1860 Meigs Co. Census Mortality Schedule

This is a transcription of the 1860 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Meigs County, Ohio. It was transcribed by Mark Meinhart and appears here by his gracious permission.

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NAME                     AGE   SEX   MARR   ST.BIRTH     MONTH/YR DIED

Albine, Fred            2/12    M             OH          Jun/1859
Alexfit, Jacob          4/12    M             OH          Apr/1860
Alshire, Mary             4     F             OH          Jan/1860
Anderson, Jeremiah       27     M      M      VA          Jul/1859
Angel, Catherine          5     F             OH          Feb/1860
Armston, C. W.            1     M             VA          Dec/1859
Atkinson, Minerva         3     F             OH       Aug.20/1859
Aumiller, Lilly V.              F                      Jul.21/1859
Bamboux, Samuel          36     M      M      OH          Dec/1859
Baer, Margaret          3/12    F             OH          Jun/1859
Baker, Val                5     M             OH          Aug/1859
Barbour, Samuel          32     M      M      PA          Dec/1859
Barton, J.               74     M             MD          Apr/1860
Barton, John             25     M             OH          Feb/1860
Barton, Stephen         8/12    M             OH          Apr/1860
Beal, Elizabeth A.        8     F             OH          Dec/1859
Bentz, William                  M                      Mar.28/1860
Bernel, Catherine      11/12    F             OH          Aug/1859
Bodkins, L.               7     F             OH          Apr/1860
Borham, Mary              6     F             OH          Apr/1860
Borham, Sarah             7d    F             OH          Feb/1860
Boss, John                2     M             OH          Dec/1859
Bowiss, F. M.             6     M             OH          Mar/1860
Bracewill, W.             1     M             OH          Dec/1859
Bradshaw, Margaret       21     F      M      OH          May/1860
Brickles, D.             34     M      M      OH          Aug/1859
Brickles, Z.            8/12    M             OH          Apr/1860
Brooks, William           1     M             OH          Sep/1859
Bruce, Stephen           72     M      M      PA       Feb.23/1860
Butes, Valentine          3     F?            OH          Oct/1859
Cable, Martha            19     F             OH          Apr/1860
Cain, Wm.                 1     M             OH          Jul/1859
Caldwell, Augustus        1     M             OH          Mar/1860
Campbell, Alexander       3     M             PA          Nov/1859
Canterbury, Floyd         1     M             OH          Dec/1859
Carney, Charles                 M                      May 20/1860
Carrick, E.               1     F             OH          Jul/1859
Carson, Wm.             5/12    M             OH          Jun/1859
Chamberlen, Martha       46     F                       Dec.8/1859
Chaney, John             32     M      M      MD          Mar/1860
Chuperan, Ezra           89     M      M      CT          Apr/1860
Church, Mary              5     F             OH          Aug/1859
Clairs, William M.        3     M             IA          Feb/1860
Cline, Catherine         22     F      M     Germ         Dec/1859
Cohn, Elizabeth         3/12    F             OH          Aug/1859
Cohn, James             9/12    M             OH          Jul/1859
Coles, Emes               9     F(Blk)        VA          May/1860
Congrove, Rosetta         1     F             OH          Mar/1860
Conway, Lucy              4     F             OH          Nov/1859
Corbin, Mary              1     F             OH          Jan/1860
Cowdery, Abigail O.      93     F      W      CT       Apr.16/1860
Cowen, Charles            1     M             OH          Jun/1850
Cromer, John             29     M            Ire          Jul/1859
Dains, Rudoiphus         32     M                      Jul.11/1859
Daniel, James G.         22     M             OH          Mar/1860
Davis, Benjamin           1     M             PA          Aug/1859
Davis, Carrie           2/12    F             OH          Jun/1859
Davis, E.                 1     F             OH          Jul/1859
Davis, Hanna              1     F             OH          Oct/1859
Davis, John            11/12    M             OH          Apr/1860
Davis, John A.           10     M             OH          Jul/1859
Davis, Margaret A.      5/12    F             OH          Jan/1860
Davis, Mary J.          1/12    F             OH          Apr/1860
Davis, Rudolphins        30     M      W      OH          Sep/1859
Dicken, Samuel           48     M      M      PA          Jul/1859
Doyle, Andrew            77     M                       Aug.7/1859
Dukes, Walter             5     M             IL          May/1860
Dye, E.                  73     F      W      PA          Mar/1860
Edwards, C. J.          5/12    M             OH          Dec/1859
Eisinger, Elizabeth      87     F      W     Germ         Sep/1859
