1820 Meigs County Census, in original sequence

This is an index to the 1820 U.S. Federal Census of Meigs County, Ohio, sorted as listed on the census. Entries marked by "?" are difficult to interpret on the census microfilm. This index was created by Sharon Bickle Rickerson and appears here by her gracious permission. Additions and corrections welcome.

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Surname       Given name       Pg     Location
Ogdin         Alvon            112    Columbia
Wood          George           112    Columbia
Wood          Joshua           112    Columbia
Caster        Hezekiah         112    Columbia
Wood          John             112    Columbia
McKinster     William          112    Columbia
Davis         James            112    Columbia
Davis         George           112    Columbia
Graham        David            112    Columbia
Graham        William          112    Columbia
Brooks        Thomas Jr.       112    Columbia
Ross          Henry            112    Columbia
Linn          Abraham          112    Columbia
Philips       Solomon          112    Columbia
Townsend      James            112    Columbia
Townsend      Solomon          112    Columbia
Mace          Henry            112    Columbia
Brooks        Jonathan         112    Columbia
Brooks        Jonathan Jr.     112    Columbia
Brooks        Thomas           112    Columbia
Shidler       David            112    Columbia
Sharp         Thomas           112    Columbia
Price         Caleb            112    Lebanon
Pickens       David            112    Lebanon
Lawrence      Simson           112    Lebanon
Worth         George           112    Lebanon
Commins       George           112    Lebanon
Pickens       William          112    Lebanon
Flesher       John             112    Lebanon
Rigon         Jacob            112    Lebanon
Gills         James            112    Lebanon
Hall          John             112    Lebanon
Flinn         Thomas           112    Lebanon
Smith         John             112    Lebanon
Shipman       Charles          112    Lebanon
Knapp         Abraham          112    Lebanon
Lindley       Tiba Jr.         112    Lebanon
Anderson      Edward           112    Lebanon
Lindley       Tiba             112    Lebanon
Miller        Stephen R.       112    Lebanon
Anderson      Andrew           112    Lebanon
Sissle        John             112    Lebanon
Sayre         Thomas           112    Lebanon
Pickens       Robert           112    Lebanon
Dailey        David            112    Lebanon
Buffington    Jacob            112    Lebanon
Lasley        Aaron            112    Lebanon
Smith         William          112    Lebanon
Barringer     William          112    Lebanon
Elias         Browning         112    Lebanon
Buffington    Joseph           112    Lebanon
Heath         David            112    Lebanon
Sims          Edward           112    Lebanon
Jenkins       Lawrence         112    Lebanon
Brown         John             112    Lebanon
Jackson       Samuel M.        112    Lebanon
Brown         Hugh             112    Lebanon
Alford        Catharine        112    Lebanon
Lauck         Philip           112    Lebanon
Lauck         William          112    Lebanon
Gandy         Levi T.          112    Lebanon
Smith         Solomon          112    Lebanon
Sayre         John H.          112A   Letart
Downing       Samuel A.        112A   Letart
Warner        Benjamin         112A   Letart
Taylor        Isaac            112A   Letar,
Roller        Molly            112A   Letart
Wheelbarger   David            112A   Letart
Wolf          Elizabeth        112A   Letart
Vail          Thomas           112A   Letart
Linscott      John             112A   Letart
Darst         Michael          112A   Letart
Wolf          Peter            112A   Letart
Krell         George           112A   Letart
Roush         Anthony          112A   Letart
Roush         Henry            112A   Letart
Roush         Baltser          112A   Letart
Harpole       Adam             112A   Letart
Roush         Michael          112A   Letart
Roush         Henry Jr.        112A   Letart
Osborn        Levi             112A   Letart
Goodfellow    Moses            112A   Letart
Goodfellow    Peter R.         112A   Letart
McElroy       John             112A   Letart
Clark         Samuel           112A   Letart
Pickens       Niece            112A   Letart
German        Nilby            112A   Letart
Scott         Jacob            112A   Letart
Deviney       John             112A   Letart
Sayre         Thomas           112A   Letart
McDade        Edward           112A   Letart
