Solomon          74     Salem Twp.
Ours          John             66     Lebanon Twp.
Owens         Loderick L.      67     Lebanon Twp.
Packard       Origon L.S.      28     Olive Twp.
Page          Alfred J.        37     Scipio Twp.
Page          John             35     Scipio Twp.
Page          Levi             59     Salisbury Twp.
Page          Reuben           35     Scipio Twp.
Page          Sargeant         35     Scipio Twp.
Paine         Bartlett         48     Rutland Twp.
Paine         Samuel S.        21     Chester Twp.
Paine         Seth             51     Rutland Twp.
Park          Samuel           69     Lebanon Twp.
Parkard       William H.       28     Olive Twp.
Parker        Adonijah         26     Olive Twp.
Parker        Ebenezer         46     Salem Twp.
Parker        Joshua           59     Salisbury Twp.
Parker        Thomas           26     Olive Twp.
Parker        William, Jr.     60     Salisbury Twp.
Parkin        Nathan           46     Salem Twp.
Parkinson     Thomas           49     Rutland Twp.
Parr          Hamilton         31     Letart Twp.
Parr          Isaac            69     Lebanon Twp.
Parr          Jesse            69     Lebanon Twp.
Parsons       Charles          75     Salem Twp.
Parsons       Daniel           19     Chester Twp.
Parsons       Horace           57     Salisbury Twp.
Parsons       Joseph           32     Letart Twp.
Partlow       Amos             20     Chester Twp.
Partlow       James            62     Salisbury Twp.
Partlow       Morgan           20     Chester Twp.
Partlow       Stephen          20     Chester Twp.
Patten        John             16     Town of Chester
Patterson     Damon            12     Orange Twp.
Patterson     William          6      Bedford Twp.
Patton        Joseph           47     Salem Twp.
Payne         Samuel           18     Chester Twp.
Pennet        Thomas A.        39     Sutton Twp.
Pennett       Welton H.        40     Sutton Twp.
Pennington    Wm. R. (B.?)     29     Letart Twp.
Pennybaker    Isaac            6      Bedford Twp.
Pennybaker    John             6      Bedford Twp.
Pensall       Matt             74     Salem Twp.
Pensell       Ira              74     Salem Twp.
Percy         Cornelius        50     Rutland Twp.
Percy         Sylvanius        49     Rutland Twp.
Perk          Burwell          53     Rutland Twp.
Perkins       Charles          68     Lebanon Twp.
Perkins       Samuel           41     Sutton Twp.
Perkins       Samuel           41     Sutton Twp.
Perkins       Samuel           68     Lebanon Twp.
Perry         Robert           58     Salisbury Twp.
Perry         Rowland          31     Letart Twp.
Persons       Aaron B.         9      Orange Twp.
Persons       William          12     Orange Twp.
Petril        P.H.             39     Sutton Twp.
Petty         Jacob            58     Salisbury Twp.
Phelps        Abel J.          60     Salisbury Twp.
Phelps        Abraham          49     Rutland Twp.
Phelps        Conrad           49     Rutland Twp.
Phelps        Harlon           76     Rutland Twp.
Phelps        Roswell          20     Chester Twp.
Philecourt    Samuel           49     Rutland Twp.
Philips       Ashael           37     Scipio Twp.
Philips       Daniel           37     Scipio Twp.
Philips       John             76     Rutland Twp.
Philips       Spencer          37     Scipio Twp.
Pickens       Andrew           41     Sutton Twp.
Pickens       David            41     Sutton Twp.
Pickens       John             24     Chester Twp.
Pickens       John             42     Sutton Twp.
Pickens       Thomas           39     Sutton Twp.
Pickens       Thompson         24     Chester Twp.
Pickens       Wlliam           31     Letart Twp.
Pierce        Dexter           36     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        Dexter           37     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        Elbert           37     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        George W.        51     Rutland Twp.
Pierce        Jesse            39     Sutton Twp.
Pierce        John             50     Rutland Twp.
Pierce        Jonas            37     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        Jonathan         37     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        Joseph           36     Scipio Twp.
Pierce        Stephen          37     Scipio Twp.
Pilchard      John             31     Letart Twp.
Pilchard      Lyburn           31     Letart Twp.
Pilchard      Peter            31     Letart Twp.
Pilchard      Thomas           31     Letart Twp.
Pirce         Joshua           59     Salisbury Twp.
Pitcher       Abraham          19     Chester Twp.
Pitcher       Lewis            30     Letart Twp.
Plummer       Hereman          48     Rutland Twp.
Plummer       Joseph D.        48     Rutland Twp.
Polk          Cyrus            61     Salisbury Twp.
Pomeroy       Charles H.       56     Salisbury Twp.
Pond          Elisha           72     Salem Twp.