Engel, R.                 8     F             OH          Mar/1860
Enochin, David J.         1     M             OH          Jul/1859
Epler, Frank              1     M             OH          Aug/1859
Evans, Robert             1     M             OH          Jan/1860
Farley, Almira           18     F             VA          Feb/1860
Fisby, Mary              59     F      W      PA          Dec/1859
Fish, Polly              68     F      M      MA          Jan/1860
Fisher, Catherine         3     F             OH          Feb/1860
Fisher, William           1     M             OH          Feb/1860
Folding, Catherine      4/12    F             OH          Jun/1859 
Folding, G. W.           35     M      M      VA          Jan/1860
Ford, Sam                71     M      M      CT          Sep/1859
Ford, Sarah A.           51     F      W    Canada        Feb/1860
Foriss, Mariah           37     M      M      OH          May/1860
Frank, Joel               9     M             VA          May/1860
Fraley, John             27     M(Blk)        VA          Jan/1860
Fulch, Harrison           3     M             OH          Apr/1860
Gang, Lucy P.           2/12    F             OH          Feb/1860
Gary, John                3     M            Scot         May/1860
Genter, John W.         7/12    M             OH          May/1860
Gephart, Thomas           4     M             OH          Aug/1859
Giles, Mary              84     F             ME          Jul/1859
Gill, Resin              18     F             OH          Nov/1859
Gill, T. F.              21     M             OH          Nov/1859
Gilmore, David           70     M      M      PA          Feb/1860
Given, Catherine       11/12    F             OH          Jul/1859
Goins, Mary J.            9     F(Blk)        VA          Jan/1860
Gordan, Samuel           35     M      M     Eng          Apr/1860
Graves, H.                3     M             OH          Jan/1860
Greaser, John             5     M             OH          Apr/1860
Green, Ebenezer          84     M      W      NY          Aug/1859
Halsay, Alice             7     F             OH          Apr/1860
Halsay, Samuel            1     M             OH          Jun/1859
Harmin, Crinda           30     F      M      OH          Jun/1859
Harpold, E.              62     M            Wales        Apr/1860
Harris, S. E.             4     F             OH          Sep/1859
Haswell, Robert           2     M             OH          Nov/1859
Hawley, Lovina W.        31     F      M               Jan.14/1859
Hayman, Thomas            1     M             OH          Jul/1859
Hays, Martha              9     F             OH          Mar/1860
Henson, Davis            12     M             OH          Nov/1859
Hetre, Frankin            7     M             OH          Apr/1860
Hide, John                3     M             PA          Aug/1859
Highley, Lucius           2     M             OH          Sep/1859
Hines, A.                13d    F             OH          Jul/1859
Hopkins, Eliza Ann      3/12    F             OH          Jun/1859
Hopkins, Susan            1     F             OH          Mar/1860
Horthen, Alla           2/12    F             OH          May/1860
Hutchinson, Mary        2/12    F             OH          Jan/1860
Hughs, John               3     M             CA          May/1860
Hughs, Thomas           7/12    M             OH          May/1860
Hysell, Caroline        6/12    F             OH          Jun/1859
Hysell, Wm. H.          2/12    M             OH          Aug/1859
Ickle, H.                 2     M             OH          Apr/1860
Ickle, H. G.           10/12    M             OH          May/1860
Ickle, Sarah              5     F             OH          Apr/1860
Iler, Lewis             3/12    M             OH          Jan/1860
Iron, Martin H.        11/12    M             OH          Sep/1859
Jane, Sarah              26     F             OH          Apr/1860
Jenkins, E.               6     F             OH          Mar/1860
Jester, Eliza            59     F      M      VA          Jul/1859
Joachim, Peter           80     M            Germ         Feb/1860
Johnson, John S.         63     M      M      VT          Aug/1859
Johnson, Wm             101     M            Wales        Mar/1860
Jones, Elijah            51     M      M      NY          Mar/1860
Jones, F.              11/12    M             OH          Mar/1860
Jones, Fottingill         1     M             PA          Jan/1860
Jones, Jacob             82     M      M      MD          Jul/1859
Jones, Sarah             75     F      M      MD          Sep/1859
Jones, Walter W.          7     M             OH          Nov/1859
Jones, Wesley            33     M      M      OH          Oct/1859
Kaney, Charles            3     M             VA          May/1860
Kennedy, Margaret         2     F             OH          Feb/1860
Knowles, James           83     M      M      CT          Apr/1860
Knowles, James A.         3d    M             OH          Feb/1860
