This history of the 116th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry was written by Thomas F. Wildes, former Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment, and published in 1884.

Many thanks to Diana Hart for this transcription of a partial copy of the original book in her possession.

Each chapter of the book is linked below as a separate PDF document to preserve the formatting of the text. The Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to view the documents. Page numbers referenced in the index are those used in this transcription. The page numbers in parentheses below refer to page numbers in the original volume.

CHAPTER I Preliminaries -- Esprit de Corps of the Regiment -- Recruiting -- Military Committees -- Patriotism of The People of The District -- Remembrance of The Dead -- John Frame and Elmer Armstrong -- Hon. John R. Morris and Others -- Woman's Work for The Soldiers 1 (1)
CHAPTER II The Organization -- To the Rescue of Parkersburg, Then of Gallipolis -- Mustered into The U. S. Service -- Into West Virginia -- Our First Fight -- We Defeat General Jones and 4,000 Cavalry at Moorefield -- General Milroy's Congratulations 7 (13)
CHAPTER III The March to Romney -- The Winter at Romney -- A Forage Train Under Captain Brown Captured -- Paroles -- A Bad State of Feeling -- Patriotic Action of The Regiment -- March to Winchester 17 (40)
CHAPTER IV At Winchester -- A New Brigade Commander -- Scouts and Marches -- Death of Dr. Gilkey -- Battle of Winchester, June 12th, 13th and 14th, and Bunker Hill, June 13th -- The Retreat and Battle in The Night -- Escape of Milroy's Army from Lee -- Over in Pennsylvania and Maryland -- List of Killed, Wounded and Prisoners -- Back to Martinsburg -- A Word in Defense of General Milroy 22 (50)
CHAPTER V The Fall and Winter at Martinsburg -- Along The B. & O. R. R. -- Preparing for the Campaign of 1864 -- Regiment Ordered to Harpers's Ferry -- Brigaded Anew -- General Sigel takes Command -- Up The Valley -- A Sham Battle -- Battle of New Market -- Retreat 33 (72)
CHAPTER VI Hunter Relieves Sigel -- His Order on Assuming Command -- Short of Rations for the First Time -- Battle of Piedmont -- Bravery of The Regiment -- List of Casualties -- One or Two Amusing Incidents, and Some not so Amusing, Connected with The Battle -- On to Staunton 40 (89)
CHAPTER VII Destruction of Property at Staunton -- On The Move, Still Going South -- Return to Staunton to Meet a Supply Train -- Hard Marching to Overtake The Army -- To Lexington -- Destruction of Rebel Property and of Washington College -- And on We Go -- Regular Army Engineering Supersceded by Western Ideas -- Lynchburg -- Battle of Lynchburg -- A Gallant Charge -- Reports -- Retreat to Gauley Bridge -- At Parkersburg -- At Martinsburg Again 47 (101)
CHAPTER VIII Early in The Valley -- His Advance into Maryland and Upon Washington -- March to Harper's Ferry -- To Hillsboro -- Snicker's Gap -- Battle of Snicker's Ferry -- Wounding of Colonel Washburn -- Hard Fight of The Regiment on The Right -- Brave Conduct of Officers and Men -- List of Casualties 58 (126)
CHAPTER IX To Winchester -- Battle of Kerntown -- List of Casualties -- Retreat -- Report of General Crook -- At Harper's Ferry Again -- A Hot, Hard March -- At Monocacy Junction -- Back to Bolivar Heights -- Arrival of General Sheridan, 6th and 19th Corps, and Torbert's Cavalry -- Dawn of A New Era in the Valley 64 (140)
CHAPTER X Sheridan in Command -- For The First Time We Are Part of An Army Equal in Numbers to The Opposing Enemy -- March to Cedar Creek -- Skirmish on Three Top -- March Back Again -- Battle of Halltown, August 26th -- List of Casualties -- Battle of Berryville, September 3d -- List of Casualties 68 (150)
CHAPTER XI An Ambulance Train Captured and Re-captured -- Action Taken by The Officers on Learning of The Death of Captain Keyes -- Another Accident in The Regiment -- Sheridan's Opportunity -- Getting Ready for A Fight -- Battle of Opequan, September 19th -- Another Gallant Charge -- List of Casuaties -- A Major's Report of Our Charge 74 (165)
CHAPTER XII Still Going Forward -- Enemy at Fisher's Hill -- Battle of Fisher's Hill -- Another Charge -- List of Casualties -- Extracts from Reports of Colonel Wells, Generals Sheridan and Crook -- Also General Early -- Tardy Justice Done to Captain Varley of Company E -- March to Harrisonburg -- Death of Lieutenant Meigs -- Buildings Ordered Burned -- Order Revoked as to Dayton 80 (180)
CHAPTER XIII March Back to Cedar Creek -- Destruction in The Valley -- Election Day at Cedar Creek -- Battle of Stickney Farm -- Death of Colonel Wells -- List of Casualties -- Colonel Wildes in Command of the Brigade -- A Reconnoisance -- Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19th -- Defeat of The Morning -- Sheridan's Arrival -- We “Go for Them” -- A Glorious Victory -- List of Casualties -- Reports of Colonel Wildes and General Crook -- A Rest -- Promotions -- At Opequan Crossing -- Thanksgiving Turkeys -- Ordered to The Army of The James 85 (193)
CHAPTER XIV Good-bye Shenandoah Valley -- On the Cars to Washington -- Ride on the Water -- Arrival at Deep Bottom -- Promotions -- Drilling and Inspections -- High Standing of the Regiment in the 24th Corps -- Rebel Rams and Gunboats Create An Excitement -- More Promotions 101 (225)
CHAPTER XV Off for Petersburg -- Continuous Hard Marching -- Hatcher's Run -- Skirmishing -- List of Casualties -- A Narrow Escape for Captain Mann and Forty Men -- Fort Gregg Carried by Assault -- Some Incidents Connected with The Charge -- Report of Lieutenant Colonel Potter -- Casualties of The Regiment -- After Lee -- Farmville and Rice's Station -- List of Casualties -- A Good Day's March -- Lee's Retreat Cut Off -- Appomattox -- The White Flags -- Surrender -- General Gibbon's Order 104 (235)
CHAPTER XVI March to Lynchburg -- Back to Richmond -- Triumphal Entry of The Rebel Capital -- Preparing to go Home -- Mustered Out -- Transfers to the 62d Ohio Regiment -- Off for Home -- Home 115 (260)
CHAPTER XVII Prison Life -- The Cruelty of Rebels to Prisoners -- Barbarities of Prison Keepers -- The Experiences of Several of our Officers and Men -- The Death Roll 121 (272)
CHAPTER XVIII Sketches of Deceased Officers -- Captain F. H. Arckenoe -- Captain E. Keyes -- Lieutenant Robert Wilson -- Lieutenant Levi Lupton -- Surgeon Thomas J. Shannon -- Captain Alexander Cochran -- Captain Edward Fuller -- Captain William Myers -- Surgeon Wilter R. Gilkey -- Hospital Steward James T. Moran -- Lieutenant M. A. Ellis -- Major John Hull 133 (305)

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