Muster and Pay Roll, Co. E, 4th Rgt. Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Many thanks to Hilbert H. Campbell for this transcription of an original document in his possession.

What follows is a rough transcription of a Muster Roll and Pay Roll dated December 31, 1862, for Company E, 4th Regiment of Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Union Army. The 4th Infantry was organized at Mason City, Mason County, Virginia (after 1863 West Virginia) in the summer of 1861.

According to Boyd B. Stutler in WEST VIRGINIA IN THE CIVIL WAR, Company E was recruited in Racine, Pomeroy, and Syracuse, Ohio, and crossed the Ohio River as an organized infantry unit to join the new regiment.

The 4th was a very active and far-ranging outfit during the War, participated prominently in the siege and capture of Vicksburg in 1863, and suffered heavy losses in that and subsequent campaigns. Again according to Stutler, by December 1864 the 4th regiment was so depleted that it lost its identity when consolidated with another unit. Stutler mentions that Corporal Britton Cook, listed below, lost his life at Vicksburg.

The Mustering Officer who signed these rolls was Major James H. Dayton who, in March 1863, would be advanced to Colonel and to command of the 4th regiment.

One interesting feature of the Pay Roll is that eleven of the privates signed with an "x" mark, indicating apparently that they could not write their names.

Muster Roll & Pay Roll
Company E, 4th Regiment of Virginia Volunteer Infantry
December 31, 1862, Brownstown, Virginia
(Present-day Marmet, W.Va.)
p = present
h = hospital
o = other (*note)

Carson, Ephraim C.          p             

1ST LT.:
Russell, D. Albert          p

2ND LT.:
Ralston, James H.           p

                                     Pay       Paid?          Mark 
                                   per mo.                  for sgn?

Mallory, Edward             p        $20                                  

Dawson, Thomas              p        $17
White, Lyman                p        $17
Hovey, William              p        $17
Story, Samuel               p        $17

Cook, Britton               p        $13        no
Fogg, Clarkson              p        $13
Haselton, James             p        $13
Johnson,   Lewis            p        $13
Cable, Abner                p        $13
Cooper, Lewis               p        $13
Bell, Samuel                p        $13
Weldon, John                p        $13

McGaffick, James            p        $14

Davis, James                p        $12   
Elliot, Philip              p        $12

Ables, James                p        $13, etc                 yes
Atkinson, Charles           p
Bell, C. Wm.                p
Bell, Wm. G.                p
Bartlett, Gamaliel          p
Bell, Charles               p
Brown, Edgar                p
Banks, John                 p
Banks, Wm.                  p                                 yes
Bush, James                 p                   no                                                               

Chase, Cyrus                p                   no
Carsey, Martin              p                                 yes    
Coon, Jacob                 p
Curtis, Hiram               p
Curtis, Abner               p
Curtis, Samuel              p
Crough, Michael             p
Cable, Wm.                  p
Davidson, Wm.               p
Davidson, John              p

Decker, Job                 o*                  no
Davis, David                p                   no
Farrar, John                p
Ginter, Wm.                 h                   no
Garman, Emanuel             p                   no
Hayman, Franklin            p                   no
Henke, Christian            p
Hundley, James              o**                 no
James, John                 p
Kemp, Joseph                p                                 yes

Kincade, Robert             o***
Kinkade, David              p
Low, Wm.                    h                   no
Layne, Pleasant             p
Lallance, Adam              p
Lowery, George              h                   no
Murray, Melvin              p                                 yes
McGraw, Reuben              p                                 yes
McGraw, Burnell             h                   no
McKee, John                 o**                 no

Nease, George               p
Nicholas, Willy             p
Ours, Jehu                  p
Ours, John                  p                                 yes
Price, Joseph B.            p
Plants, Christian           p
Pomeroy, Arthur             h
Parsons, Aaron              p
Pauley, James               h                   no
Roberts, Franklin           p

Robb, James W.              h                   no
Roush, John                 p                                 yes
Roush, Isaac                p
Runnion, James G.           p                                 yes
Rose, Asa                   h                   no
Rogers, Washington          p
Soulsby, Matthew            p
Sheiblear, Samuel           p                   no
Standley, John V.B.         o****
Sargeant, Charles           p

Shafer, Benjamin F.         p                                 yes
Tucker, William A.          o*****              no
Torrence, Lewis W.          p
Wells, William F.           p                                 yes
Whetstone, Samuel           p
Williamson, Henry           p
Williamson, William         p
Williard, George            p
Williard, Francis           p
Wolf, John                  p

Wollahan, Richard           h                   no
Zeise, Peter                p

NOTES:  * Furlough. 
       ** Deserted. 
      *** Cook-regimental hospital. 
     **** Detached-sawmill. 
    ***** Sick at home.

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