Knowles, Josephine        1     F             OH          Aug/1859
Lee, John C. J.           4     M             PA          Dec/1859
Lewis, Hannah            21d    F             OH          Jul/1859
Logan, Ebenezer          22     M             OH          May/1860
Logan, Sarah             54     F      M      OH          Jan/1860
Long, Arthur             12     M             OH          Jun/1859
Lovce, Moses             35     M             VA          Apr/1860
Lowell, Anna M.         4/12    F             VA          Jun/1859
Magraw, Lewis           8/12    M             OH          Mar/1860
McBride, Jonah            1     M             OH          Aug/1859
McCarty, Abraham         21     M             OH       Nov.27/1860
McCiltock, Anna          19     F            Eng          Aug/1859
McClain, Elizabeth      9/12    F             OH          Sep/1859
McCorrmack, Ellen         1     F             OH          Sep/1859
McCorrmick, Wm. A.        1     M             OH          Apr/1860
McCray, C. A.             2     M             OH          May/1860
McDole, Elzia J.         21     F             PA       Nov.24/1859
McDole, John              3     M             OH          Nov/1859
McKay, Abraham           30     M      M      VA       Dec.10/1859
McKay, Elizabeth         25     F      W      OH       Feb.14/1860
McKay, Elizabeth         37     F                      Jul.21/1859
McKenzie, John           25     M             PA          Nov/1859
McMaster, Susan          39     F      M      OH          Aug/1859
McNabb, William          80     M      W      VA          May/1860
McKnight, D.S.            2     M             OH          May/1860
McKnight, H.            2/12    M             OH          Jan/1860
Meaton, Rebecca A.        2     F             OH          Jul/1859
Meinhart, K.              7     M             OH          Apr/1860
Merrill, James           47     M      M     Eng          Jul/1859
Merrill, Vanola         2/12    F             OH          Sep/1859
Mich, Jacob              52     M            Germ         Feb/1860
Middleswort, Franklin    49     M      M      PA        Apr.?/1860
Miller, Catherine        23     F            Germ         Aug/1859
Mies, Henry               2     M             OH          Aug/1859
Morton, John W.           1     M             OH       May 23/1860
Murry, Mary C.            2     F             OH          Apr/1860
Nash, E.                2/12    F            Wales        Aug/1859
Newton, Mary K.           4     F             OH          Jul/1859
Norton, E. M.           3/12    F             OH          Feb/1860
Nye, Phebe               72     F      M      MA          Apr/1860
Ohlinger, Catherine     8/12    F             OH          Apr/1860
Ohlinger, Henry           5     M             OH          Nov/1859
Ohlinger, Sophiah         2     F             OH          Jun/1859
Oliver, Joseph          8/12    M             OH          Mar/1860
Parkard, Wm W            26     M      M      OH          Nov/1859
Parker, Chs             7/12    M             OH          Jan/1860
Pearr, Sophia          11/12    F                       Feb.2/1860
Peper, George             2     M             OH          Feb/1860
Peper, James              1     M             OH          Feb/1860
Petty, C.                49     F      M      VA          Feb/1860
Petty, L.                45     M      M      VA          Feb/1860
Postteltiward, E.       2/12    M             OH          Feb/1860
Presdy, P.                2     M             OH          Nov/1859
Proser, G. W.             3     M             OH          May/1860
Quin, Anna               16     F             OH          Feb/1860
Reynolds, Frances        34     F      M      VA          Sep/1859
Reaves, E.                4     F             OH          Dec/1859
Reshewood, Jane          36     F      M     Eng          Jul/1859
Reshewood, John         1/12    M             OH          Jul/1859
Rider, Thomas            51     M      M      VA          Sep/1859
Ripe, Rebecca            44     F      M      VA          Jun/1859
Rizer, Charles H.       7/12    M             OH          Aug/1859
Robins, Anna M.           5     F             OH          May/1860
Robins, Mosses P.         8     M             OH          May/1860
Robinson, Helen C.       17     F             VA          Nov/1859
Rochester, Jane           5     F             VA          May/1860
Rochester, Jane A.        2     F             VA          Aug/1859
Roush, Marla                    F                      Jul.22/1859
Ruffner, Elvia           24     F      M      VA          Apr/1860
Saber, F.               4/12    M             OH          Aug/1859
Samiller, Mahala          3     F             OH          Jul/1859
Schevalie, Sarah        1/12    F             OH          Jul/1859
Schollins, Martin         3     M             PA          Oct/1859
Searel, R.               37     F             OH          Mar/1860
Shafer, V.                7     M             OH          Mar/1860