Pooler        Joseph           19     Chester Twp.
Porter        Aaron            7      Bedford Twp.
Postlewait    Isaac            40     Sutton Twp.
Potustin?     John             57     Salisbury Twp.
Powell        Darius           2      Columbia Twp.
Powell        Sophia An        32     Letart Twp.
Prall         William          39     Sutton Twp.
Preston       William          67     Lebanon Twp.
Price         Catharine        66     Lebanon Twp.
Price         Charles          66     Lebanon Twp.
Price         Jacob            51     Rutland Twp.
Pritchett     Robert           22     Chester Twp.
Probst        George           15     Town of Chester
Protas        ? Anthony        13     Orange Twp.
Provo         Lewis            26     Olive Twp.
Pugh          Peter            17     Chester Twp.
Pullins       Allen            20     Chester Twp.
Pullins       Hamilton         23     Chester Twp.
Pullins       John             20     Chester Twp.
Pullins       Jonathan         20     Chester Twp.
Pullins       Loftus           20     Chester Twp.
Pullins       William          20     Chester Twp.
Queen         Elijah           74     Salem Twp.
Queen         John W.          73     Salem Twp.
Queen         Samuel           2      Columbia Twp.
Queen         William          2      Columbia Twp.
Quickel       Moses            54     Rutland Twp.
Quillen       Mathias          42     Sutton Twp.
Quimby        Enos             14     Orange Twp.
Quimby        Enos, Jr.        7      Bedford Twp.
Quimby        Jonathan         7      Bedford Twp.
Quincy        William          7      Bedford Twp.
Quisy         Nathan           8      Bedford Twp.
Quisy         Nicholas         8      Bedford Twp.
Radford       David            22     Chester Twp.
Radford       Frederick        20     Chester Twp.
Radford       James            22     Chester Twp.
Radford       William          64     Salisbury Twp.
Rairden       Thomas           27     Olive Twp.
Ralph         John G.          62     Salisbury Twp.
Ralph         Stephen          63     Salisbury Twp.
Ralston       James            15     Town of Chester
Randolph      David            26     Olive Twp.
Rankins       Jonathan         15     Town of Chester
Rankins       Robert           8      Bedford Twp.
Rasp          George           56     Salisbury Twp.
Rathburn      Alvin            48     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Daniel           76     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Daniel, Jr.      48     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Elijah           49     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Elisha           53     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Sereno           50     Rutland Twp.
Rathburn      Timothy          55     Rutland Twp.
Rawling       William          74     Salem Twp.
Ray           Thomas W.        40     Sutton Twp.
Read          David            5      Columbia Twp.
Reasoner      Nehemiah         56     Salisbury Twp.
Reed          Henry            9      Bedford Twp.
Reed          Major            26     Olive Twp.
Reed          Samuel           25     Olive Twp.
Reed          Whitemore        14     Orange Twp.
Reed          Willard          26     Olive Twp.
Reed          William          14     Orange Twp.
Reed          Willson          26     Olive Twp.
Reese         William          57     Salisbury Twp.
Reeves        Isaac            36     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        John             35     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Joseph           36     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Reuben           36     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Richard          36     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Richard, Jr.     37     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        Solomon          35     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        William          36     Scipio Twp.
Reeves        William, Jr.     36     Scipio Twp.
Reny          John             64     Salisbury Twp.
Restine       John             56     Salisbury Twp.
Reynolds      Henry            42     Sutton Twp.
Reynolds      Isaac            68     Lebanon Twp.
Reynolds      Reuben           23     Chester Twp.
Riable        Peter            44     Sutton Twp.
Ribble        John             25     Olive Twp.
Rice          Eliza            55     Rutland Twp.
Rice          Jacob            59     Salisbury Twp.
Rice          James            42     Sutton Twp.
Rice          James W.         40     Sutton Twp.
Rice          Joseph J.        12     Orange Twp.
Rice          Josiah           19     Chester Twp.
Rice          Levi             19     Chester Twp.
Rice          William          19     Chester Twp.
Richards      Paton            43     Sutton Twp.
Richardson    Benjamin         53     Rutland Twp.
Richardson    Nicholas         67     Lebanon Twp.
Rickey        John M.          31     Letart Twp.
Rickus        Thomas L.        22     Chester Twp.
Ridels        James            25     Olive Twp.
Ridenour      David            18     Chester Twp.
Ridenour      Jacob            17     Chester Twp.
Ridenour      Martin           12     Orange Twp.
Ridenour      Samuel           12     Orange Twp.
Rider         Mathias          21     Chester Twp.
Rife          Andrew           74     Salem Twp.
Rife          Henry            74     Salem Twp.
Rife          John             74     Salem Twp.
Riggs         Alexander        12     Orange Twp.
Riggs         James            34     Scipio Twp.
