Meigs County in the Civil War

Meigs County contributed its share of soldiers to the Union cause, but the war itself was, for the most part, a distant thunder. Morgan's Raid was a major cause for excitement, and the Battle of Buffington Island is the county's main claim to Civil War fame.

Morgan's Raid

The only significant Civil War action on Ohio soil.

Morgan's Raiders

A comprehensive site including a map of the path that the Raiders took through Meigs County.

A description of Morgan's Raid

Published in 1891.

Buffington Island Battle Summary

A brief summary of the culmination of Morgan's Raid.

Buffington Island Historical Site

A description of the Historical Site commemorating the Battle.

Ohio in the Civil War

A comprehensive site dealing with Ohio's role in the Civil War.

63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The 63rd had a large number of soldiers from Meigs County.

Co. G, 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

A brief history of the 63rd and pictures of two members of Co. G.

63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Another site for the 63rd, with rosters of the regimental staff and Companies A-C.

Co. E, 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Company E of the 4th Virginia was recruited in Meigs County.

The Soldier Dead of Meigs County

Meigs County men who died in the Civil War.

Civil War Pension Announcements

Newspaper items reporting pension decisions.

116th Regt. Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Regimental history by Lt. Col. Thomas F. Wildes

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