Shannon, E. Mills        33     M            Wales        Feb/1860
Shannon, John           6/12    M             OH          May/1860
Shannon, John             6     M             OH          Mar/1860
Sheppard, Alice F.        5     F             OH          Jul/1859
Sheppard, J. A.          49     M             PA          Sep/1859
Shriner, Alice           18     F            Eng          Mar/1860
Shriner, Elizabeth      2/12    F             OH          Mar/1860
Shumway, G. E.          3/12    M             OH          Mar/1860
Shumway, Philo           67     M      M      NY          Apr/1860
Sisson, Rosetta           6     F             OH          Mar/1860
Sisson, Susanna           1     F             OH          Mar/1860
Smart, Jane              53     F      M      OH          Feb/1860
Smart, William           20     M             OH          Apr/1860
Smith, Amanda             1     F             OH          Jun/1859
Smith, Hannah            32     F            Ger          Nov/1859
Smith, J.B.              51     M      M      OH          May/1860
Smith, Ruth              32     F      M      PA          Jan/1860
Smith, Solomon           75     M                      Feb.21/1860
Spears, Kenian          5/12    F             OH          Dec/1859
Spencer, A. G.           31     M      M      PA          Sep/1859
Spire, Francis M.       4/12    M             OH          Apr/1860
Stafford, Many E.         6     M             OH          Jul/1859
Stanly, Victoria          1     F             OH          Jul/1859
Stansbury, Ruth           2     F             MD          Mar/1860
Stevens, Samuel          83     M      M    N Eng         May/1860
Stewart, Ann E.           3     F(Blk)        OH          May/1860
Stewart, Josephine       16     F             OH       May 24/1860
Stivers, W. C.          6/12    M             OH          Jun/1859
Stroude, Christopher   11/12    M             OH          May/1860
Swett, Elisha W.        5/12     F                       Jul.?/1859
Talbott, Rosa                   F                       Dec.5/1859
Taylor, Allis A.          4     F             OH          Sep/1859
Taylor, Mary             20     F             VA          Jun/1859
Taylor, S.F.              9     M             OH          Sep/1859
Thomas, Charlotte         1     F             OH          Apr/1860
Thomas, J. W.             5     M             OH          Apr/1860
Tucker, John W.         4/12    M             OH          May/1860
Tumball, Ruth A.        3/12    F             OH          Apr/1860
Turner, Leander         3/12    M             OH       Dec.17/1859
Vannoy, Andrew         11/12    M             OH          Sep/1859
Vanpelt, Lunatta          2     F             OH          Nov/1859
Vincent, Frances          1     M             VA          Jul/1859
Ward, Henretta            3     F             OH          Feb/1860
Ward, Martha              5     F             OH          Feb/1860
Watkins, Frances E.       1     F             OH          Aug/1859
Watkins, Lydia            4d    F             OH          Feb/1860
Watkins, Mary F.          2     F             OH          Mar/1860
Watson, Charles           2     M             OH          Jun/1860
Weaver, Jonas E.                M                       Aug.5/1859
Webster, Madison         49     M             VA          Dec/1859
Webster, Mary J.          3     F             OH          Dec/1859
Wells, Eliza              1     F             OH          Apr/1860
Wells, Peter              3     M             MO          Aug/1859
Wheeler, George          16     M             PA          Apr/1860
White, John              75     M      M      VA          May/1860
Whitesides, Wm            6     M             OH          Nov/1859
Whitmore, M.              9     F             OH          Dec/1859
Wildermuth, Sarah         1     F             OH          Aug/1859
Williams, E.            6/12    M             OH          May/1860
Williams, Mariah         17     F             OH          Mar/1860
Williams, Wm              4d    M             OH          Nov/1859
Williamson, A.           44     M             VA          May/1860
Willson, R.              38     M      M      PA          Dec/1859
Wise, Viana               4     F             OH          Aug/1859
Wise, Wm L.               1     M             OH          Aug/1859
Wogan, George W.          9     M             OH       Nov.12/1859
Wogan, J. R.              1     M             OH          Oct/1859
Wogan, Nancy             38     F      M      OH        Jun.1/1859
Wogan, Nancy                    F                      Jun.11/1859
Wogan, Wm S.              3     M             OH          Oct/1859
Wolf, Mary               43     M      M     Ger          May/1860
Wolihan, R.               2     M             OH          Aug/1859
Wood, Mary C.           6/12    F             OH          Feb/1860
Yost, Henry               1     M             OH          Oct/1859
Young, Sarah              3     F             OH          Mar/1860