Riggs         Jeremiah         37     Scipio Twp.
Riggs         Richard          37     Scipio Twp.
Riggs         William R.       66     Lebanon Twp.
Riopelle      James            9      Orange Twp.
Rither        Peter            7      Bedford Twp.
Roberts       George           54     Rutland Twp.
Roberts       John             69     Lebanon Twp.
Roberts       Mahlon           52     Rutland Twp.
Robinson      Eli              19     Chester Twp.
Robinson      Flan ?           41     Sutton Twp.
Robinson      Joseph           50     Rutland Twp.
Robinson      Joseph, Jr.      50     Rutland Twp.
Robinson      Laurin           21     Chester Twp.
Robinson      Phineas C.       24     Chester Twp.
Robinson      William          74     Salem Twp.
Robnell       Moses            2      Columbia Twp.
Roby          William H.       66     Lebanon Twp.
Rogers        George A.        18     Chester Twp.
Roller        Jacob            40     Sutton Twp.
Romine        James            47     Salem Twp.
Root          Stephen          56     Salisbury Twp.
Rose          Charles          41     Sutton Twp.
Rose          John             67     Lebanon Twp.
Ross          Daniel M.        34     Scipio Twp.
Roush         Adam             29     Letart Twp.
Roush         Adam             43     Sutton Twp.
Roush         Benjamin         43     Sutton Twp.
Roush         Cornelius        21     Chester Twp.
Roush         Dorothy          29     Letart Twp.
Roush         George           41     Sutton Twp.
Roush         George           44     Sutton Twp.
Roush         Henry            29     Letart Twp.
Roush         Jacob            40     Sutton Twp.
Roush         John             29     Letart Twp.
Roush         John             43     Sutton Twp.
Roush         Jonas            40     Sutton Twp.
Roush         Jonas T.         64     Salisbury Twp.
Roush         Michael          29     Letart Twp.
Rowland       Jenken           59     Salisbury Twp.
Rowlane       Mathuslem ?      58     Salisbury Twp.
Rowley        Esom             44     Sutton Twp.
Ruard         John             29     Letart Twp.
Rubel         John             52     Rutland Twp.
Ruffcorn      Simon            40     Sutton Twp.
Rummerfold    Arnold           27     Olive Twp.
Rush          Jacob            8      Bedford Twp.
Rush          Nathan           8      Bedford Twp.
Russell       Allexander       61     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Amos             32     Letart Twp.
Russell       Charles          61     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Charles          72     Salem Twp.
Russell       Charles, Jr.     25     Olive Twp.
Russell       George           62     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Hiram            55     Rutland Twp.
Russell       Ira              62     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Ira, Jr.         54     Rutland Twp.
Russell       John             54     Rutland Twp.
Russell       Moses            72     Salem Twp.
Russell       Rivers           60     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Robert           62     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Samuel           60     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Sanford          60     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Sheffield K.     61     Salisbury Twp.
Russell       Washington       62     Salisbury Twp.
Rutherford    Daniel           49     Rutland Twp.
Rutherford    Evans            3      Columbia Twp.
Rutherford    Moses            3      Columbia Twp.
Ryse          Stephen          67     Lebanon Twp.
Ryther        Hoppine          8      Bedford Twp.
Ryther        James            9      Orange Twp.
Sadler        James            37     Scipio Twp.
Safford       James            39     Sutton Twp.
Sagert        Samuel           26     Olive Twp.
Salser        Eli              41     Sutton Twp.
Salser        George           21     Chester Twp.
Salser        Jacob, Jr.       21     Chester Twp.
Salser        John             41     Sutton Twp.
Sanborn       John W.          8      Bedford Twp.
Sanborn       Joseph S.        8      Bedford Twp.
Sanders       Benjamin         17     Town of Chester
Sanders       John             21     Chester Twp.
Sanns         Elisha           44     Sutton Twp.
Sargent       John             48     Rutland Twp.
Sargent       William          51     Rutland Twp.
Sarnden       Stephen R.       6      Bedford Twp.
Sarson        Elizabeth        19     Chester Twp.
Saul          Edward           62     Salisbury Twp.
Saul          Henry            62     Salisbury Twp.
Saul          James            7      Bedford Twp.
Saunders      David            17     Chester Twp.
Saunders      Isaac            23     Chester Twp.
Savage        Adam             52     Rutland Twp.
Savage        Benjamin         46     Salem Twp.
Savage        Joel             48     Rutland Twp.
Savage        Polly            53     Rutland Twp.
Saxton        Andrew           63     Salisbury Twp.
Saxton        John             63     Salisbury Twp.
Saxton        Joseph           51     Rutland Twp.
Saxton        William          33     Scipio Twp.
Sayles        Amanda           54     Rutland Twp.
