Meigs County News For The Year 1859

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

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Meigs County Telegraph December 27, 1859
A LIST OF LANDS AND TOWN LOTS Returned Delinquent by the Treasurer of Meigs County, in August, 1859, on which are charged the taxes of 1858, with a penalty of thirty per cent. on said Taxes. Also the taxes of 1859. BEDFORD TOWNSHIP Caldwell, James Carleton, Thomas Craig, Eliza and Sarah A. Elliot, Morton Frank, John Jones, John H. Miller, James M. Radford, Thomas Russell, B.F. Thompson, Aaron, Jr. same Williams, Joseph CHESTER TOWNSHIP Branch, S.H.'s Est. same Bowers, A.D. Cain, James' Est. same Cartwright, Hiram Cullen, Israel Farmer, Dudley Hix, Jeremiah Hood, James Joy, Benjamin's heirs Kimes, John 2nd Maxfield, T. & J.H. Moore Mitchell, Robt. D. Racy, John Trussell, Otis G. Townsend, Leonard S. COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP Brattan, Adam and others Hanger, George Nelson, John Jr. Est. Porter, John Radford, John Radford, Thomas Vernon, Wm.'s heirs same same same Wood, John LEBANON TOWNSHIP Aiken, Geo. W. Baker, Sam'l Byram, Wm.'s heirs Fitch, Madison L. Keyes, Stephen McClenathan, Guy W. McLain, T.A. Rose, John Rose, Cyrenus Sims, Mary Schooler, Mary Woods, Thomas West, Thomas B. LETART TOWNSHIP Hague, Thomas Willard, Geo. W. OLIVE TOWNSHIP Adams, John Andrews, Francis same Ball, James W. Buffington, Sam'l same Barringer, Geo. Barringer, Andrew Congreve, G.W. Chevalier, Peter Curtis, Josiah same Ensdale, Robert's heirs Fellows, Isaac H. Kirkpatrick, Wm. McClenathan, Guy W. Parker, Robt. B. Partlow, Amos 2nd Still, John Sims, Oliver Tribbell, Thomas Tilton, Moses Wagoner, John F. ORANGE TOWNSHIP Blackmore, Joseph Dorst, Jacob Sims, Wm. RUTLAND TOWNSHIP Anderson, John's Est. Bickle, Jacob's Est. Bolton, Asel same same Braley, H.S. Comstock, Calvin Comstock, Caleb (guardian) Comstock, Kataran Chase, Emeric Foulden, Robert Gardiner, Joshua Hill, Aaron Hubbell, Jesse Hartinger, Wm. B. Hawkins & McCormick Lake, Arnold Percy, Sylvanus Patrick, Sarah Ann Robinson, Zadok & Wm. Rightmire, John Stansbury, Benj. Stephens, Thos. E. Shaner, Abraham Touro, Abraham SALEM TOWNSHIP Boggess, Thos. L. Blagg, Sam'l Braley, Wesley Cort, John Clouse, John Coy, Christopher same Cameron, Henry S. Dyke, Simeon Gomer, Melissa Grant, Shaw & Co. Jackson, Milo H. Knapp, Henry Kirkendall, William Ledlie, John T.B. Livesay, Thos. Jr. Miller, John McVey, John same Smith, M.E. Vonschriltz, Daniel Wright, George SALISBURY TOWNSHIP Archer, Benjamin Clark, Caleb's Est. Dennis, John Hysell, B.H. Mather, W.W. Morse, A.L. & others Oliver, Sam'l's Est. Oliver, John Radford, James 2nd Stivers, Jas. M. & Edwin same Thompson, Aaron Thornsbury, Jane & Maria L. same SCIPIO TOWNSHIP Barnes, Ira Barton, Thos. Brooks, Wm. Ball, John M. Carpenter, Rebecca Douglass, Emeline & others Davis, Lewis Greenlee, C. Hix, Benj's Est. Haning, Eli Huggins, Henry same Lindsley, Theodore W. Pierce, Jonas Pierce, Joseph Starkey, Watson Townsend, L.S. Townsend, E.A. same SUTTON TOWNSHIP Ashworth, Thos.' Est. Circle, Madison Eberspach, Jacob Gondar, George Horton, V.B. Jr. Justus, Augustus Joy, Benjamin's heirs Moore, James Wolf, John P. Wilcoxen, John P. DELINQUENT LANDS AND TOWN LOTS (Continued) VILLAGES CHESTER Stedman, E.M. same PORTLAND Camey, Thomas Hopkins, Thos. D. LETARTSVILLE Walker, Mary Day, James C. REEDVILLE Smith, Martin E. RUTLAND Gardiner, Joshua DANVILLE Coburn, Joshua Hampton, Geo. W. HARRISONVILLE Jones, Phillip Phillips, Geo. W. PAGEVILLE Haning, Wm. Lee, George McAboy, Thos. Phillips, Job(?) same same Radford, David Stevens, J.V. same Stevens, John Stevens, Wm. Jr. Wilson, Caroline Stewart, James MIDDLEPORT Reed, Henry Wilson, Lewis In J.W. JONES ADDITION Martin, Fox Root, Perry Shelff(?), Man'g co IN COALPORT Byron, Frederick Davis, Samuel Goulden, George Wilkinson, Ant'ny SHEFFIELD Ball, Morgan Hysell, Wm. N. Watkins, Mary J. IN BEHAN'S ADDITION Behan, Isaac McLain, T.A. Russell, B.F. POMEROY Barnes, Ira DeCamp, Cephas Goulden, George same same same Jones, Thos. J. Murray, Mary J. Nye, Nial R. same same Pomeroy, Clarissa's Est. Stafford, Jesse Sharf, Henry same Stafford, Jesse same Williamson, Jus.' Estate same IN NYE'S ADDITION Nye, L.S. Needs, Edmund same same same same Price, F.S. Weeks, Edmund INDEPENDENCE Pollard, Smith & Co. same same same same same same same same same HORTON & DABNEY'S ADDITION Calderwood, And. Horton, V.B. Smith, J.H. Witteman, Cath. DABNEY'S ADDITION Brechtel, Sebas'n same Shuler, John Thress, Johs(?) SYRACUSE Crooks, A.Q. Martin & Mould Mecum, John Quillen, Jacob Stiles, Timothy Campbell, Robert STATE OF OHIO, MEIGS COUNTY, SS I, Aaron Stivers, Auditor of said County, do hereby certify that the foregoing list is correctly copied from the list returned by the Treasurer of said County in August, 1859, and as copied into the duplicate of 1859 for said County, and that the amount annexed to each tract or lot is correct, and calculated as the law prescribes. Notice is therefore hereby given that the several tracts and lots in said list contained, or as much thereof as will be necessary to pay the taxes and penalty charged thereon will be sold by the Treasurer of said County at the Court-house in the town of Pomeroy, on the second Monday in January, 1860, between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M. and 4 o'clock P.M. of said day, unless said taxes and penalty be paid before that time. AARON STIVERS Auditor of Meigs County Pomeroy, Dec. 3, 1859

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