Sayre         Ephraim          112A   Letart
Sayre         David C.         112A   Letart
Waggoner      John             112A   Letart
Chapman       Ezra             112A   Letart
Burns         George           112A   Letart
Sayre         David B.         112A   Letart
Sayre         John             112A   Letart
Powell        Job              112A   Letart
Bradford      Burton           112A   Letart
Hayman        John             112A   Letart
Hayman        James            112A   Letart
White         John S.          112A   Letart
Alexander     William          112A   Letart
Boudinot      John             112A   Letart
Love          Thomas           112A   Letart
Sayre         Moses            112A   Letart
Slack         Lydia            112A   Letart
Smith         Reuben           112A   Letart
Deviney       Elizabeth        112A   Letart
Smith         William          112A   Letart
Marvin        Calvin           112A   Letart
Crowser       Jacob            112A   Letart
Sayre         Robert           112A   Letart
Hayman        Spencer          112A   Letart
Jedidiah      Darby            112A   Letart
Ketchem       Theopholus       112A   Letart
Bebee         Elijah           112A   Letart
Bebee         Joseph           112A   Letart
Kingree       Abraham          112A   Letart
Boyce         William A.       112A   Letart
Coins         Jonathan         112A   Letart
Huster        Robert           112A   Letart
Rice          Shadrack         112A   Letart
Smith         John             112A   Letart
Chase         Haviland         112A   Letart
Lovett        Daniel           112A   Letart
Smith         John             112A   Letart
German        William          113    Olive
Cowdery       Ethan            113    Olive
Bradshaw      William          113    Olive
Osborn        Josiah           113    Olive
Osborn        Jeremiah         113    Olive
Buffington    William          113    Olive
Reed          Major            113    Olive
Landon        Leven            113    Olive
Gill          Robert           113    Olive
Bramble       Thomas           113    Olive
Tubbs         Reuben           113    Olive
Hoit          Ezra             113    Olive
Knowles       James            113    Olive
Packard       Absolom          113    Olive
Sloper        Samuel           113    Olive
Woodard       Amos             113    Olive
Post          William          113    Olive
Coleman       Samuel           113    Olive
Whitesides    William          113    Olive
Burger        Timothy          113    Olive
Ray           John             113    Olive
Moserue       Thomas           113    Olive
Stewart       Paul             113    Olive
Coleman       John             113    Olive
Bussart       Eli              113    Olive
Green         John             113    Olive
Sims          John             113    Olive
Osborn        David            113    Olive
Sedore        Jacob            113    Olive
Bussart       Andrew           113    Olive
Sims          Francis          113    Olive
Cowdery       Jacob            113    Olive
Green         Ebenezer         113    Olive
Bailey        Moses            113    Olive
Fulsom        John             113    Olive
Falsom        Asa              113    Olive
Oakley        Miles Jr.        113    Olive
Oakley        Miles            113    Olive
Wiley         Thomas           113    Olive
Robinson      Isaac            113    Olive
Doderer       Philip           113    Olive
Shuldo        James Jr.        113    Olive
Norris        Isaac            113    Olive
Clifford      Henry            113    Olive
Fellows       John W.          113    Olive
Norris        Aaron            113    Olive
Oliver        John             113    Olive
Shuler        James            113    Olive
Martin        James            113    Olive
Thoms         Samuel           113    Olive
Fesler        Henry            113    Olive
Griffin       Isaiah           113    Olive
Cormish       Abraham          113    Olive
Stevenson     J.P.             113    Olive
Besmont       Polly            113    Olive
Kims          Abraham          113    Olive
Sims          William          113    Olive
Hyde          Isaac            113    Olive
Wason         John             113A   Olive
Sims          John             113A   Olive
Sims          Barnet           113A   Olive
Williams      John             113A   Olive
Price         Isaac            113A   Olive
McClimtie     George           113A   Olive
Howard        Jesse            113A   Olive
Coleman       Thomas           113A   Olive
Reed          Moses            113A   Olive
Williams      Erastus          113A   Olive
