Meigs County News For The Year 1891

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

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The Meigs County Telegraph January 14, 1891
MIDDLEPORT PEOPLE. DIED. - At her home on Third Street Sunday morning last, Mrs. Martha Radford, wife of the late John Radford, died, after several years intense suffering with dropsy. She was a native of County Wicklow, Ireland, and was seventy-four years old at the time of her death. She came to this country fifty-three years ago, the entire time, with the exception of a few months immediately after her arrival spent in Canada, being spent in Middleport, and the greater part of it in the house in which she died. She was the mother of a large family of children, six of whom, two sons and four daughters, survive her. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon, the services being conducted by Dr. Ohl, of Pomeroy, from the M.E. Church, and the remains were interred in the lower graveyard. Her daughters, Sarah and Maggie, ward attendants at the Athens Asylum, arrived home Sunday evening. Transcribed by Elaine Balasky

The Meigs County Republican January 22, 1891
Marriage licenses: E. E. Stansbury and Luella Torence Albert Stevens and Anna M. Rose Horace H. Grover and Estella Caldwell Jacob Minehart and Mary Shall William Seyfried and Katie Reiber D. H. Steele and Minne Bass. [Transcribed by Shari Creech]

The Meigs County Telegraph January 28, 1891
POSTERITY OF A PIONEER ALVIN ODGIN, an early settler of Columbia, whose 355 descendants testify of the fact that marriage is not a failure. The readers of the Telegraph will remember that in an article published a few weeks ago, giving, the names of the-first grand jury ever impaneled in the county, that the name of Alvin Ogdin appeared as one of those grand jurors. Mr. Ogdin, or as he was called. in later years, Squire Ogdin's life character and services to this country was a fair sample of the character and standing of the old time pioneers, and believing it would be of: interest to our readers, we have taken pains to look him up, as it were, and give our readers the benefit of our researches. He was a quiet, unobtrusive man and we doubt if his name ever appeared in a newspaper during his lifetime as he lived before the age of local correspondents. Alvin Ogdin was born in the state of Maryland on the 13th day of April, 1775. His father, a soldier of the revolution came to what is now Wheeling, W. Va., when Alvin was about eleven years old, and in l787, came from there to Marietta. Here young as he was, he was given a gun, and became one of the defenders of the colony against the Indians. In June 1795, he was married to Hannah Keller and settled in Alexander Township, Athens County, where he lived until the 22nd day of April 1804, when he moved to what is now Columbia Township, Meigs County, Ohio where he purchased land and cleared up a farm bordering on a stream since known as Ogdin's Run. Here Mr. Ogdin made his home and reared a family of ten children, and here he died on the 4th. day of January, 1867, aged 92 years. He served a number of years as Justice of the Peace, and filled other responsible positions in the township. As an evidence that marriage was not a failure in those days, we have taken the further pains of following up the fruits of Father Ogdin's' wedded life, in the ten children he left to, perpetuate his name and race. Mary, the eldest, was born February 25th, 1797 and married Joshua Wood, this being the first couple married in Columbia township. Joshua Wood emulated the industry and virtues of his father-in-law, Ogdin, built up a comfortable home, served as Justice of the Peace and was an active Whig political. He raised nine children, of whom Hannah Wood, the oldest, married -- William McClellan, Mr. McClellan, died several years ago, but his widow is yet living. This couple left ten children, one of whom is Mrs. Calhoon of our city, and twelve grandchildren and one great grand child. Margaret Wood married Elias P. Davis, and died several years ago. She left two children and nine grandchildren. Nancy Wood married Nehemiah Bobo, and they are still living. They raised eleven children and have 29 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. William Wood married Sarah Rutherford, they raised four children and have but twelve grandchildren. Elizabeth Wood married Eli Vale, and to them was born six children, five of which are living and 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Joshua Wood married Elizabeth Ferrill, and they have but one child and four grandchildren living. Rachel Wood married J. Q. A. Vale, who is a physician in Minnesota, and has been a member of legislature and a prominent public man. They have five children and six grandchildren living. Mary Wood married Levi Whitlock and moved to Minnesota. They have six children and ten grandchildren. Sabert Ogdin was born October 3, 1801, and married Eliza Forrest and settled in Salem Township, where he resided until 1857 when he moved on to his father's old home farm in Columbia. Sabert died February 10,1874. He raised seven children, of whom Alvin Ogdin is the oldest. Alvin married Nancy Jordan and resides in Salem. To them were born two children, who are now married, and there are four grandchildren. Sabert Ogdin's three sons, Alvin,John and Hugh were all in the army. John who was in Company 1, 53rd OVI, died while in the service at Camp Dennison Ohio. Sabert's descendants are seven children, sixteen grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. Hugh Ogdin, the second son of Esq., Ogdin, was born March 11, 1804, but never married. He resided in Salem until 1872, when he died. He was an oddity in his way, one of his hobbies being statistics. He could give the exact number of votes cast at any election in Salem on the spur of the moment, and his figures were always correct. Nancy Ogdin was born May 18,1806, and the first white child born in Columbia township. She married William Green and she and her husband lived and died in the township. They had five children. Albert enlisted in the 18th. 0VI and died in the service. Lovina married Lewis Castor, a well known citizen of Columbia. Hannah married Henry R.Lythe, another prominent Columbia man. Sarah Green married Miles Graham, who was also a member of the 18th. OVI, and died shortly after the close of the war. Cynthia married William Graham, who also served in the army and died during the past year. We can credit Mr. and Mrs. Green with five children, twenty-six grandchildren and eighteen great grandchildren. Elizabeth Ogdin was born July 25,1808. She married Daniel Cable, and removed to Hardin County, Ohio. They left four children, ten grandchildren and-two great grandchildren. Noah Ogdin, the third, son of the subject of our sketch, was born March 16,1811. He married Dorcas Graham and settled in Salem, where he accumulated a large property. Noah died during the year 1890, leaving four children, and ten grandchildren. Hannah Ogdin, born July 10, 1813, married William McKinstry, and they removed to Indiana before the war of the rebellion, one of whom (John) died in the service. Hannah's descendants are five children and two grandchildren now living. Annis Ogdin, born April 28, 1816, married Silas Bennett, and moved to Indiana in 1850. To them were born ten children, seven of whom are now alive. To these may be added seventeen grandchildren. To sum up, Alvin Ogdin, Grand Juror, Justice of the Peace, of seventy years ago, not only lived a prosperous, respected citizen for about seventy years, but left as his descendants, ten children, one hundred and fifty-nine grandchildren, one hundred and twenty-nine great grandchildren and seven great great grandchildren. We may further add, that the writer of this article has had such a knowledge and acquaintance with these, descendants as will warrant the assertion that if father Ogdin was now living, we do not know of an instance in which this old pioneer would have to blush for the misconduct of any one of his many descendants. But the old man had never heard that marriage was a failure. [Transcribed by Connie Schumaker]

