Meigs County News For The Year 1852

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

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Meigs County Telegraph August 12, 1852
GLEANINGS ---The following new post-offices have been recently established in Ohio: Bunker Hill, at Butler, W. R. Pierson, postmaster; Bayard, Columbiana, T. J. Canon, postmaster; Bloom Centre, Logan, H. A. Freeman, postmaster; Harver Hill, Scioto, Thos. Davidson, postmaster; Macedonia, Summit, Le Grand Odell, postmaster; Egypt Mills, Belmont, John Shepherd, postmaster; Roland Centre, Mahoning, Joshua M'Casky; Earlville, Portage, Q. T. Duel; Scottsville, Warren, J. C. Beroow; Barber, Washington, Jesse Johnson. Post office at Williamstown, Montgomery county, is discontinued. The name of the office at Graham's Station, Meigs County, has been changed to Racine, and that at Whitestown, Ottawa County, to Elmore. POMEROY WHARF BOAT, COURT HOUSE LANDING Having newly fitted up my WHARF BOAT, and improved its capacity, I am prepared to receive and forward all kinds of goods, produce, &c., either up or down the river, at the most reasonable rates. Having made permanent arrangements with the steamers plying regularly to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, I am prepared to forward freights at uniform rates regardless of the season. Those wishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packets, or on any of the smaller boats plying regularly -- "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Meigs," -- can make their shipments through me at a great advantage. My charges are moderate, and as my facilities for storing goods are not exceeded by any other boat on the River, I invite business men to consult their own interests by advancing mine. Careful and attentive hands are always ready day and night, to receive or discharge freight. FAMILIES removing to the West can be accommodated on board the WHARF BOAT. june12n36 JAS. MARTIN N.B. All letters and freight should be directed "J. Martin, Pomeroy WharfBoat, Court House landing" Transcribed by Susan Kuhl

Meigs County Telegraph July 29, 1852
THESE HORNS Mr. Willim Harpold, of Letart Falls, in this county, sends us the following account of a feat performed by Antiquity Saw Mill, and adds, that the mill is now wearing a fine pair of Horns, which any mill in the county or state (running a single saw) is welcome to, by beating: "Her running time was from sun to sun; during which she cut 6,464 feet of yellow pine flooring. The logs were 12 feet in length, and would average 12 inches cubic measure. The logs were all hauled from the river as required, as well as water to supply the boiler one half of the day, on the same car." ----------- DROWNED The dead body of a man was found in the Ohio river, near Pomeroy, on Thursday morning last. Deceased had on pants and check shirt. In the pockets were found $45 in money, and a deck passage ticket to Pittsburg on the steamboat Ben Coursin. The name of the individual is entirely obliterated. Twenty dollars of the money found in the pockets of the deceased were appropriated for burial purposes. The balance is in the hands of Martin Heckard, Probate Judge. --------------- The body of a female, supposed to be about thirty years of age, was found in the river opposite Portsmouth, O., a few days since. There were marks of violence upon the body, and suspicions of murder rested upon a man named Hunter, who had escaped from jail a short time before. Hunter was arrested, but proved his innocence by producing, in good health, the female he was supposed to have murdered. Some excitement still exists there on the subject. Transcribed by Susan Kuhl

Meigs County Telegraph August 19, 1852
THE IRISH EXODUS The Western Star speaking of the hundreds of the people from the province of CONNEAUGHT says there is no doubt that in a few years more -- if some stop is not put to the present outpouring of the people to America, and latterly to Australia -- there will not be a million of the present race of inhabitants to be found within the compass of the four provinces. From the west, Iris added, they are flying in hundreds. "No thoughts of the land of their birth seem to enter their minds, although the Irish people have heretofore been proverbial for their attachment to their country. The prospect of an abundant harvest has not the slightest effect in giving pause to their outward movement. The predominant, and in fact, the only feeling, that seems to purvade them is an indescribable anxiety to get out of the country at all hazards. If war, pestilence and famine, were known to be close at hand there could not be greater avidity shown to fly than is every day exhibited by the hundreds who crowd our high roads and railways in their journey to the shipping ports. Think of 700 passengers sailing from Limerick during the past week. And then we have hundreds from WATERFORD, CORK, DUBLIN, STIGO, And BELFAST. We have it from competent authority, that within the past 14 months close upon 10,000 of the population emigrated from the northern province of Ireland. ---------------------- POOR IRELAND The GALWAY papers are full of the most deplorable accounts of the wholesale evictions in that miserable county. The Law Life Assurance Company having advanced about $1,000,000 on the Martin estates, has now become the purchaser under the Encumbered Estates Act, and the "Crow-bar Brigade," under the protection of this rich London company, is invading the quiet retreats of CONNEMARA, and robbing a primitive peasantry of its last hold on the earth. This Brigade advance to be devoted townships, take possession of the cabins, and in a few minutes level them to the ground and drive out the unhappy inmates. Where villages are thus destroyed and rendered desolate in a day, and hundreds of men, women and children, who have been turned out of house and home, are crowding in ditches or wandering upon the roads begging their bread. Alas! poor down-trodden Erin! when will the day of thy deliverence from the bondman and oppressor arrive? Transcribed by Susan Kuhl

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