Fox           Philip           113A   Olive
Fox           Samuel           113A   Olive
Pilcher       William          113A   Olive
Caldwell      William          113A   Olive
Rarden        Thomas           113A   Olive
Holly         Eddy             113A   Orange
Mooney        John             113A   Orange
Bowers        Henry            113A   Orange
Cranmer       Daniel           113A   Orange
Walker        Obadiah          113A   Orange
Cowdery       Joel             113A   Orange
Waruner       Israel           113A   Orange
Whitney       Jabez            113A   Orange
Morris        William          113A   Orange
Ryther        James            113A   Orange
Weldon        William          113A   Orange
Hoit          Joseph           113A   Orange
Hecox         William          113A   Orange
Branch        Josiah           113A   Orange
Cook          William          113A   Orange
Weldon        James            113A   Orange
Thorn         Eliahim          113A   Orange
Couch         Firman           113A   Orange
Keys          David            113A   Orange
Story         John             113A   Orange
Hoit          John Jr.         113A   Orange
Kitton        Noble            113A   Orange
Hecon         Sylvester        113A   Orange
Quimby        Enos             113A   Orange
Bridges       Edmond           113A   Orange
Rice          Josiah           113A   Orange
Johnston      Abraham          113A   Orange
Hoit          Robert H.        113A   Orange
Branch        Samuel           113A   Orange
Halsey        Jarvis           113A   Orange
Shriever      Godfrey          113A   Orange
Cowdery       Cyrus            113A   Orange
Shumway       Phil             113A   Orange
Heron         Jeptha           113A   Orange
Hugg          John             113A   Orange
Harper        Daniel           113A   Orange
Borough       Josiah           113A   Orange
Webster       Augustine        113A   Orange
Halsey        Charles          113A   Orange
Worthing      Jesse            113A   Orange
Halsey        Jacob            113A   Orange
Durns         Bial             113A   Orange
Persons       Horace           113A   Orange
Cartright     William          113A   Orange
Rice          Charles          113A   Orange
Weldon        Richard          113A   Orange
Dains         Jeptha           113A   Orange
Grove         Peter            113A   Orange
Hoit          Jonathan         113A   Orange
Halsey        Jesse            113A   Orange
Hecox         Truman           113A   Orange
Gibbs         Miles H.         113A   Orange
Stout         Benjamin         113A   Orange
Johnston      Isaac            113A   Orange
Stout         George           113A   Orange
Eblon         Abijah           113A   Orange
Monroe        George           113A   Orange
Wilson        Solomon          113A   Orange
Greenleaf     Elias            113A   Orange
Carley        Ebenezer         113A   Orange
Sloan         John             113A   Orange
Haskins       Joel             113A   Orange
Peirce        Isaac            113A   Orange
Smart         Charles          113A   Orange
Devore        Benjamin         113A   Orange
Reed          Whittemore       113A   Orange
Peirce        Nathaniel        113A   Orange
Devore        John L.          113A   Orange
Hecox         Luther           113A   Orange
Hopson        Robert           113A   Orange
Hoit          Jeremiah         113A   Orange
Hale          Sewell           113A   Orange
Child         Seth             113A   Orange
Parsons       William          113A   Orange
Conant        Jacob            113A   Orange
Frost         Benjamin         113A   Orange
Purchase      Townley          113A   Orange
Devore        Benjamin Jr.     113A   Orange
Southard      David C.         113A   Orange
Tubbs         Daniel           113A   Orange
Maynard       Levi             113A   Orange
Atkins        Lemuel           113A   Orange
Dailey        David            113A   Orange
Bosworth      Hezekiah         113A   Orange
Tubbs         Frederick        113A   Orange
Tubbs         Frederick Jr.    113A   Orange
Kidder        Abel             113A   Orange
Ray           Isaac            113A   Orange
Davis         Eli              113A   Orange
Humphreys     William          113A   Orange
Tubbs         William          113A   Orange
Smart         Charles Jr.      113A   Orange
Twitchell     William          113A   Orange
Colmer        Abraham          113A   Orange
Dains         Asa              113A   Orange
Dains         Calvin           113A   Orange
Morris        George           113A   Orange
Sloan         Joseph           113A   Orange