Telegraph March 11, 1891
Mrs. Catharine Stivers, wife of Edwin Stivers, died Tuesday evening March 3d at her home in Kerrs Run after an illness of about a month. Mrs. Stivers was born in Chester Township and was married to Mr. Stivers January 4, 1857. Her maiden name was Shiveler. She was in the 57th year of her age and leaves six living children, one of whom, Michael who is in Colorado, was unable to be present at the burial of his mother. Will Stivers who clerks at A.P. Ashworth's is another of her sons. The funeral services were held Thursday morning at the Enterprise Church. Rev. Moses Will assisted by Warren Shrader officiating. Interment took place at the Rock Springs Cemetery. [Transcribed by Connie Schumaker]

Pomeroy Tribune/Telegraph September 2, 1891
PLANTS Aug. 22--D. B. Wolfe is on the sick list at this writing. B.F. Shirley, of Letart, W.Va., was calling on friends and relatives in this place last Tuesday. Mrs. McClellan Johnson, of East Letart, visited her parents this week. T. B. Baremore, Mervin Wolfe and H.P. Rood got the contract of hauling logs for David Shannon's mill at Apple Grove. Mr. Van Wolfe and wife, of Antiquity, visited his brother, Mervin Wolfe, last week. Miss Clara Shirley made a flying trip to Letart, W.Va., last week to see her parents. Dr. S.D. Hart and wife, of Marietta, visited friends and relatives at this place. Mr. W. L. Johnson is building one of the largest and nicest barns in this vicinity. Quite a number from this place attended the campmeeting at Rock Springs the 16th. Mrs. N.C. Sayre was visiting Mrs. C. Arnet Wednesday. John Sayre and Dall Rood took in the Ravenswood fair. Art McDade called at this place Thursday. O. F. Roush is on the Steamer Valley Belle, there being too much work for one pilot. Johnnie Sayre, of Hartford City, is the guest of his aunt, Viola Roush. We are having plenty of rain. Transcribed by Susan Kuhl.

