Meigs County Naturalizations

This page contains transcriptions of naturalization papers filed in Meigs County. They were transcribed from the originals in the Meigs County Courthouse by Maria Leamond and Tiffany Barnes.

Further contributions would be most welcome.

Angeletti, Alfredo

Balion, Nick

Bauer, August Wilhelm

Bourlard, Gaston

Bronosky, Gordon

Brunicardi, Ezio

Buonamici, Silvio

Farber, Max

Gibbs, Lewis Abram

Gibbs, Philemon

Gillis, Martin

Kamisar, Lewis

Kapteina, Gottlieb

Konnerth, Fredrick Martin

Lehman, Ida (Sister Marie Thelma)

Lohn, Otto

Marshall, George

Menchini, Clemente

Morrall, John

Orant, Peter

Orr, John

Platzer, Mike

Richardson, Philip Frederick

Thomas, Andrew Jr.

Viccilar, Peter

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