Vankirk       John             113A   Orange
Roberts       Solomon          114A   Orange
Stout         Joseph           114A   Orange
Johnston      William          114A   Orange
Luellen       William          114A   Orange
Gouthrie      Stephen          114A   Orange
Dameion       Amos             114A   Orange
Barton        John             114A   Orange
Barton        Thomas S.        114A   Orange
Young         Hugh             114A   Orange
Newell        John             114A   Orange
Bissell       Warren           114A   Orange
Eddy          Nathaniel        114A   Orange
McClanathan   John             114A   Orange
James         John             114A   Orange
Stedman       Levi             114A   Orange
Dean          William          114A   Orange
Rimes         Jacob            114A   Orange
Johnson       Moses            114A   Orange
Commins       John             114A   Orange
Bottenger     Henry            114A   Orange
King          Jacob            114A   Orange
Davis         John             114A   Orange
Johnson       William          114A   Orange
Jay           Martin W.        114A   Orange
Branch        Harry            114A   Orange
Fish          Nathaniel        114A   Orange
Cooley        Asalarl          114A   Orange
Cullums       John             114A   Orange
Tinkham       Seth             114A   Orange
Fish          Absolom          114A   Orange
Harris        John             114A   Orange
Smith         Joel             114A   Orange
Winn          Abraham          114A   Rutland
Howell        Matthew          114A   Rutland
Forest        James            114A   Rutland
Bartrum       Uriah            114A   Rutland
Gaston        Jared            114A   Rutland
Gardner       Caleb            114A   Rutland
Crandall      Gardner          114A   Rutland
Brine         Lake             114A   Rutland
Silvester     Joseph           114A   Rutland
Winn          Joseph           114A   Rutland
Silvestor     John             114A   Rutland
Kimball       Andrew           114A   Rutland
Hubbell       Abijah Jr.       114A   Rutland
Savage        Joseph           114A   Rutland
Leidley       Arthur           114A   Rutland
Simpson       Josiah           114A   Rutland
Logue         Samuel           114A   Rutland
Hisle         Pulliam H.       114A   Rutland
King          Micager          114A   Rutland
Filkin        Henry            114A   Rutland
Rathburn      Elisha           114A   Rutland
Wright        William          114A   Rutland
Thomas        David            114A   Rutland
Stroud        John             114A   Rutland
Hisle         Nimrod           114A   Rutland
Hisle         Anthony          115    Rutland
Graham        James            115    Rutland
Higley        Elihu            115    Rutland
Cook          Richard          115    Rutland
Stowe         Erastus          115    Rutland
Graham        James Jr.        115    Rutland
Skinner       Asahel           115    Rutland
Twitchell     Joshua           115    Rutland
Saunders      David            115    Rutland
Chase         Abel             115    Rutland
Giles         Joseph           115    Rutland
Pain          Seth             115    Rutland
Shaw          John             115    Rutland
Bickle        Jacob            115    Rutland
Spilman       John             115    Rutland
Gaston        William          115    Rutland
Gaston        Anson            115    Rutland
Danford       Samuel           115    Rutland
Archer        Earl P.          115    Rutland
Hubbell       Jesse            115    Rutland
Brown         James E.         115    Rutland
Aleshire      David            115    Rutland
Hisle         Francis          115    Rutland
Hisle         Henwood          115    Rutland
Larkin        Abel             115    Rutland
Smith         Livingston       115    Rutland
Higley        Brewster         115    Rutland
Higley        Brewster Jr.     115    Rutland
McGuire       James            115    Rutland
Shephard      Thomas           115    Rutland
McGlaughlin   William          115    Rutland
McGlaughlin   John             115    Rutland
McGlaughlin   James            115    Rutland
Graham        Gabriel          115    Rutland
Savage        Jesse            115    Rutland
Tyler         Dean             115    Rutland
Knox          Reuben           115    Rutland
Gould         Abel             115    Rutland
Hatch         Aaron            115    Rutland
King          William          115    Rutland
Gaston        Thomas           115    Rutland
Richardson    Joseph           115    Rutland
Richardson    Benjamin         115    Rutland