Sayles        Emir             54     Rutland Twp.
Sayre         David            30     Letart Twp.
Sayre         David            31     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Ephraim          29     Letart Twp.
Sayre         John             30     Letart Twp.
Sayre         John G.          29     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Jonathan         32     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Levi             32     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Mark             68     Lebanon Twp.
Sayre         Martha           31     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Mary             68     Lebanon Twp.
Sayre         Moses            30     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Moses E.         29     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Nelson           30     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Robert           31     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Thomas           32     Letart Twp.
Sayre         Uriah            68     Lebanon Twp.
Sayre         William          68     Lebanon Twp.
Scarbow       Abraham          42     Sutton Twp.
Schriver      Charles          58     Salisbury Twp.
Schriver      Peter            58     Salisbury Twp.
Schriver      Philip           59     Salisbury Twp.
Schubbard     George           20     Chester Twp.
Scott         John             33     Scipio Twp.
Scott         Samuel R.        37     Scipio Twp.
Scott         Thomas D.        38     Scipio Twp.
Scubbins      Eli              20     Chester Twp.
Seden         Jacob            18     Chester Twp.
Sedenshiker   David            46     Salem Twp.
Sedore        Abraham          27     Olive Twp.
Sedore        Buckout          27     Olive Twp.
Seely         Jesse            39     Sutton Twp.
Seely         Simon H.         68     Lebanon Twp.
Seely         Thomas           68     Lebanon Twp.
Seibirt       Nodiah           18     Chester Twp.
Shain         William          22     Chester Twp.
Shannon       Ebenezer Z.      37     Scipio Twp.
Sharp         Thomas           2      Columbia Twp.
Sharp         Vendel           57     Salisbury Twp.
Sharpman      John             15     Town of Chester
Shaver        Jacob            56     Salisbury Twp.
Shaw          Cushing          75     Salem Twp.
Sheets        Jacob            26     Olive Twp.
Sheets        Samuel           73     Salem Twp.
Shephard      Charles          33     Scipio Twp.
Shepherd      Thomas           76     Rutland Twp.
Sherman       Elizabeth        74     Salem Twp.
Sherman       John             54     Rutland Twp.
Shermen       Abenezo          21     Chester Twp.
Shields       John             13     Orange Twp.
Shirkey       Hugh             73     Salem Twp.
Shirkey       James            73     Salem Twp.
Shirky        Allexander       46     Salem Twp.
Shliral       ? Peter          22     Chester Twp.
Short         Benoni           41     Sutton Twp.
Short         Joseph           59     Salisbury Twp.
Short         Nicholas         58     Salisbury Twp.
Shotts        Valentine        42     Sutton Twp.
Shovey        Lorenzo          53     Rutland Twp.
Showan        Adam             46     Salem Twp.
Showan        Peter            46     Salem Twp.
Shriver       Jacob            41     Sutton Twp.
Shry          Jacob            5      Columbia Twp.
Shuler        John             76     Rutland Twp.
Shuler        Martin           10     Orange Twp.
Shumway       Farley           10     Orange Twp.
Shumway       Jeremiah         10     Orange Twp.
Shumway       John G.          28     Olive Twp.
Shumway       Philo            10     Orange Twp.
Shurlock      George           58     Salisbury Twp.
Shuter        Anthony          57     Salisbury Twp.
Shutz         Anthony          30     Letart Twp.
Sibriel       Owen             39     Sutton Twp.
Sidebottom    Robert           29     Letart Twp.
Sigler        Eli              76     Rutland Twp.
Simmons       Thomas           22     Chester Twp.
Simms         Edward O.        67     Lebanon Twp.
Simpson       John, Jr.        50     Rutland Twp.
Simpson       Josiah           53     Rutland Twp.
Simpson       Nathan           48     Rutland Twp.
Simpson       Robert           33     Scipio Twp.
Simpson       Robert, Jr.      33     Scipio Twp.
Sims          George           49     Rutland Twp.
Sims          Joaus            23     Chester Twp.
Sims          John             18     Chester Twp.
Sims          John N.          76     Rutland Twp.
Sims          Maniel           27     Olive Twp.
Singer        Thomas           45     Sutton Twp.
Sisson        Elisha S.        3      Columbia Twp.
Skaggs        Elisha           36     Scipio Twp.
Skinner       Asahel           56     Salisbury Twp.
Skinner       Ashael, Jr.      55     Rutland Twp.
Skinner       Daniel           55     Rutland Twp.
Sleeper       John             7      Bedford Twp.
Sleeper       Parker           7      Bedford Twp.
Slinger       Jacob            43     Sutton Twp.
Sloan         Ira              8      Bedford Twp.
Sloan         John             8      Bedford Twp.
Sloan         Thomas           62     Salisbury Twp.
Sloper        David            17     Chester Twp.