Pomeroy Tribune/Telegraph September 9, 1891
SHORT ITEMS Mrs. Meinhart, mother of Wendel and Valentine Meinhart, of this city, died at the residence of her son at Ashland, Kentucky, last week. Landlord Dixon fed 200 McKinley Day. John Leifheit, pitcher for the second nine of Browns, while pitching on the Pomeroy Park Saturday, broke his right arm between the elbow and shoulder. Mrs. Mary Heilman and children of Cincinnati are visiting at Henry Sharf's. Miss Kate Schilling, modiste, is in Chicago visiting her brother George and posting up on fall styles. W. H. Osborn has been appointed agent of the Pomeroy School Board to handle school books under the new law, which makes a reduction of 25 per cent on list price. Eva C. Reuter has returned from a visit to Ironton. A colt deliberately walked into Bailey & Kuntz's store Monday morning, and then walked out again. Mrs. J.W. Hart left yesterday morning for Cincinnati to purchase her fall stock of millinery goods. She was accompanied by her daughters Jessie and Helen. Dayton Randolph and Flora Rood, of Long Bottom, were married at Marietta Tuesday of last week. D.C. Sayre, of Letart, is attending medical lectures at Columbus. Win Nye, druggist of Portsmouth, is spending a few days in town. Mrs. Sara Blackburn died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Evans, at Lincolnville, Kansas, August 27, in the 84th year of her age. Deceased was the mother of Wm. Chittenden, of Racine, and many years ago resided in Pomeroy. W. S. Nease, who has been in charge of the Lietwiller flour mill at New Haven for several years, has resigned and is now employed by Gloeckner & Company, of this city. Aaron Hart, a veteran of the Mexican and the late war, died at his home on Thomas Fork last Friday. ----------------------- MARRIAGE LICENSES C.H. Vickers and Lydia A. Elberfeld; Charlie G. Folden and Maggie McCaskey; David L. Folden and Emma R. Wiseman; E.M. Grimm and Fannie Chapman F.G. Gloeckner and Laura M. Hobbs; Branson Hanna and Melissa May McGraw; David John Eblin and Roselma Dodson. ----------------------- SHETLAND PONY OVERBOARD Master Harry Pritchard who was here from Pittsburgh recently with his Shetland pony, on a visit to his grandpa, Dr. Jones, met with some excitement on his way home. He went up on the steamer Hudson. A short distance below Parkersburg the pony got loose and jumped overboard. It floated about a mile back toward Pomeroy before the boat could back down and pick it up. It was rescued uninjured, however. ----------------------- AARON HART whose death is mentioned elsewhere in this paper, was born May 1, 1829, in Meigs County and died September 3d, aged 62 years, 4 months and 3 days. Deceased was married March 17, 1850 to Jane Mitchell, who survives together with 8 children. There are two children dead. Deceased served his country in the Mexican War, and in the late Rebellion, being a member of Scott's invading army in the Mexican War and a private in the 9th W.Va. during the late war. ------------------------ SHORT BUT INTERESTING The noted base ball club of Letart, Ohio, came down Saturday afternoon to play the Browns, of this city. Owing to the shortness of time before the train arrived to take the visitors home but three innings were played, resulting in three goose eggs on each side. ------------------------- Transcribed by Susan Kuhl.

The Meigs County Republican Wednesday, September 16, 1891
Soldier's Reunion in Middleport An effort is being made to hold a Grand Reunion of the Soldiers of this and adjoining counties, at Middleport, on the 14th and 15th of October. The parties having the Reunion in charge never fail in any undertaking, and it is safe to say they will make a success of it. Due announcement will be made hereafter. Our people will be called upon for contributions. Be liberal. Let every one help to make the Reunion what it ought to be. Pensions allowed through W. L. MCMASTER'S agency, Middleport; W. W. Howell, Dexter -Increase Jos. W. Fife, Addison -Increase Jos. Higginbotham, Letart -Increase, Florentine Forrest, Webster, Iowa -Increase. William Moore, Mason, West Virginia -Increase. Elizabeth Little, Henking -Widow's pension, $12 per month, and $2 additional one child. Mary B. Thomas, Middleport -Widow's pension, $12 per month, and $2 additional each for four children. Daniel B. Thomas, deceased -Pension payable to widow, $6 per month. Charles Jones, Hayward, South Dakota -Pension, $12 per month James N. CASTO, Clifton -Increase to $17 per month. Adam WAGNER, Letart -Pension, $8 per month. [Transcribed by Shari (Little) Creech]

The Democrat, Pomeroy, Ohio December 10, 1891
Married: Mr. William SAUER and Miss Eva KOBB, of the Fourth ward, were married at the parsonage of Rev. MUELLER last Saturday evening. [Transcribed by Nancy Cain Knepper]

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