Meigs County News For The Year 1919

These pages contain transcriptions of news items published in Meigs County newspapers. They were transcribed from microfilm copies of the originals or from the originals themselves.

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unknown newspaper March, 1919
OBITUARY John Clarence, only son of Oscar and Ollie Chase Lyle, was born in Salem Twp. October 3, 1892 and died by accident March 6, 1919, being at the time of his death 26 years 5 months and 3 days of age. His father preceded him in death several years ago, also one sister, Grace, in 1909. He was united in marriage to Iva Romine in December 1912, and to this union were born three children, Adrian Blanche, age 4; Floyd Hurley, aged 2; and Harold aged 1 year. These with his wife, mother and two sisters, Leona Davis and Blanche Gray, beside a legion of friends, are left to mourn his loss. He was a kind father and son, a good neighbor and a hard-working industrious man. He was a member of I.O.O.F. lodge of Dexter, which had charge of the funeral. Rev. Parmalee preached his funeral Sunday at the Midway church; burial in Robinson cemetery.

unknown Meigs County newspaper September, 1919
SCHOOL REUNION A reunion of the old pupils and friends of the VanZant school was held there on Sept. 5, 1919, to the number of about seventy-five. The community is noted for its hospitality and good fellowship. There were represented every age from the Civil war veteran to the tiny tot. The school room had been nicely decorated with flags, flowers and festoons of colors, by Mrs. Estella V. Dustin, assisted by Miss Grace Vance, present teacher, and pupils. Some thoughtful friend added several easy rockers for the comfort of the jubilant silver-haired class of 1861 who spoke their old "pieces" talked over "old times" with but one regret, their old school master Major S. N. Titus of Marion came a few days [previous] to meet with, was called to Camp Sherman the evening before to be at the bedside of his son Fred, who passed away the evening of the fifth. At the noon hour they all gathered around a lengthy table ladened with all the delicacies of the season, even to ripe paw-paws from J. E. VanZants dinner basket. The afternoon was spent with music and visiting. Wee Mary VanZant sang several cheery songs. Mrs. Estella VanZant invited the crowd to group themselves on the slope, in sight of her camera, the "Senior Class" got a second view. So much did all enjoy the occasion it was decided to meet annually. G. W. VanZant and Wilbur Wilcox, committee on arrangements for next year. Following is a list of those present: Clyde, Tena, William and Grace Vance, Floyd Rumfield, J. E. Rupe, John A. and Harold Ward, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. VanZant, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. VanZant, William, Kenneth, Doris, G. W. Heyen, Mary and Geo. VanZant, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Marion Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Jont Rupe, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Rupe, Claud and Marcus Rupe, Fred Hix, A. L. Smith, Benson Thomas, Mrs. Estella V. Dustin, W. E. Stansbury, M. C. Boice, Wilber, Cora, Woodrow and Evelyn Wilcox, John Wildman, Mrs. M. J. Rutherford, Jesta, Floyd and Lena Rumfield, Alys, Pearl, Marvin, Leo, Kathryn and Wayne Rupe, Warren Wilcox, Leona and Dorthea Kennedy, J. W. Ward, Cora Ward, Garnet, Nelson J., Lola M. and Frank Ward, W. L., L. M., Alma and Frances Athey, Cora, Bruce, Theron and Marvin Morris, Morris, James, Flora, Worley, Ferry, Mildred and Kenneth Chase. --------- [On the reverse of this clipping is a list of pastors who served a church, which is not named in the portion of the article preserved. However, based on other references to some of the pastors in the list, the church can be identified as St. Paul's German Lutheran. The original article included dates of service for the pastors, but almost all of that information has been cut off. - ed.] Rev. Wm. Sihler Rev. Romanowski Rev. L. W. Habel Rev. Paul Heid Rev. Fr. Groth Rev. Zur Muehlen Rev. F. W. Althoff Rev. W. L. Meyer Rev. C. J. Oehlschlaeger Rev. Wm. Schmidt Rev. A. J. Feger Rev. P. G. Schmogrow Rev. C. W. Waltner Rev. W. F. Rose Rev. A. J. Klindworth Rev. L. W. Freyburg Rev. C. F. Wm. Hartlage Rev. F. J. Schellhase Rev. C. H. S. Hunsiker

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