Sloper        Thomas           17     Chester Twp.
Smalley       Simeon           27     Olive Twp.
Smally        Benjamin         67     Lebanon Twp.
Smally        John             27     Olive Twp.
Smart         Caleb            14     Orange Twp.
Smart         F.F.             13     Orange Twp.
Smart         Joseph           10     Orange Twp.
Smart         Peter            56     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Aaron P.         27     Olive Twp.
Smith         Anthony          56     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Aonyah           20     Chester Twp.
Smith         Benjamin         59     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Benjamin, 2nd    62     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Denis F.         15     Town of Chester
Smith         Elizabeth        32     Letart Twp.
Smith         Ezra             72     Salem Twp.
Smith         George           32     Letart Twp.
Smith         George B.        75     Salem Twp.
Smith         Isaac            60     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         James            62     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         James A.         19     Chester Twp.
Smith         John             11     Orange Twp.
Smith         John             27     Olive Twp.
Smith         John             44     Sutton Twp.
Smith         John             51     Rutland Twp.
Smith         John M.          64     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         John Y.          47     Salem Twp.
Smith         Jonas B.         63     Salisbury Twp.
Smith         Josiah           10     Orange Twp.
Smith         Livingston       49     Rutland Twp.
Smith         Sarah            15     Town of Chester
Smith         Solomon          21     Chester Twp.
Smith         Stephen          11     Orange Twp.
Smith         Stephen          45     Sutton Twp.
Smith         Thomas           20     Chester Twp.
Smith         Thomas           30     Letart Twp.
Smith         Thomas W.        66     Lebanon Twp.
Smith         Timothy          51     Rutland Twp.
Smith         William          31     Letart Twp.
Smith         William          53     Rutland Twp.
Smith         William          6      Bedford Twp.
Snotgrass     Joseph           67     Lebanon Twp.
Snow          Comodore P.      17     Chester Twp.
Soupner       John             21     Chester Twp.
Southard      David            9      Orange Twp.
Spears        Alexander        59     Salisbury Twp.
Spencer       Daniel S.        48     Rutland Twp.
Spencer       Jacob            20     Chester Twp.
Spencer       Samuel J.        26     Olive Twp.
Spick         William          74     Salem Twp.
Spiller       Thomas J.        23     Chester Twp.
Spillman      Jacob            2      Columbia Twp.
Spillman      John             5      Columbia Twp.
Spires        Hinton           51     Rutland Twp.
Spires        Moses            18     Chester Twp.
Spry          John             6      Bedford Twp.
Squire        Nathan           10     Orange Twp.
Stanford      Lewis            21     Chester Twp.
Stanley       John             36     Scipio Twp.
Stansbury     Aaron            50     Rutland Twp.
Stansbury     Benjamin         46     Salem Twp.
Stansbury     Elijah           52     Rutland Twp.
Stansbury     Isreal           51     Rutland Twp.
Stansbury     James            5      Columbia Twp.
Stansbury     Nicholas         52     Rutland Twp.
Stansbury     William          52     Rutland Twp.
Stansbury     William, Jr.     52     Rutland Twp.
Stedman       Alexander        61     Salisbury Twp.
Stedman       Eli              49     Rutland Twp.
Stedman       Elihu H.         15     Town of Chester
Stedman       Miren            54     Rutland Twp.
Steen         Thomas           48     Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Amos             37     Scipio Twp.
Stephens      Benjamin         49     Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Daniel           52     Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Jemima           63     Salisbury Twp.
Stephens      Jesse M.         53     Rutland Twp.
Stephens      John             53     Rutland Twp.
Stephens      Samuel           63     Salisbury Twp.
Stephens      William          52     Rutland Twp.
Stephenson    William          54     Rutland Twp.
Stewart       Daniel           43     Sutton Twp.
Stewart       Harvey           28     Olive Twp.
Stewart       James K.         28     Olive Twp.
Stewart       Joseph           47     Salem Twp.
Stickney      Nathaniel        10     Orange Twp.
Stiles        Asahael          38     Scipio Twp.
Stiles        Enos             37     Scipio Twp.
Stiles        Kenny            37     Scipio Twp.
Still         John             14     Orange Twp.
Still         John             67     Lebanon Twp.
Stirkleman    John             73     Salem Twp.
Stivers       Benjamin         22     Chester Twp.
Stivers       George           19     Chester Twp.
Stivers       John             23     Chester Twp.
Stivers       Randel           19     Chester Twp.
Stivers       Robert           23     Chester Twp.
Stivers       Washinton        39     Sutton Twp.
Stone         Henry            38     Scipio Twp.
Stone         Samuel           67     Lebanon Twp.
Story         Ira              7      Bedford Twp.
Story         Job              7      Bedford Twp.
Story         John             7      Bedford Twp.
