Meigs County News For The Year 1865

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

Further contributions would be most welcome.

Meigs County Telegraph August 17, 1865
NOTICE Caroline M. ROBERTS, late widow of Edward K. Roberts, (and who has since intermarried with John R. Roberts,) John R. Roberts, and Judson Roberts and Mary Emily Roberts heirs at law of the said Edward K. Roberts, deceased. Will take notice that John T. James administrator of the estate of Edward K. Roberts, on the 3d day of June A.D. 1865, filed his petition in the Probate Court, within and for the county of Meigs and State of Ohio, setting forth that the said Edward K. Roberts, on the 24th day of November, A.D. 1858, the said Edward K. Roberts then being full of life, made and entered into a certain contract in writing of that date whereby he agreed to sell and convey to one Hugh Williams, the following described real estate, situate in Meigs county and State of Ohio, and being a part of 100 acre Lot No. 306, it being 20 feet wide off of the north end of a lot conveyed by C.W. Dabney et ux, to Samuel Whetstone by deed dated November 8 1855, in consideration of the sum of $400.00 to be paid in installments. The said petition further set forth that said Hugh Williams is now ready to pay the balance due on said contract and desires a deed to be made to him for said real estate. The prayer of said petition is therefore that the said parties may be notified of the pendency of said petition, that said petition stands for hearing in said Court on Monday the 11th day of September, A.D. 1865, at ten o'clock a.m., and that upon the final hearing of the said petition, the administrator may be authorized upon the receipt of the balance of said purchase money to make execute and deliver to the said purchaser a deed in fee simple for said real estate. JOHN T. JAMES Adm'r of Edward K. Roberts, dec'd By L. Paine, Attorney Dated August 3d 1865 [Transcribed by Cheryl Hartley]

Meigs County Telegraph December 14, 1865
NOTICE Robert JONES of the town of Aberdare, Glanmorganshire, South Wales, will take notice that Ruth Jones of the county of Meigs, in the state of Ohio, did on the 11th day of December, A.D. 1865, file her petition in the Court of Common Pleas, within and for the county of Meigs in said state of Ohio, against the said Rob't Jones, charging the said Robert Jones with adultery with certain persons, to-wit: Elizabeth Vipan and Big Nance, and praying that she may be divorced from the said Robert Jones, and the said Robert Jones is notified that he is required to appear and answer said petition at the next term of said Court. RUTH JONES By Burnap & Stansbury, her Attorneys Dated December 11th, 1865. [Transcribed by Cheryl Hartley]

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