Barrett       Selah            115    Rutland
Plummer       Joseph D.        115    Rutland
Hisle         Leonard          115    Rutland
Taylor        Cyrus            115    Rutland
Miles         John             115    Rutland
Smith         William          115    Rutland
Grant         John             115    Rutland
Hubbell       Abijah           115    Rutland
Thomas        Jason            115    Rutland
Aleshire      Michael          115    Rutland
Aleshire      John             115    Rutland
Aleshire      William          115    Rutland
Phelps        Roswell          115    Rutland
Meeker        Martin           115    Rutland
Holt          Aaron            115A   Rutland
Aleshire      Coonrad          115A   Rutland
Savage        John             115A   Rutland
Washburn      Robert           115A   Rutland
Pierce        John             115A   Rutland
Brown         John V.          115A   Rutland
Everton       Thomas           115A   Rutland
Benedic       Felix            115A   Rutland
Percey        Cornelius        115A   Rutland
Stevens       William          115A   Rutland
Church        Elizabeth        115A   Rutland
McNeal        Thomas           115A   Rutland
Noble         Charles          115A   Rutland
Noble         Shubell          115A   Rutland
Caldwell      James E.         115A   Rutland
Parker        William          115A   Rutland
Carpenter     Amos             115A   Rutland
Bolton        James            115A   Rutland
Brailey       Amos             115A   Rutland
Brailey       Ebenezer         115A   Rutland
Simpson       Robert           115A   Rutland
Stedman       Eli              115A   Rutland
McClasky      James            115A   Rutland
Stevens       Jesse            115A   Rutland
Stowe         James            115A   Rutland
Parker        William          115A   Salem
Purenton      John             115A   Salem
McClure       James            115A   Salem
Aleshire      Peter            115A   Salem
Sprouce       John             115A   Salem
Williams      John             115A   Salem
Searle        Sweetland        115A   Salem
Strong        Elijah           115A   Salem
Connor        James            115A   Salem
Arbaugh       Joseph           115A   Salem
Guess         William          115A   Salem
Giles         John S.          115A   Salem
Shaw          Cushing          115A   Salem
Strong        Elizias          115A   Salem
Kent          Samuel           115A   Salem
Swett         Jacob            115A   Salem
Leigh         Benjamin         115A   Salem
McCarty       George           115A   Salem
Nelson        Samson           115A   Salem
Vonschriltz   L.V.             115A   Salem
Vonschriltz   Alan             115A   Salem
Maloon        Mark             115A   Salem
Fordice       John             115A   Salem
Shaw          Benjamin         115A   Salem
Aleshire      Ephraim          115A   Salem
Crowell       Eleazer          115A   Salem
Connor        John             115A   Salem
Strong        Daniel           115A   Salem
Smith         Ephraim          115A   Salem
Knowlton      Chauncey         115A   Salem
Coy           William          115A   Salem
Williams      Edward           116    Salem
Gilmon        Henry            116    Salem
McCoy         Thomas           116    Salem
Aleshire      Peter Jr.        116    Salem
Davis         William          116    Salem
Crowell       Arnold           116    Salem
Strong        John             116    Salem
Booth         Levi             116    Salem
James         John             116    Salem
Robinson      John             116    Salem
Martindill    James            116    Salem
Martindill    Joseph           116    Salem
Crowell       Benjamin         116    Salem
Darst         John             116    Salem
Martinsill    David            116    Salem
Strong        Silas            116    Salem
Peney         David            116    Salem
Strong        Stephen          116    Salem
Bradford      Joseph           116    Salisbury
Bradford      David            116    Salisbury
Wright        Charles          116    Salisbury
Whitney       William          116    Salisbury
Linsdey       David            116    Salisbury
Smith         Joel             116    Salisbury
Smith         Benjamin         116    Salisbury
Frazier       Frederick        116    Salisbury
Vining        Josiah           116    Salisbury
Eedeston      Persis           116    Salisbury
Harden        Percy            116    Salisbury
Rathburn      Alvan            116    Salisbury
Bullock       Sarah            116    Salisbury
Williams      Benjamin         116    Salisbury
Crock         David            116    Salisbury