Story         Lyman            21     Chester Twp.
Stout         Abner            12     Orange Twp.
Stout         Abner            19     Chester Twp.
Stout         Benjamin         49     Rutland Twp.
Stout         Elizabeth        3      Columbia Twp.
Stout         John P.          17     Chester Twp.
Stow          Erastus          54     Rutland Twp.
Stow          John             54     Rutland Twp.
Strong        A. Rapon         46     Salem Twp.
Strong        Daniel           72     Salem Twp.
Strong        James M.         73     Salem Twp.
Strong        John             47     Salem Twp.
Strong        John G.          46     Salem Twp.
Strong        Nancy            75     Salem Twp.
Strong        Ozias            47     Salem Twp.
Strong        Silas            72     Salem Twp.
Strong        Solomon          47     Salem Twp.
Stroud        John             54     Rutland Twp.
Sudduth       John             36     Scipio Twp.
Sullivan      Thomas           30     Letart Twp.
Swallow       John M.          30     Letart Twp.
Swan          John E.          62     Salisbury Twp.
Swatz         Jacob            58     Salisbury Twp.
Swearingen    Lemuel           40     Sutton Twp.
Sweet         Benjamin         73     Salem Twp.
Sylvester     David            51     Rutland Twp.
Sylvester     Ephraim          52     Rutland Twp.
Sylvester     John             51     Rutland Twp.
Tallbot       Joshua           27     Olive Twp.
Tancast       Michael          40     Sutton Twp.
Tayler        Charles          27     Olive Twp.
Taylor        Isaac            67     Lebanon Twp.
Taylor        Joel P.          11     Orange Twp.
Taylor        Joseph           46     Salem Twp.
Terny         George           64     Salisbury Twp.
Terny         Stephen          51     Rutland Twp.
Thomas        John             58     Salisbury Twp.
Thomas        Samuel           7      Bedford Twp.
Thompson      Aaron            23     Chester Twp.
Thompson      Aaron, Jr.       23     Chester Twp.
Thompson      Elihu            60     Salisbury Twp.
Thompson      John             59     Salisbury Twp.
Thompson      Mariah           21     Chester Twp.
Thompson      Pierce C.        72     Salem Twp.
Thompson      Reuben           73     Salem Twp.
Thorn         Samuel           11     Orange Twp.
Tilton        Zacheas          28     Olive Twp.
Tims          James            12     Orange Twp.
Tims          Reas W.          17     Chester Twp.
Tingher       Christopher      56     Salisbury Twp.
Titus         Nicholas         76     Rutland Twp.
Titus         Stephen          76     Rutland Twp.
Torrence      Aaron            24     Chester Twp.
Torrence      Albert           23     Chester Twp.
Torrence      John J.          16     Town of Chester
Torrence      Samuel           18     Chester Twp.
Townsend      Allen            3      Columbia Twp.
Townsend      Allen B.         2      Columbia Twp.
Townsend      Charles H.       37     Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Daniel           3      Columbia Twp.
Townsend      John             37     Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Leonard S.       36     Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Robinson         35     Scipio Twp.
Townsend      Solomon          3      Columbia Twp.
Tribbett      Cornelius        25     Olive Twp.
Tribbett      Thomas           27     Olive Twp.
Triden        ? John           61     Salisbury Twp.
Trover        Jonathan         49     Rutland Twp.
Truman        Powers           66     Lebanon Twp.
Tubbs         Caroline         9      Orange Twp.
Tubbs         Ezra             11     Orange Twp.
Tubbs         Martha           8      Bedford Twp.
Tubbs         Rueben           8      Bedford Twp.
Tubbs         Whitney          48     Rutland Twp.
Tucker        John             56     Salisbury Twp.
Tucker        William          34     Scipio Twp.
Tuckerman     Frederick        76     Rutland Twp.
Tupper        Barny            12     Orange Twp.
Turhan        Jacob            49     Rutland Twp.
Turner        Robert           33     Scipio Twp.
Vail          Thomas           39     Sutton Twp.
Van Buskirk   Lawrence         75     Salem Twp.
Van Kirk      John             19     Chester Twp.
Van Pelt      Aaron            10     Orange Twp.
Van Pelt      George           9      Orange Twp.
Van Pelt      Jacob            11     Orange Twp.
Vandegrift    Leonard          3      Columbia Twp.
Vandyne       William B.       64     Salisbury Twp.
Varian        Timothy          63     Salisbury Twp.
Veneman       ? Hiram          66     Lebanon Twp.
Vigas         Jourden          29     Letart Twp.
Vigas         Mary An          30     Letart Twp.
Vining        Joseph           20     Chester Twp.
Vining        Joseph, Jr.      62     Salisbury Twp.
Vining        Timothy          64     Salisbury Twp.
