Meigs County News For The Year 1918

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

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Democrat February 27, 1918
Flash From the Sky Snuff Out the Life of Martin Dye, Of Harrisonville Monday afternoon, while the thunderstorm was going on, a bolt of lightning struck Martin DYE dead, in a field on his farm two miles west of Harrisonville. His lifeless body was found sometime later, and it was not at first apparent what had caused his death. Coroner McCULLOUGH was summoned, and investigation disclosed that the bolt had entered the top of the head and passed down through the body. Death was undoubtedly instantaneous. Mr. DYE was aged about 37. He leaves a wife, whose maiden name was Lena MUSSER, also three children. He was a son of the late Andrew DYE and brother of Harry DYE, employed at the Ellis Clothing store, in this city. Deceased was a fine young man, industrious and exemplary in conduct, of whom we once heard a lady remark that she considered him "the best boy in Meigs county." He indeed, stood well in all respects in his home community. Transcribed by Connie Cotterill Schumaker.

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