Rathburn      Daniel           116    Salisbury
Higley        Cyrus            116    Salisbury
Murray        Archibald        116    Salisbury
Russell       George           116    Salisbury
McNaughton    Daniel           116    Salisbury
Higley        Joel             116    Salisbury
Winkley       John             116    Salisbury
Rigley        Samuel           116    Salisbury
Wilder        Lemuel L.        116    Salisbury
Jones         Charles          116    Salisbury
Hisle         Frederick        116    Salisbury
Meeker        Isaac            116    Salisbury
Smith         Timothy          116    Salisbury
Sans          Erastus          116    Salisbury
Harris        Robert B.        116    Salisbury
Russell       Ira              116    Salisbury
Vining        Joseph           116    Salisbury
Jones         Increase         116    Salisbury
Smith         James            116    Salisbury
Hisle         Edward           116    Salisbury
Austen        Caleb            116    Salisbury
Kerr          William          116    Salisbury
Woodward      John             116    Salisbury
Hisle         Strother         116    Salisbury
Smith         John             116    Salisbury
Jones         Philip           116A   Salisbury
Everett       Samuel           116A   Salisbury
Kerr          Hamilton         116A   Salisbury
Clough        Benjamin T.      116A   Salisbury
Dodson        William          116A   Salisbury
Bailey        William          116A   Salisbury
Kindall       John             116A   Salisbury
Knapp         George           116A   Salisbury
Bean          Nathaniel        116A   Salisbury
Harris        Hosiah           116A   Salisbury
Smith         Isaac            116A   Salisbury
Bingham       Tom              116A   Salisbury
Knight        Silas            116A   Salisbury
Hisle         John             116A   Salisbury
Russell       George           116A   Salisbury
Jones         Benson           116A   Salisbury
Clark         Silas            116A   Salisbury
Hobart        William          116A   Salisbury
Parker        Joshua           116A   Salisbury
Hugg          Isaac            116A   Salisbury
Howard        Ebenezer         116A   Salisbury
Vining        Samuel           116A   Salisbury
Knight        John             116A   Salisbury
Bradshaw      Cornelius        116A   Salisbury
Partlow       Amos             116A   Salisbury
Bailey        John             116A   Salisbury
Mason         Jeptha           116A   Salisbury
Frost         Benjamin         116A   Salisbury
Bailey        Robert           116A   Salisbury
Frost         Samuel           116A   Salisbury
Bailey        David            116A   Salisbury
Gilmore       Samuel           116A   Salisbury
Gilmore       Samuel Jr.       116A   Salisbury
Grigsby       Elias            116A   Salisbury
Saxton        Joseph           116A   Salisbury
Hoight        Eli              116A   Salisbury
Hisle         Robert           116A   Salisbury
Lyman         Samuel           116A   Salisbury
Vining        Richard          116A   Salisbury
Lyons         John             116A   Salisbury
Higley        Elam             116A   Salisbury
Rathburn      Daniel Jr.       116A   Salisbury
Bingham       Alvan            116A   Salisbury
Phelps        James C.         116A   Salisbury
Downing       Samuel           116A   Scipio
Page          Jesse            116A   Scipio
Hedrick       Leonard          116A   Scipio
Townsend      Robson           116A   Scipio
Page          Amos             116A   Scipio
Townsend      Robert           116A   Scipio
Riggs         Jeremiah         116A   Scipio
Forest        John             116A   Scipio
Heatly        Elizabeth        116A   Scipio
Margrave      John             116A   Scipio
Irwin         J.N.B.           116A   Scipio
Ervin         John             116A   Scipio
Brooks        Joseph           116A   Scipio
Gibson        James            116A   Scipio
Haning        James            116A   Scipio
McMaanes      Robert           117    Scipio
Douglass      John             117    Scipio
Haning        Moses            117    Scipio
Reeves        Reuben           117    Scipio
Monroe        Daniel           117    Scipio
Reeves        George           117    Scipio
Reeves        William          117    Scipio
Reeves        Richard          117    Scipio
Gee           Joseph           117    Scipio
Polley        Daniel           117    Scipio
Sanburn       Joseph G.        117    Scipio
French        Russell          117    Scipio
Jones         John             117    Scipio
Ray           Martin           117    Scipio