Von           Coon Lewis       67     Lebanon Twp.
Vonschriltz   Adam L.N.        74     Salem Twp.
Vonschriltz   Allexander       46     Salem Twp.
Vonschriltz   Nancy            74     Salem Twp.
Wade          Jonathan         58     Salisbury Twp.
Waggoner      Henry            2      Columbia Twp.
Waggoner      John             29     Letart Twp.
Walburn       John             5      Columbia Twp.
Walker        Ansel            6      Bedford Twp.
Walker        Charles          30     Letart Twp.
Walker        Lewis            18     Chester Twp.
Walker        Nancy            35     Scipio Twp.
Walker        Nelson           16     Town of Chester
Walker        Obadiah          19     Chester Twp.
Walker        Samuel           7      Bedford Twp.
Walker        William          2      Columbia Twp.
Wallia        Andrew           23     Chester Twp.
Ware          John             42     Sutton Twp.
Warner        Benjamin         40     Sutton Twp.
Warner        George           56     Salisbury Twp.
Warner        John             18     Chester Twp.
Warner        Philmore         18     Chester Twp.
Warren        John             8      Bedford Twp.
Warren        Tusmore          13     Orange Twp.
Watkins       A.P.T.           64     Salisbury Twp.
Watkins       Benjamin         21     Chester Twp.
Watkins       Henry B.         12     Orange Twp.
Watson        James            43     Sutton Twp.
Weaver        Alley            40     Sutton Twp.
Weaver        Daniel           32     Letart Twp.
Weaver        George S.        29     Letart Twp.
Weaver        John             29     Letart Twp.
Weaver        Noah             29     Letart Twp.
Webster       Abraham          66     Lebanon Twp.
Webster       Augustine        66     Lebanon Twp.
Webster       George           66     Lebanon Twp.
Webster       Jacob A.         18     Chester Twp.
Webster       James M.         42     Sutton Twp.
Webster       John             41     Sutton Twp.
Webster       Moses A.         66     Lebanon Twp.
Webster       Susan            39     Sutton Twp.
Weir          Thomas           26     Olive Twp.
Welby         Robert I.        5      Columbia Twp.
Welden        John V.          16     Town of Chester
Welder        Samuel           15     Town of Chester
Weldon        John             42     Sutton Twp.
Weller        Conrad           43     Sutton Twp.
Wells         Henry R.         10     Orange Twp.
Wells         Sanford          33     Scipio Twp.
Welsh         Daniel A.        22     Chester Twp.
Welsh         Timothy          36     Scipio Twp.
Welter        Michial          23     Chester Twp.
Wesha         Michial          56     Salisbury Twp.
Westfall      Alexander        35     Scipio Twp.
Westfall      Hiram            35     Scipio Twp.
Whaley        James            57     Salisbury Twp.
Whaley        James W.         8      Bedford Twp.
Wheaton       James            69     Lebanon Twp.
Wheelbarger   Henry            29     Letart Twp.
Wheelbarger   Jonathan         23     Chester Twp.
Wheeler       George, Jr.      59     Salisbury Twp.
Whilford      John F.          46     Salem Twp.
White         Andrew           60     Salisbury Twp.
White         Benjamin         28     Olive Twp.
White         Horalie          38     Scipio Twp.
White         Lucinda          62     Salisbury Twp.
White         Rebecka          28     Olive Twp.
Whiteside     James            26     Olive Twp.
Whiteside     Thomas           15     Town of Chester
Whiteside     William          26     Olive Twp.
Whitlock      Benjamin         64     Salisbury Twp.
Whitlock      Hiram A.         58     Salisbury Twp.
Whitlock      Levi             61     Salisbury Twp.
Whitsell      Mercy            50     Rutland Twp.
Wilder        Leonard L.       62     Salisbury Twp.
Wiley         James            25     Olive Twp.
Will          Bazy             16     Town of Chester
Will          Henry            8      Bedford Twp.
Will          John             20     Chester Twp.
Will          Philip           18     Chester Twp.
Willaham      Allexander       74     Salem Twp.
Willard       Jacob            32     Letart Twp.
Willbarger    Jacob            42     Sutton Twp.
Willey        Hugh             14     Orange Twp.
Williams      Benjamin         76     Rutland Twp.
Williams      Charles          22     Chester Twp.
Williams      Charles H.       21     Chester Twp.
Williams      Edmund           22     Chester Twp.
Williams      Henry            28     Olive Twp.
Williams      Hezekiah P.      48     Rutland Twp.
Williams      Jesse            72     Salem Twp.
Williams      John             54     Rutland Twp.
Williams      John             72     Salem Twp.
Williams      John, Jr.        72     Salem Twp.
Williams      Lewis            58     Salisbury Twp.
Williams      Rebecka          22     Chester Twp.
