Last Will and Testament of Zachariah Bradfield

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I Zachariah Bradfield of the 
Township of Scipio County of Meigs and State of Ohio being of sound mind and 
memory do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form 

1st   After my decease my will is to be buried in a decent and Christian like 

2nd   I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Mary Bradfield all of 
my household and kitchen furniture of every description together with all of 
my personal property of every description  whatever to her for her only 
proper use and benefit so long as she remains my window after which it is my 
will that the above named property or the avails there of shall be equally 
divided between seven of my children that is to say, my sons, Jesse and 
George Bradfield and my daughter Elizabeth Turner, Margaret Dye, Mary Howell, 
Harriet Staats and Roena Bradfield.

3rd   I do also will and bequeath into my wife Mary Bradfield all of the real 
estate that I now own and occupy being about eighty acres being and lying in 
Section number thirteen (No. 13) Range number fourteen (No. 14) in Town 
number seven (No. 7)  Ohio Company's purchase.  Also about thirty acres of 
land being and lying in Section number 7 (No. 7) Town (No. 7) Range fourteen 
(No. 14) Ohio Company's purchase making in all one hundred and ten acres to 
her and for her use and benefit so long as she remains my widow.

4th  I do will and bequeath until my son John Bradfield the above described 
lots of land being one hundred and ten acres as aforesaid to come into his 
hands at the death of my widow or when she shall no longer remains my widow 
to him and his heirs to use and their only proper use benefit and behoof 
forever when the same shall cease to belong to my widow according to this 
will by him defraying the expenses of my sickness and funeral charges.

5th  It is my will that my personal property and farming utensils should 
remain on the farm for the use of my widow and John.

6th  It is also my will that my daughter Roena Bradfield have a home with my 
widow and John on the old farm as long as she remains single.

7th  I do give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Bradfield a certain obligation 
I hold on John Bradfield payable two years from this date for fifty dollars 
to be paid with a horse. 

8th  I do hereby nominate and appoint John Alkire, Jr. as sole Executor this 
my last Will and Testament.

9th  I hereby declare this to be my last Will and Testament hereby undoing 
all former wills, by me made.

In Testimony where of I have unto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day 
of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four 
 AD. 1844

Zachariah X Bradfield    (seal)

Signed and acknowledge in the presence of us by the said Zachariah Bradfield 
who declared the same to be his last Will and Testament and signed by us in 
his presence.        A. Dunlap
                                              John Bartly                     

In the matter of the Last Will and Testament of Zachariah Bradfield decease 
is A. Dunlap and John Bartley being duly sworn according to the law depose 
and say that they saw the Testator sign his name and heard him declare the 
same to be his last Will and Testament they signed their names hereto is 
witnesses at his request in his presence and that the Testator was of sane 
mind and twenty one years of age and not under any strait at the time and is 
since dead and further this deponent saith not known (or sworn) to subscribed 
in open court.                                     John Bartley

July 2, 1846      M. Bosworth Clerk
The State of Ohio
Meigs County 

 I do hereby certify the fore going to be a true copy of the last Will and 
Testament of Zachariah Bradfield late of said County deceased as presented in 
open Court, their June Term AD 1846 and duly proven and admitted to record 
and also a true copy of evidence adduced as to the true executive said Will 
all which will appear by reference to the Time Records of said Court page 
1133 (or it also could be 433). 
 Signed M. Bosworth Clerk

[Transcribed by Connie Schumaker]