Darst         Jacob            117    Scipio
Johnston      Joshua           117    Scipio
Hecok         Milton           117    Scipio
Dye           Thomas           117    Scipio
Pickens       John             117    Sutton
Ingels        George           117    Sutton
Ingels        Joseph           117    Sutton
Thompson      Aaron            117    Sutton
Wolf          Peter            117    Sutton
Kerr          William          117    Sutton
Batey         Thomas           117    Sutton
Hayman        John H.          117    Sutton
Pickens       Samuel           117    Sutton
Wolf          Jacob            117    Sutton
Ashworth      Thomas           117    Sutton
Torrence      Aaron            117    Sutton
Elliot        Simion           117    Sutton
Stivers       Randall          117    Sutton
Pickens       James            117    Sutton
Gilson        Erastus          117    Sutton
McCormick     James            117    Sutton
Roush         Cornelius        117    Sutton
Hughs         Francis          117    Sutton
Hussey        John             117    Sutton
Radford       William          117    Sutton
Ashworth      James            117    Sutton
Fortes        Isaac            117    Sutton
Ashworth      David            117    Sutton
Salser        Jacob            117    Sutton
Partlow       Stephen          117    Sutton
Baird         Robert           117    Sutton
Pullins       Lofler           117    Sutton
Pullins       John             117    Sutton
Will          Michael          117    Sutton
Schibelair    George           117    Sutton
Ralph         John             117    Sutton
Smith         Thomas           117    Sutton
Hudson        David            117    Sutton
Sole          Anson            117    Sutton
Hull          Joel             117    Sutton
Root          Stephen          117    Sutton
Grant         Samuel           117    Sutton
Curtis        David            117    Sutton
Cooper        David            117    Sutton
Maston        Peter            117    Sutton
Kimes         William          117A   Sutton
Branch        Jasper           117A   Sutton
Hardy         Wyman            117A   Sutton
Burnap        Ezra             117A   Sutton
Smith         John R.          117A   Sutton
Pickens       Thompson         117A   Sutton
Aumiller      Jacob            117A   Sutton
Young         David            117A   Sutton
Johnston      Asa              117A   Sutton
Hayes         Benjamin         117A   Sutton
Laslye        Jonathan         117A   Sutton
Ward          Edward           117A   Sutton
Roush         George           117A   Sutton
White         Mary             117A   Sutton
Wolf          Henry            117A   Sutton
Parker        Lymon            117A   Sutton
Jones         Seth             117A   Sutton
Elliott       Fuller           117A   Sutton
Reding        Thomas           117A   Sutton
Wolf          John             117A   Sutton
Lallance      Peter            117A   Sutton
Wolf          George           117A   Sutton
Circle        Michael          117A   Sutton
Ripley        Sylvanius        117A   Sutton
Donley        Andrew           117A   Sutton
Quickle       John             117A   Sutton
Danielson     Luther           117A   Sutton
Walling       Gabriel          117A   Sutton
Ross          John             117A   Sutton
Frank         John             117A   Sutton
Wolf          Solomon          117A   Sutton
Wiggen        Thomas           117A   Sutton
Westfall      Samuel           117A   Sutton
Gilmore       Sarah            117A   Sutton
Watkins       William          117A   Sutton
McBride       Jacob            117A   Sutton
Watkins       Philip           117A   Sutton
Blain         James            117A   Sutton
Prentise      Nathaniel        117A   Sutton
Chase         Lewis            117A   Sutton
Haden         Richard          117A   Sutton
Burch         Royal            117A   Sutton
Healy         Michael          117A   Sutton
Burrell       Mary             117A   Sutton
McBride       Ragger           117A   Sutton
Dunbar        Mary             117A   Sutton
Houdeshell    Adam             117A   Sutton
Dixon         James            117A   Sutton
Petty         Michael          117A   Sutton
Warner        Philmon          117A   Sutton
Warner        John             117A   Sutton
Barton        Robert C.        117A   Sutton
Weaver        Nicolas          117A   Sutton
Scott         Charlotte        117A   Sutton
Robinson      Fenn             117A   Sutton
Sims          Hezekiah         117A   Sutton
Stewart       David            117A   Sutton
Shumway       Jeremiah         117A   Sutton