Williams      Reuben           72     Salem Twp.
Williamson    James            66     Lebanon Twp.
Williamson    Samuel M.        68     Lebanon Twp.
Williamson    Wilkerson D.     68     Lebanon Twp.
Williamson    William          22     Chester Twp.
Williard      Daniel           32     Letart Twp.
Willis        Ammill           39     Sutton Twp.
Willis        Henry            43     Sutton Twp.
Willis        John             43     Sutton Twp.
Wills         Abraham          11     Orange Twp.
Wills         Bazy, Jr.        15     Town of Chester
Wills         Harold           17     Town of Chester
Wills         Henry            33     Scipio Twp.
Wills         Myron            22     Chester Twp.
Wills         Philip           11     Orange Twp.
Willson       Henry            26     Olive Twp.
Willson       Robert           8      Bedford Twp.
Willson       William          24     Chester Twp.
Winch         Michael          43     Sutton Twp.
Wine          Allexander       48     Rutland Twp.
Wine          Frances          55     Rutland Twp.
Wine          Mariah           34     Scipio Twp.
Winn          Jacob A.         51     Rutland Twp.
Winn          Mathew H.        48     Rutland Twp.
Winters       Harrison         68     Lebanon Twp.
Winters       John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Winterstein   Joshua           11     Orange Twp.
Winterstein   Nicholas         11     Orange Twp.
Wise          Daniel           6      Bedford Twp.
Wise          Elizabeth        6      Bedford Twp.
Witt          Catherine        73     Salem Twp.
Witt          John D.          74     Salem Twp.
Wolf          George           29     Letart Twp.
Wolf          George           31     Letart Twp.
Wolf          George           42     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Henry            41     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Henry            43     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          John             39     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          John, Jr.        39     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Jonas            29     Letart Twp.
Wolf          Joseph           42     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Lewis            40     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Michial          32     Letart Twp.
Wolf          Peter            29     Letart Twp.
Wolf          Peter            40     Sutton Twp.
Wolf          Solomon          43     Sutton Twp.
Wood          Caleb            5      Columbia Twp.
Wood          George           5      Columbia Twp.
Wood          Isaac            74     Salem Twp.
Wood          Isaac, Jr.       74     Salem Twp.
Wood          John             49     Rutland Twp.
Wood          John             5      Columbia Twp.
Wood          John             51     Rutland Twp.
Wood          Joshua           2      Columbia Twp.
Wood          Joshua           5      Columbia Twp.
Wood          Joshua, Sr.      49     Rutland Twp.
Wood          Thomas           31     Letart Twp.
Wood          William          5      Columbia Twp.
Wood/hood     James            19     Chester Twp.
Woodard       John             54     Rutland Twp.
Woodard       Norman           27     Olive Twp.
Woodruff      Daniel           66     Lebanon Twp.
Woodruff      Joco             56     Salisbury Twp.
Woodruff      John             68     Lebanon Twp.
Woodruff      Joseph           66     Lebanon Twp.
Woodruff      Moses J.         28     Olive Twp.
Woodson       William J.       54     Rutland Twp.
Woody         Michial          11     Orange Twp.
Woodyard      Isaac            34     Scipio Twp.
Woodyard      James            34     Scipio Twp.
Woodyard      Jarret           35     Scipio Twp.
Woodyard      William          34     Scipio Twp.
Worth         Allexander       68     Lebanon Twp.
Worthen       Charles          12     Orange Twp.
Worthen       Ephraim          12     Orange Twp.
Worthen       Ezekial          12     Orange Twp.
Worthen       George           12     Orange Twp.
Worthen       Rebecha          12     Orange Twp.
Worthen       Wm W.            12     Orange Twp.
Wright        Adam             22     Chester Twp.
Wright        Charles          60     Salisbury Twp.
Wright        Hugh             59     Salisbury Twp.
Wright        James            48     Rutland Twp.
Wright        John             50     Rutland Twp.
Wright        John             69     Lebanon Twp.
Wright        Josiah           51     Rutland Twp.
Wright        William          60     Salisbury Twp.
Wrightmore    John             53     Rutland Twp.
Wyatt         Solomon          47     Salem Twp.
Wycoff        Moses            69     Lebanon Twp.
Yeager        Solomon          41     Sutton Twp.
Yeager        William          43     Sutton Twp.
Young         Abetha           13     Orange Twp.
Young         Catharine        16     Town of Chester
Young         Hugh             10     Orange Twp.
Young         Hugh             9      Bedford Twp.
Young         James B.         8      Bedford Twp.
Young         John J.          57     Salisbury Twp.
Zerkhaim      Abraham          58     Salisbury Twp.
Zickafoose    Joseph L.        33     Scipio Twp.
Zigler        Jacob            2      Columbia Twp.